Born before year 0 (BC)

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People born before year 0 (BC) are in special category 

Here is a Wikidata query getting WikiTree people born before year 0 in Wikidata that should not be in WikiTree. (Thx Magnus)
They and their relatives should be at least added to BCE_Profiles category.
in Policy and Style by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (567k points)
edited by Maggie N.
You do great work Aleš!  Thanks.

Great database work!


However, a nitpick: there is no year zero, in either Gregorian or Julian calendars. The years go ...2BC, 1BC, 1AD, 2AD, ... This is a pain for mathematicians.

The artificial proleptic Gregorian calendar that no-one ever used does have a year zero.

Of course, zero is a point with no duration on the timelines!


Best wishes, Chris

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Yes and Yes, does this mean i get get rid of all my bogus ancient chinese emperor ancestors that i inherited through someones else imported gedcom
by Anonymous Anonymous G2G6 Mach 3 (32.5k points)
If you add the category [[Category:BCE_Profiles]] to them when you come across them, we'll get them deleted at some point (Sooner rather than later hopefully).

What is the problem just doing it?

Instead of a category shouldn't it be a Template


that also add some text like 

<div class="HIGHLIGHT">If possible, this profile will be redirected to Wikipedia soon. If no Wikipedia article exists, this profile will be deleted. Please don't add additional information. See [[Profiles BCE]] for more information. [[B-404|B-404]] 09:46, 20 January 2016 (EST) </div>

See UNKNOWN-104457

See also G2G that we should redirect using the Wikidata object and not a page and maybe have an icon indicating that this link goes away from WikiTree

Ex should redirect and use Q2918052 ==> redirect link


>> Yes and Yes, does this mean i get get rid of all my bogus ancient chinese emperor ancestors that i inherited through someones else imported gedcom

Answer is No you need to disconnect wrong mother father in WikiTree on the failing profile....

Eowyn, I added a few dozen of these when cleaning Irish/Scots profiles last summer or two summers ago. These are in moderate annoyance category for me. It would be great to see them cleaned sooner than later. The template indicates "soon" ;-). I thought it used to say in a few weeks but could be mistaken. Also, the jump to a WIkipedia articles will only be an obvious to a WIkiTree insider. I'd suggest the Wikipedia redirect be rethought due to its lack of intuitive behavior.

As we should use G2G to get changes done I suggested a new redirect and someone thought using a icon telling you are leaving WIkiTree see G2G tagged requestforchange 

I just discovered this category today and have a question:  they mostly say "to be deleted soon", but some are dated as long ago as 2011.  How do profiles get deleted?  What happens if one just deletes all the data and leaves a  ompletely empty profile?  Can that empty one be refilled with a completely different set of data?

I think its a secret WikiTree squad doing the work and add code so its redirected. 

I have recommended the below but havnt seen any sign that they have received my message

  1. that WikiTree should use the Wikidata id when doing the redirect....
  2. have some kind of graphic hint to tell the user when you click on this father you will move away from WikiTree
A nice theory but there's no secret squad :)

@Eowyn Langholf  

But you do it in the night so no one can see you?

My thought is more that not everyone can do it.... you need to be a sysadmin and you use no tools.....  

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Adam and Eve were deleted, but the list is still growing as I connect profiles to Wikidata. It is now 48 of them.
by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (567k points)

Ok then my Wikidata Adam watcher understand why ;-)

Is deleting the way its done? I think before it was a redirect 
Adam was UNKNOWN-104440

At first, the plan was to redirect them, however, we decided to delete them instead.


Double Yea! 

Does this mean pre-1500 certified members can set them to Unknown/Unknown or merge theme into one Unknown profile, since "delete" is not an option for the majority of people.

It sounds like you want "team members" to clean these up per Is that anyone or leaders. 

For example, the oldest generation I have goes back.75 generations (WIkiTree+  Reports/Ancestors helps find some of the people.)  It is great tool that helps find the ones that are at least connected to my ancestors and most likely many other people's ancestors.

My oldest 75th generation profile is Trocmes-1.seems that line would be a great place to start by deleting him and many generations of his ancestors.

BCE profiles are deleted by Team members after verification. I deleted over 500 of them a few weeks ago. Trocmes-1 is close to year 0, so I left it for now. A few of his descendants are also marked BCE, but they are probably not.

Got it. I did go deeper on these and see they really aren't BCE. Good to hear 500 got cleaned up.

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