"Chalakatha" is the division of the Shawnee."Cornstalk" is the clan membership. Her last name was Greenwood.

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Do you have any sources to support any of her names or relations? I see none on either her or her husband’s profiles. Thanks.
This profile reeks of Shawnee Heritage. The Powhatan box gives it away.  Research is needed to figure out who she was.

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Reeks? "Gives it away? Why do you say that? What information do have about Shawnee Heritage that you would share with me? Most of this info is from the books Shawnee Heritage I and II by Don Greene. However, this info also is from my cousin, Freda Cruz Hardison, who is a genealogist. It is recorded on my Ancestry.com account and on Freda's and has been checked and rechecked as to names and dates of births, relatives, places of residence, times and manner of deaths.
As Kathie says below, the Shawnee Heritage Books by Don Greene and Noel Swartz are mostly fiction stirred with glue stick and flung at random ancestry trees. What sticks makes the book. Don Greene has been called out my several Native groups including the author of the blog Ancestor Stealing.

Greene has a whole line of Shawnee/Cherokee/Powhatan that are a total fabrication.
She is in my husbands bloodline. What information are you looking for.
Ok, thank you. It's good to know.
To whom are you addressing your comment? Who is in your husband's bloodline, Katy Chalecatha?
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I have added this information under ==Research Notes== on the profile for Sedano (Chalakatha) Cornstalk:

: Don Greene's book 'Shawnee Heritage VII' has this listing (quote):
:Greenwood, Sedano aka Sedano Greenwood
: 47/64th Chalakatha-Kishpoko-Shawano-Chalaka-
:born 1715 Rockingham, VA- died after 1774
:daughter of Thomas Caesar Greenwood/ 1680 &
:Katee Turkey Cornstalk/1684
:called a tall, tawny woman with grey-green eyes,
:She spoke, read & ciphered in English.
:wife 1730 southwest VA of Matthew Fulk/1713
:killed 1774
:''mother with Matthew Fulk of:''
::Adam Fulk/1736-killed 1774 WV-(1756 VA Elizabeth
::Unknown/1740-after 1774
::David Fulk/1738-before 1774
::John Fulk/1740-1820 1st Catherine Castle/1744
::1775, 2nd 1775 Eve Beeler/1749-1840
:all 23/64th Chalakatha-Kishpoko-Shawano-Chalaka-

The reference is * Greene, Don. 'Shawnee Heritage VII:1700's to 1750's Surnames F-I. Lulu.com Dec. 14, 2014. Entry 288. Accessed on the World Wide Web November 8, 2017 at [https://books.google.com/books?id=RnFbCAAAQBAJ&pg=PT169&lpg=PT169&dq=Sedano+(Chalakatha)+Cornstalk+(1715+-+1740)&source=bl&ots=tqH_VJWDAD&sig=mr_AEnCcb1R8wbxM2gv1SjxBU34&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwin_rLhtK_XAhVr64MKHbnYBAwQ6AEIODAE#v=onepage&q=Sedano%20(Chalakatha)%20Cornstalk%20(1715%20-%201740)&f=false Google Books]. The physical copy of this book is available at the Allen County Public Library, Genealogy Department and I would be able to access that for you. http://alpl.ent.sirsi.net/client/default/search/results?te=ILS&qu=" on1001338129 "
Since all the volumes of Don Greene's Shawnee Heritage are available at the Allen County Public Library Genealogy Department, I trust it is a credible source. However, I still feel hesitant to change the Native American biographies since I am such a novice.
by Shirley Davis G2G6 Mach 3 (35.5k points)
Don Greene's books are completely unsourced and mostly mythical, published by a man who has named himself chief of his own fake tribe. If anything in them is accurate it's by accident or coincidence.  They are assemblages of postings from Internet mailing lists and family trees. I found several of my 100% white ancestors listed as Native American from multiple tribes.  If you speak to anyone in authority from either the Shawnee or Cherokee Nation they will tell you the same thing.

Thank you very much for the heads up. I'll head to the genealogy department tomorrow and ask for an explanation. i have now found this page https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Shawnee_Heritage_Fraud

Well, the librarian says all 12 volumes were donated. The department pretty much accepts anything that is donated. And, the standard answer, never base your work on someone else's research. She suggested contacting the Shawnee Tribe, which I have done.

I will say this, Snow's Standard History of Adams and Wells Counties, Indiana was compiled by interviewing and recording. I was young when my mother, who remembered that her grandfather had been interviewed, took me to the library and asked for the book. She was told it was considered reliable, but she did discover a disappointing error where her cousin was listed as being married to her own brother. I consider the interview valuable but do not have other sources for everything contained in it. 

Lastly, email is a vehicle of communication as the Web itself is a vehicle. My few contacts with distant relatives have been through email access on my profile. I have used their email information as a source on some profiles.

Thank you for setting me straight on the matter of Don Greene's books. I appreciate how difficult it is to  build these Wikitree profiles.

The last name Fulk is actually spelled Fultz. And is a ancestor of mine.

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