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John W Littleton III
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Jen Wanner
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Michele Hoover
Jennifer McKemie
Debbie Norris
Lori Smith
in The Tree House by Abby Glann G2G6 Pilot (440k points)
edited by Chris Whitten
Oh how nice ! A new team for Pennsylvania?
Yep, and it's full!


Can you move all of these to an answer to this question? See the Source-a-thon tutorial for step-by-step directions. Thanks!

Abby, I am trying to move all my answers, but I am not sure how. There isn't an edit button. I think I started my own thread and copied and pasted the ones I did last night and I have two more to add. Not sure how people are getting so many done. I thought you need to write the bio and add the sources. Is just one source ok?  I also can't seem to figure out how to get the number to show up like the others are. :(

Hi, Nikki. To make a numbered list, select the text to be numbered, and then click on the icon above that has "1" and a couple of lines followed by "2" and a couple of lines. After the numbered list gets started, the next time you hit "Return" or "Enter" on your keyboard, it will take you to the next line and automatically number it sequentially. Hope that helps. --- Beverly
Hi Nikki,

We're only focusing on sources this go 'round, so yes, one source will suffice. It's absolutely awesome if you want to add more than that. That's how people are going through so many so quickly, though. We're happy with anything you can contribute :-)

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Yup it sure is!

by Jessie Aikins G2G Crew (780 points)
edited by Abby Glann

1. Clarisa Abbott, Iowa Marriages, 1809-1992

2. Antonia Aberg, Sweden Burials, 1649-1920

3. Abigail Louisa Adams, Find a Grave Index

4. Charles Clyde Adams, 1940 United States Census

5. Virgie (Adams) Strawbridge, 1940 United States Census

6. Sidney Gadd, England and Wales Marriage Registration Index, 1837-2005

7. Catherine McClean, Illinois Deaths and Stillbirths, 1916-1947

8. John MacAlpine, California, County Marriages, 1850-1952

9. Margaret Ann Brown, Nova Scotia Marriages, 1907-1932

10. Elmer Charles Raab, Illinois, County Marriages, 1810-1934

11. Francis Grace Bond, Illinois, Cook County, Birth Certificates, 1871-1940

12. Clifford Clay Ragan, Illinois, County Marriages, 1810-1934

13. William Melvin Sailors, Georgia Deaths, 1914-1927

14. Rhoda Davenport, Rhode Island Births and Christenings, 1600-1914

15. Mary Perry, Maine Vital Records, 1670-1907

16. Hampton Padgett, Find a Grave Index

17. Dorothy Cartlidge, United States Census, 1940

Make sure you number your wonderful contributions, Jessie. Thank you!
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Hello Teammates!


by Shannon Thomas G2G6 Mach 1 (10.7k points)
  1. George Ackworth(1900 Census)
  2. James Ackworth(1850 Census)
  3. John Ackworth(1850 Census)
  4. Hannah (Baird) Ackworth(1850 Census)
  5. Martha Ackworth(1850 Census)
  6. John Ackworth(1850 Census)
  7. Angeline (Ackworth) Wilson(1850 Census)
  8. George Adam(1900 Census)
  9. Andrew Adam(1900 Census)
  10. Isabella Findlater(1900 Census)
  11. Albert Barton(1850 Census)
  12. Anna (Barton) Keeler(1850 Census)
  13. Samuel Barton(1850 Census)
  14. Edwin Barton(1850 Census)
  15. Pricilla Barton(1850 Census)
  16. Minerval J. Sipes(Death Certificate)
  17. Jacob Sipes JR(Death Certificate for Minerva Sipes)
  18. Frank Benning(Death Certificate)
  19. Emma (Keller) Benning(Death Certificate for Frank L Benning)
  20. Conrad Benning(Death Certificate for Frank L Benning)


Excellent, Shannon! Thank you!
  1. Margaret (Shank) Benning(Death Certificate for Frank L Benning)
  2. George Biros(1930 Census)
  3. Rosalie Bronoel(Death Certificate)
  4. Frederick Benning(1930 Census)
  5. Ella (Benning) Stanley(1930 Census)
  6. Jesse Smith Dodson(1870 Census)
  7. Anna Dodson(1870 Census)
  8. Sarah E Dodson(1870 Census)
  9. Boyd H Dodson(1870 Census)
  10. Hannah E Dodson(1870 Census)
  11.  James Dodson(findagrave.com (memorial # 28389777))
  12. George Washington Dodson(findagrave.com (memorial # 28389772))
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Go team Penn

by Phil McMullin G2G Crew (780 points)
edited by Abby Glann

James Birch (Birch-134) (Census 1850 & 1860, Findagrave.com)

Hannah Birch  (Bates-2208) (Census 1850 & 1860, Findagrave.com)

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1.  Mary Young(1850 census)

2. Thomas Young(1850 census)

3.  Alfred Young(1850 census)

4. Emma Young(1850 census)

5. Jackson Young(1850 census)

6. Sarah Young(1850 census)

7. Mary Unknown(1850 census)

8. William Young(1850 census)

9. osephine Young(1850 census)

10. Bob Ward Sr.(North Carolina deaths)

11. Ruth (Washburn) Worsham(North Carolina deaths)

12. Clayton Washburn(WW I draft registration)

13. Amy (Bunnell) Washburn(1945 Florida State Census)

14. Lyman Bunnell(1900 census)

15. Ruth Tingley(1900 census)



by Maureen Rosenfeld G2G6 Pilot (181k points)
edited by Abby Glann
  1. Vera A. (Standard) Ayer. 1940 census
  2.  Anne (Ayer) Steward(son's obituary)
  3. Gilbert Steward(1940 census)
  4. Araminta (Ayer) Morton(New Brunswick marriages)
  5. Buddie Ayer(1900 census)
  6. George Ayer(1900 census)
  7. Sarah (Williams) Ayer(1900 census)
  8. Simmie Ayer(1900 census)
  9. Carl Ayer(1940 census)
  10. Ruth (Cote or Cota) Ayer(1940 census)
  11. Charity Ayer(1881 Canada Census)
  12. Elijah Ayer(1881 Canada Census)
  13. Minne Ayer(1881 Canada Census)
  14. Mary Ayer(1881 Canada Census)
  15.  John Ayer(1881 Canada Census)
  1. Willard Ayer(1881 Canada Census)
  2. Colby Ayer(Nova Scotia delayed births)
  3. Earl Ayer(1900 census)
  4. Earl Ayer(1900 census)
  5. Edna (Ayer) Lozier(1880 census)
  6. Emma (Ayer) Rhodes(Rhode Island marriages)
  7. Evelyn (Ayer) Elliott. ( Main Marriage index)
  8. Harold Elliott. (Maine Marriage index)
  9. Helen (Ayer) Burke(New Hampshire marriags)
  10. Herbert Ayer(1920 census)
  11. Alice (Ayers) Wood(1920 census)
  12. Harold Ayer(birth registration)
  13. Flora (McFadden) Ayer(passport application)
  14. Flora (McFadden) Ayer(passport application)
  15. Andrew Ayers(1910 census)
  1. George Ayers(1910 census)
  2. James Ayers(1910 census)
  3. Susan Ayers(1910 census)
  4. hoda Ayers(1910 census)
  5. Ellis Ayers(1910 census)
  6. Garland Ayers(1910 census)
  7. William Ayers(1910 census)
  8. Robert Ayers(1910 census)
  9. Amelia (Ayers) Taylor(1920 census)
  10. Belle (Ayers) Frost(1880 census)
  11. Ezekiel Ayers(1880 census)
  12. Annette (Bell) Ayers(1880 census)
  13. arl White(1930 census)
  14. Callie (Ayers) White(1930 census)
  15. Charles Ayers(1940 census)
  1. Shulus Ayers(1910 census)
  2. Daniel Ayers(1900 census)
  3. Nora (Ottinger) Ayers(1900 census)
  4. Emily (Ayers) Calkins(1930 census)
  5. Orin Calkins(1930 census)
  6. Kenneth Calkins(1930 census)
  7. Clarence Onderdonk(Florida death index)
  8.  Bertie (Ayres) Cox(daughter's birth certificate)
  9. Clifton Ayres(son's marriage record)
  10. Opal (Sayre) Gunnoe(son's marriage record)
  11. Harold Ayers(1940 census)
  12. Fred Ayers(1940 census)
  13. Pauline (Dilka) Ayers(1940 census)
  14. Lois Ayers(1940 census)
  15. Artemisia (Ayers) Cash(1870 census)
  1. Elizabeth (Ayers) Jury(1940 census)
  2. eorge Jury(1940 census)
  3. Solomon Ayers(1910 census)
  4. Lawrence Ayers(1910 census)
  5. Harper Ayers(1910 census)
  6. Kelly Ayers. (1940 census)
  7. Hattie (Campbell) Ayers. (1940 census)
  8. Kazarah (Ayers) Walker. (child's death record)
  9. ames Walker Rev. (child's death record)
  10. John Ayers. (1910 census)
  11.  Noah Ayers. (1910 census)
  12.  Martha (Deffenbaugh) Ayers. (1910 census)
  13. Jane (Ayers) Harlan. (1850 census)
  14.  Barton Harlan. (1850)
  1. Hassie Ayers(1920 census)
  2. Rachel (Chatten) Ayers(find a grave)
  3. allie (Briggs) Ayers(1880 census)
  4. William Eyer(death record
  5. Andrew Eyer(son's death record)
  6. Barbara (Bachman) Eyer(son's death record)
  7. Cornelius Breen(1860 census)
  8. Sarah (Speedy) Addison(birth record)
  9. Ruth (Conrad) Willoughby(find a grave)
  10. John N. M. Hendrickson(1850 census)
  11.  Henry C. Hendrickson(1850 census)
  12. Jonathan Augustus Hendrickson(1850 census)
  13. Mirrie Smith(christening)
  14. Herbert Smith(christening)
  15. Annie Smith(christening)
212 at Cornelius Breen-you're fantastic, Maureen!
  1. John Smith(christening)
  2. May Smith(christening)
  3. Ord (Donahoe)(birth record)
  4. Clarence (Donahoe)(1910 census)
  5. America (Unknown)  (1910 census)
  6. Oliver (Donahoe)  (1910 census)
  7. Mary E. (Donahoe) (1910 census
  8. Frank Donahoo(1910 census)
  9.  Rosa V. Donahoo(1910 census)
  10. Mary Pickens(1850 census)
  11. John Pickens(1850 census)
  12. Diana Sherman(1850 census)
  13.  Williiam Pickens(1850 census)
  14. Oliver Pickens(1850 census)
  15. ohn Pickens(1850 census)
  1. Elizabeth Pickens(1850 census)
  2. Walter Lund(birth record)
  3. Charles Lund(son's birth)
  4. Theresa Lundberg(son's birth)
  5.  Florence Syverson(1905 wisconsin census)
  6. ohn Gaskins(1910 census)
  7. Mary (Olmstead) Gaskins(1910 census)
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Have fun, Teammates!


  1. James Male(1870 US Census)
  2. Hettie (Madison) Rogers(1900 US Census)
  3. John Madison(1900 US Census)
  4. William Madison(1900 US Census)
  5. Alice (Malia) Tierney(1900 US Census)
  6. William Malia(1900 US Census)
  7. Bridget (Malia) Maynard(1900 US Census)
  8.  Ann (Malia) Morgan(1900 US Census)
  9. Ellen Reilly(1900 US Census)
  10. Kate (Malia) Carter(1900 US Census)
by Jennifer McKemie G2G Crew (720 points)
edited by Jennifer McKemie
Go, Jennifer!

11. Mary (Malia) Hammers(1900 US Census)

12. Ellen Reilly(1900 US Census)

13. David Malia. (Find-a-Grave)

14. Samuel Kennedy(West Virginia Marriages)

15. Elizabeth Male(West Virginia Marriages)

16.  Tilda Male(Ohio Marriages)

17. Alexander Male(Ohio Marriages)

18. William Mallows Preston(England Births and Christenings)

19. Ellen Ann Mallows(England Births and Christenings)

20. Benjamin Preston(England Marriages)

21. Ellen Ann Mallows(England Marriages)

22. Edith Brown(Kansas Marriages)

23. John Mallory(Find-a-Grave)

24. George Mallory(SSDI)

25.  Helen (Malia) Newcomb(1920 US Census)

26. Edward Malia(1900 US Census)

27. Muriel (Malia) Allen(1920 US Census)

28.  Janet (Malia) Gastle(1920 US Census)

29. Catherine (Toomey) Lavelle(1920 US Census)

30.  Lucille (Malia) Dirickson(1920 US Census)

31. Jacob malone(Find-a-Grave)

32. Carlos Malone(SSDI)

33. Maggie (Malone) Goranflo(Illinois Deaths)

34. Frederich Goranflo(Illinois Deaths)

35. William Goranflo(Iowa Deaths)

36. William Gane(England and Wales Census, 1891)

37. George Gane(England and Wales Census, 1891)

38. Emily (Unknown) Gane(England and Wales Census, 1891)

39. Charles Gane(England and Wales Census, 1891)

40. Annie Gane(England and Wales Census, 1891)

41. Robert Gann(Illinois, Cook County, Deaths)

42. James Gann(Tennessee Death Records)

43. Belle (Gann) Pope(California, County Marriages)

44. Susan (Ganshorn) Bertsch(Illinois, Cook County, Deaths)

45. Frederich Bertsch(Illinois, Cook County, Deaths)

46. Alice (Bertsch) Fifer(Illinois, Cook County, Deaths)

47. James Gammons(North Carolina Deaths)

48. Thelma (Gammons) Gough(Find-a-Grave)

49. Ethel Hausner(1900 US Census)

50. Clarence Hausner (1900 US Census)

51. Florence (Smith) Hausner(1900 US Census)

52. Edna Hausner(1900 US Census)

53. Harold Hausner(1900 US Census)

54. Kenneth Hausner(1900 US Census)

55. Anna (Hausmann) Fenstermacker(Pennsylvania, County Marriages)

56. Eugene Fenstermacher(Pennsylvania, County Marriages)

57. Charles Fenstermacher(Pennsylvania, County Marriages)

58. George Hausrath(Find-a-Grave)

59. William Hawkins(1900 US Census)

60. Henry Hawkins(1900 US Census)

61. Emma (Goodbau) Hawkins(1900 US Census)

62. Mabel (Hawkins) Parslow(1900 US Census)

63. Gertrude Hawkins(1900 US Census)

64. Marion (Hawkins) Fisher(1900 US Census)

65. Charles Hawker(1900 US Census)

66. Jennet Hawker(England and Wales Birth)

67. Emily (Hawker) Higgins(England and Wales Marriage)

68. Mary Hawkrigg(Ontario Deaths)

69. William Hawkrigg(Find-a-Grave)

70. Susanna Sproul(1870 US Census)

71. Andrew Rose(1860 US Census)

72. Anna (Stackhouse) Supplee(Find-a-Grave)

73. Abraham Stauffer(Find-a-Grave)

74. Elizabeth (Abernathy) Thompson(Ontario Marriages)

75. Monserrate Acevedo Ruiz(Puerto Rico, Civil Registrations)

76. Anna Margaretha (Achenbach) Spies(German Birth and Christenings)

77. JOHANNES the younger Achenbach(German Birth and Christenings)

78. Anna Catharina (Lotsheidt) Spies(German Birth and Christenings)

79. Guy Acheson(Ireland Marriages)

80. Agnes (Waddell) Marshall(Scotland Births and Baptisms)

81. James Marshall(Scotland Births and Baptisms)

82. George Waddell(Scotland Births and Baptisms)

83. Jean Waddingham(England and Wales BIrth Registration)

84. Mary (Cowan) Waddingham(England and Wales BIrth Registration)

85. John A. Waddle(1850 US Census)

86. Christena (Meece) Waddle(1850 US Census)

87. Mary Waddle(1850 US Census)

88. Jane Waddy(England Marriages)

89. Henry Ibbitson(England Marriages)

90. Sophia (Wade) Bird(Virginia Marriages)

91. William Wade(1850 US Census)

92. Elizabeth Wade(1850 US Census)

93. Nelson Wade(1850 US Census)

94. Carrie (Wade) O'Brien(Michigan Marriages)

95. Florence (Wade) Pape(1881 England and Wales Census)


96. Margaret (Wade) Pepper(1881 England and Wales Census)

97. Louisa Wade(1881 England and Wales Census)

98. Isaiah Wade(1881 England and Wales Census)

99. Mary Wade(1881 England and Wales Census)

100. Robert Wade(1881 England and Wales Census)

101. Sarah Wade(1881 England and Wales Census)

102.  Howard Wade(Find-a-Grave)

103. Jessamina (Wade) Pegg(England Marriages)

104. James Pegg(England Marriages)

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1. David Earnest - Find a Grave, 1860 census, 1870 census

 2. Rachel (Edge) Valentine(Find a Grave)

3. Anna Maria Emig(Find a Grave)

4. Asene (Emmons) Layton(Find a Grave)

5. Peter Epley(1850 Census)

6. Rachel Flory(Find a Grave)

7. Johann Fiscus(1830 Census)

8. Frank A. Fox(1910 Census, Marriage record)

9. Hannah Freeman(Find a Grave)

10. Anna Justina (Fuchs) Picking(Birth record)

11. William Goodwin(1820 Census)

12. Thomas Griffis(1900 Census, 1930 Census)

13. Anna (Groff) Burkholder(Find a Grave)

14. Barbara (Groff) Martin(Find a Grave)

 15. Maria (Groff) Wenger(Find a Grave)

16. Joseph Wallace(1820 Census, Find a Grave

17. David Weaver(1810 Census, Find a Grave)

18. Michael Weaver(Find a Grave)

19. Philip Weaver(1820 Census, Find a Grave)

20.  Thomas West(1790 Census)


by Michele Hoover G2G2 (2.3k points)
edited by Michele Hoover

191. Ida (Rabey) Cunning(1920 Census)

192. Gordon Rabey(1901 Canada Census)

193. Thomas Rabey(1901 Canada Census)

194. Laura (Machon) Rabey(1901 Canada Census)

195. William Rabey(1901 Canada Census)

196. George Pace(1810 Census)

197. Newton Pace(1857 Minnesota Census)

198. William Pace(1857 Minnesota Census)

199. Ephraim Cardner(1880 Census)

200. Mary Ann (Radcliff) Cardner(1880 Census)


201. Susannah Radabaugh(Find a Grave)

202. Elizabeth Radabaugh(Find a Grave)

203. Aurelia Racz(Find a Grave)

204. Esther (Rackley) Bond(Probate Record)

205. Jean-Baptiste Racine(Death Record)

206. Lydia Bentham(Marriage Record)

207. William Racher(Marriage Record)

208. Jean Rachal Sr.(1810 Census)

209. Rose (Kesert) Harris-Finn(1930 Census)

210. Hyman Kesert(1930 Census)

211. Anna (Radzinski) Kesert(1930 Census)

212. Florence Grace Tilley(Marriage Record - Child)

213. John Scot Radcliffe(Marriage Record - Child)

214. Emma Gabell(1901 Wales Census)

215. William Gabby(Find a Grave)

216. Jonathan Gabby(1830 Census)

217. Jane (Gabb) Browne(Marriage Record)

218. Walter Gaenzle(1920 Census)

219. Loretta (G) Gaenzle(1920 Census)

220. William Ragsdale(Death Record - Child)


221. Alonso Melton(1910 Census)

222. Ida Mae (Ragsdale) Melton, Griffith(1910 Census)

223. Baxter Ragsdale(1810 Census)

224. Oscar Bergman(1940 Census)

225. Dora (Ragland) Bergman(1940 Census)

226. James Ragland(Find a Grave)

227. Eliza Crabb(1841 England & Wales Census)

228. Sarah (Raggett) Crabb(1841 England & Wales Census)

229. John Billing(Marriage Record)

230. Ann (Raggett) Billing(Marriage Record)

231. Anthony Radziszewski(1930 Census)

232. John Sansonetti(Birth Record - Child)

233. Caroline (D'Amico) Sansonetti(Birth Record - Child)

234. Joseph JoaquĆ­n Valenzuela(Birth Record)

235. Anna Josepha Christina Valenzuela(Birth Record)

236. Victor Vaineo(Death Record)

237. Marguerite Vachon(Find a Grave) 

238. George Mix(1850 Census)

239. Susanna (Clewell) Miksch(1850 Census)

240. Mary (Catherine) Harpine(Find a Grave)

241. John Cole(Probate Records)

242. Elinor Cochran(Death Record)

243. Peter Cleaver(1800 Census)

244. 1Johann Brosius(Birth Record)

245. Johann Michael (Fuchs) Fox(Birth Record)

246. Johann Philip Kimmel(Find a Grave)

247. John Michael Lantz(Find a Grave)

248. Thomas Long(Birth Record)

249. Robert Dunbar(1860 Census)

250. John Dunbar(1860 Census)

251. James Dunbar(1860 Census)

252. Mary McConnel(1860 Census)

253. Anna Eve (Hoffman) Dreisbach(Find a Grave)

254. 1Anna Barbara (Hoffman) Stang(Find a Grave)

255. John Hauser(Find a Grave)

256. John Cole(Probate Records)

257. Heinrich Strickler(Find a Grave)

258. Johann Peter Stroeher(Find a Grave)

259. Hannah Paddock(Find a Grave)


260. Stutley Treadway(1860 Census)

261. Julia (Paddleford) Treadway(1860 Census)

262. Precilla (Paddack) Coffin(Find a Grave)

263. Mary (Pacy) Hesselgrave(Find a Grave)

264. Estell Packwood(Social Security Death Index)

265. Abigail (Pachin) Bartholomew(Find a Grave)

266. Heinrich Strickler(Find a Grave)

267. Johann Peter Stroeher(Find a Grave)

268. Johan (Sprenckel) Sprinkle(Find a Grave)

269. Annie Meyer(Marriage Record)

270. John Paeben(Marriage Record)

271. Henry Paff(Death Record)

272. Joel Padget(1820 Census)

273. Dennis Padgett(Death Record)

274. Donald Carpenter(1940 Census)

275. Margie Carpenter(1940 Census)

276. Vera (Carpenter) Brown(1940 Census)

277. Mary (Carpenter) Sayers(1940 Census)

278. Eugene Carpenter(1940 Census)

279. Earl Carpenter(1940 Census)

280. Clyde Carpenter(1940 Census)


281. Turner Carpenter(1940 Census)

282. Myrtle (Padgett) Carpenter(1940 Census)

283. Edith (Clerk) Russell(1930 Census)

284. Fred Clerk(1930 Census)

285. Edith Packard(1930 Census)

286. David Pace(1840 Census)

287. John Pace Sr(1840 Census)

288. John Pace(Find a Grave)

289. Aaron Pack(Death Record)

290. Dorris Peters(Marriage Record)

291. Anthony Pacitti(Marriage record)

292. Anthony Paddock(Find a Grave)

293. Ruth (Page) Rogers(Find a Grave)

and Family Search is broken :(

You're amazing, Michele!
awww - just keeping busy :)

294. Eva (Page) Montgomery(1930 Census)

295. Cynthia (Page) Hendon(Find a Grave)

296. John Pagett(Birth Record)

297. William Hawkins(1891 England and Wales Census)

298. Sophia (Pagett) Hawkins(1891 England and Wales Census)

299. William Pagett(Birth Record - Child)

300. Lucy (Pagett) Wayne(Birth Record)

301. Neelie (Pahl) Oughton(1940 Census)

302. Louis Pahl Sr.(1940 Census)

303. Marian (Pahl) Chartrand(1940 Census)

304. Agda Jonsdotter(Birth Record)

305. Jons Jonsson(Birth Record - Child)

306. Kristina Pahlsdotter(Birth Record - Child)

307. Irving Page(Death Record)

308. John Saunders(1920 Census)

309. Mary (Page) Saunders(1920 Census)

310. Joseph Page(Birth Record)

311. Hezekias Page(Birth Record)

312. Jeanie Steventon(Birth Record - Child)

313. William Page Sr.(Birth Record - Child)

314. Lewis Massure(Death Record - Spouse)

315. Rachel Page(Death Record)

316. John Montgomery Jr.(1930 Census)

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Step 1, go to team page and add an answer...Hi everyone..going step by step...Stacey


by Stacey Mitchell G2G Crew (690 points)
edited by Abby Glann
http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Morrow-2216 (Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970. Louisville, Kentucky: National Society of the Sons of the American)
You've got it, Stacey. Great job!

2. [Dodson-1843][[Dodson-1843|Abigail Dodson]] Abigail Dodson  Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970. Louisville, Kentucky: National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution

3. [Dodson-512][[Dodson-512|Eleanor Dodson]]  Eleanor Dodson U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970 Publication

4.Dodson-1597 [[Dodson-1597|James Dodson]] James Dodson   Find a grave


5. Gukle-5 Jacob Gunckle  Find a grave

6. Guth-120 Heinrich Guth  Six Good Families of Early Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 

7. James-8076 Emma James Low  PA Death Cert,

8.James-8061 Samuel James U.S., Citizenship Affidavits of US-born Seamen at Select Ports, 1792-1869

9. Sheppard-1505 Cecelia Sheppard  Find a grave

10. Low-1734 John Low Delaware Marriage Record 

11. Keen-262 Hans Keen Pennsylvania, Wills and Probate Records

12, Neff-393 Hans Heinrich Neff Mennonite Vital Records and US and Canada Passenger and immgration


13. Landis-230 Ann Landis Find a grave and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Mennonite Vital Records

14.Landis-235 Abraham Landis Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Mennonite Vital Records, 1750-2014

15.Landis-237 Barbara Landis Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Mennonite Vital Records

16. Landis-234 Jacob Landis Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Mennonte Vital Records

17.Landis-239 John Landis Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Menonite Vital Records

18. Landis-240 Maria Landis Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Mennonite Vital Records


19. Johnson-16082 Elizabeth Johnson Shimer Pennsylvania Marriage Licenses, Prior to 1790

20. Jones-27742 Henry Jones Quaker Meeting records:marriage and Find a grave
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Checking in!


by Janis Tomko G2G6 Mach 1 (17.3k points)
edited by Abby Glann

1. George Hacker - 1. 1870 Census, 2. City of Phila Death Cert

2. Ann Campbell - 1. Reading Adler Newspaper, 2. Pennsylvania Pioneer book, 3. Ancestry, PA Church & Town Records

3. Arch Campbell - 1. 1810 Census, 2. 1820 Census, 3. PA Probate Records

4, Shirley Dilliplane - Find-a-Grave

5. John Henry Dillon - Find-a-Grave

6. Christopher Bechtel - PA Wills & Probate Records

7. Henry M. Simon - Philadelphia City Death Cert

8. Alvesta Bechtel - PA Death Cert

9. John Campbell - Ancestry PA Church & Town Records

10. John Campbell Sr. - 1. Perkiomen Region Past & Present, 2. Pennsylvania Pioneer.

11.  Henry Yeager(PA Veterans Burial Cards)

12.  Emma L Jack(1880 US Census)

13.  Esther (Shaner) Foster(added sources Ohio County Births, 1910 US Census)

14.  Clyde Bush(added sources 1930 US Census, find-a-grave)

15.  Jesse Emerson II(added sources Florida Death Index, 1940 US Census)

Great start, Janis! Thank you!
Congrats on your prize win!!!  Go Team!!!
+5 votes

Argh. I started with a puzzle. Found a FindAGrave Memorial for the 1st profile I selected - but the person then shows up in the next census 4 years later. And the 2nd profile selected had a son Leroy who was 10 years old in 1930 and 11 years old in 1940! I love sourcing, but if the day goes like this, I will need extra strength ibuprofen by day's end. <wink>

  1. Kitty Ahn - burial and 1860 census; added research question
  2. Tillie E. Ahn - middle name, husband's name, 3 children, residences; added research question
  3. Samuel Ulery - birthdate and place, burial, 1790 census, and biography in a book
  4. Eugene Lyautey - corrected surname; wrote biography; 1900/1910/1920/1930/1940 census, marriage license application, FindAGrave Memorial, PA Death Certificate
  5. Mattie Cornell - corrected surname; wrote biography; 1900/1910/1920/1930/1940 census, marriage license application, FindAGrave Memorial, PA Death Certificate
  6. William James Young - Philadelphia death certificate
    • Odd. WikiTree says I made the change at 22:34 on 02 Oct 2016. It is 10:38 p.m. (or 22:38) on 01 Oct. Something wrong with the internal clock?
  7. Mary Ralph Stair - added 1850/1860/1870 census; wrote bio
  8. Joseph Beeghly - added 1840 census
  9. Christian Eby - added Mennonite Vital Records, 1850 Agriculture Census
  10. Richard B. Dodson - wrote bio and timeline; added 1860/1870/1880 U.S. Census, 1891 & 1901 England Census, numerous passport applications and ship passenger manifests, England Death Notice, uploaded his passport photo (OK - I went overboard on this one. I was fascinated.)
  11. Thomas Murphy - wrote bio; added 1880/1900/1910/1920/1930 U.S. Census, FindAGrave memorial
  12. Anna Stokes Morris - began her bio; added her baptismal record, 1880/1900 census
  13. Rachel Bridget McQuire Adams - wrote bio; added 1850/1860/1870/1880 U.S. Census, FindAGrave Memorial
  14. Julianne Watson - wrote bio; added 1850/1860/1870/1880/1900 U.S. Census, FindAGrave Memorial
  15. Margaret Morgan Rastetter - SSDI
  16. John Nicholas Haller - added 1840/1850/1860 U.S. Census, FindAGrave Memorial
  17. Anna Maria Poorman Condo - FindAGrave Memorial
  18. Mary Ann Dunn Finnigan - PA Death Certificate
  19. Benjamin Landon - Find A Grave Memorial
  20. John Martin Boughner - 3 land records, Ohio tax returns, 1830 U.S. Census
  21. Thomas Gaskins - 1850 U.S. Census
  22. Michael Barry - Find A Grave Memorial
  23. Marcus Whitaker  - marriage record, Find A Grave Memorial
  24. George Wilcoxson - birthdate & place, marriage records, Quaker Meeting records, land warrant, Find A Grave Memorial, estate papers
by Beverly Benfer G2G6 Mach 1 (18.0k points)
edited by Beverly Benfer
Puzzles are fun, though, right? ;-) Nice start, Beverly!
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Coming in a little late. This is a bad weekend for me, but will do as much as I can. The procedure is different than I thought it would  be. (Had hoped to put in sources for some of the profiles I manage, but will follow the directions and see what I find.) 


by June Higgins G2G4 (4.8k points)
edited by Abby Glann
Phoebe (Baker) Ratcliff - English Quaker birth record from Ancestry

Phoebe (Baker) Ratcliff - Pennsylvania, Marriage Record from Ancestry

Phoebe (Baker) Ratcliff - Quaker Marriage Record - HInshaw Encyclopedia
Gainor Forman - (birth record from Green Street Monthly Meeting, Quaker record)

Gainor Forman - marriage report from Quaker Gwynned Monthly Meeting records.)

Gainor Forman - (second record of marriage gave 11 Nov 1800 date.)

Gainor Forman - death recorded in Quaker Gwynedd Monthly Meeting notes

Elizabeth Cutler. (birth record source in Middletown Monthly Meeting records, Bucks County, PA)

Elizabeth Cutler. (burial reported in Philadelphia Monthly Meeting Removal records.)

Elizabeth Cutler. (second record for birth date, but listing brother Thomas.)


Rachel (Radcliffe) Hayhurst. (birth record from Monthly Meeting of Marsden (England))

Rachel (Radcliffe) Hayhurst - (Marriage record from Middletown Monthly Meeting records.)

Rachel (Radcliffe) Hayhurst. (birth record source in Middletown Monthly Meeting records, Bucks County, PA)

+4 votes


Hi Team! Here I am!

by Dorothy Hoard G2G1 (1.4k points)
1. Christena Altman Miller, PA birth record & 1840 Fed Census

2. Caleb Buffington, 1800 Fed Census

3. Susanna Burke, 1850, 1860, 1870 Fed Census, Find a Grave
4. Georgia Katherine Benning Jones, 1900, 1910, 1930 Fed Census

5. Benjamin B. Stover, Find a Grave

6. David W Stover, Find a Grove, 1900 Census
7. Jacob W. Stover, Find a Grave, 1870 Census

8. John Jacob Stover, Illinois Marriages

9. Henry John Stover, Find a Grave
Very nice, Dorothy!
10. Susannah Shoemaker Depuy, Find a Grave

11. William Shipman, 1880 Census

12 John Shipman, 1880 Census
13. Annie Shipman, 1880 Census

14. Rezin Shelby, Find a Grave, 1850 Census

15. Christina Stair Bacher, Find a Grave
16. Catherine Stober Harper, Find a Grave

17. George Stober, Penn Birth & Christenings, 1820 Census

18. Johannes Stober, Penn Birth & Christenings
19. Thomas Stober, 1830 Census, Find a Grave

20. Sophia Magdelena Stoever, Penn Birth & Christenings

21. Eva Elizabeth Stover, Penn Birth & Christenings
22. Heinrich Strickler - Find a Grave

23. Jacob Swartwout - New York Birth & Christenings, New York Marriages

24. Catherine Swartwout Decker - 1850 & 1860 Census
25. Mary Tillett Jefferson - 1870 Census, Census of Union Veterans and Widows of the Civil War

26. Benjamin Shoemaker - New Jersey Birth & Christenings, New Jersey Marriages

27. Moses Shoemaker - New Jersey Birth & Christenings, 1850 & 1870 Census, Find a Grave
28. Rachel M Thomas James - Find a Grave, 1870 Census

29. Barbara Overkirsh Rudy - Find a Grave

30. Isaac Lloyd - Find a Grave, 1790 Census
31. Joseph D. Wiseman -  Find a Grave

32. Emanuel Young - 1850 Census

33. Sarah I Wyatt - 1880 Census
34. Margaret Unknown Faust - 1870 Census

35. Helen Unknown Taylor - 1940 Census

36. Ann Unknown Taylor - 1920 Census
37. Jacob Winemiller, Sr. - 1810, 1820, 1830 Census

38. James Winton, Sr - Find a Grave

40. John Woodfield - 1810 Census
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I'm not sure if this is where I am to add my posts, but here goes again. Sorry for the confusion.

1 Lillie (Barr) Viers (1870 United States Federal Census)

2 King Barr  (Death Certificate)7.

3 Ellen Barr (Death Certificate)

Hugh Barr Jr.  (Tennessee, County Marriages, 1790-1950)

Jennie (Barr) Vanderbeek  (United States Census, 1870)

6.William Vanderbeek ( New York, New York City Births, 1846-1909)

7. Anna (Barr) Musser  (Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Mennonite Vital Records)

8. Charlie Barr (United States Social Security Death Index)

9. Hugh Barr (United States Federal Census, 1840)

10.Rick Redford (Marriage License)

11. Sandra (Barr) Redford(Marriage License)  

12. Silas Barr (United States Civil War Soldiers Index, 1861-1865)

13. Isaac Barr (Illinois, County Marriages, 1810-1934)

14.Jane (McCaslin) Barr (Illinois, County Marriages, 1810-1934) 

15. William Barr (Illinois, Deaths and Stillbirths Index, 1916-1947)

16. John Barr (1850 United States Federal Census)

17, Simeon Barr (1860& 1870  United States Federal Censuses)

18. Mary Barr  (1860 & 1870  States Federal Census)

19. John Snavely (Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Mennonite Vital Records, 1750-2014)

20. Elizabeth (Barr) Snavely (Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Mennonite Vital Records, 1750-2014)


by Nikki Byer G2G6 (8.5k points)
edited by Nikki Byer
I agree with your comment above, Nikki. I don't know how the others are adding so many sources, so quickly. It takes a lot of time because I am very careful to ensure that I am entering sources for the correct people. I'd hate to see someone climbing the wrong family tree because I was rushing and made a mistake that could have been avoided. Every source we can add, even at our slower pace, helps the overall goal. So, don't worry about a race.
Many of mine are one census record for an entire family.  so there will be six or eight profiles sourced with one piece of information.

And I try to stay in the late 19th and early 20th century. Those sources are easy to find.  In fact, I am taking a break from Pennsylvania profiles because sourcing the earlier ones is exhausting.  I went to work on the one that says ANS.  Apparently there are 1000 unsourced profiles with the surname Ayer.
+3 votes
You are all doing a GREAT job!!  

My sourcing came to a halt yesterday when my son got injured during his football game.  All is well now.  Just a really bad sprained ankle and twisted foot that is going to take some time to heal.

Happy sourcing!
by Shannon Thomas G2G6 Mach 1 (10.7k points)
+2 votes
  1. Beal-478 Family Search
  2. [Coles-358] Find A Grave
by David Townsend G2G Crew (600 points)
edited by David Townsend

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