Birth/marriage dates for Henry (Henrik?) Johnson (Johansen?) and Anna Pedersen [closed]

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For Johnson-50677 (born ~1880) and Pedersen-4186 (born ~1886-87) from Fredrikstad, Norway. Looking for actual birth dates and parents' names. Anna immigrated to US in 1891. Henry left Norway at 13 as a cabin boy. It's the name changes that are tripping me up (and not being able to read Norwegian).
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I looked up digital records.  These are the ones I found for Fredrikstad.  Not helpful as it doesn't indicate father and son, but he would be 8 on this census. Highly unlikely since this is an entry of him moving out the parish/city at age 14 this one and previous seem say "In-migrated Swedes to Østfold county" A stretch since father wasn't Jon. also a stretch since father wasn't Jon, but maybe his name was Johan Henry as some entries indicate.

Found him! He's really Hans Johansen born in Glemmen parish Oct 1876!

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This is very difficult without a farm name.  Wait... actually Fredrikstad is a city and municipality of Østfold county in Norway.  Ahh, seems like Fredrikstad is also a parish in this county. is a great website on Fredrikstad's history with sourced information too which was surprising.  

Also interesting is … Østfold county didn't begin until 1918, the county before that was Smålenene county!  

Oh my goodness - the library in ND has a whole bunch of Fredrikstad farm books... you may be far from there, but it's something to work with:

Dehli, M. Fredrikstad bys historie, v. 1 1960 DL596.F83 D43 General 1567-1767
Dehli, M. Fredrikstad bys historie, v. 2 1964 DL596.F83 D43 General 1767-1860
Dehli, M. Fredrikstad bys historie, v. 3 1973 DL596.F83 D43 General 1860-1914
Dehli, M. Fredrikstad bys historie, v. 4 1987 DL596.F83 D43 General 1914-1940
Dehli, M. Fredrikstad bys historie, v. 5 1993 DL596.F83 D43 General 1940-1963
De Figueiredo, I. Fredrikstad bys historie, v. 6 1999 DL596.F83 D43 General 1964-1993

Church Records[edit source]

I had to cut out my characters so check this out:,_Østfold,_Norway_Genealogy

Glemmen farm book is found.. Glemmen wasn't separated until 1883, so if he was born in 1880 he might be in there.

Thowsen, Elsa: Glemmen bygdebok: En bygd blir til by. Utgitt av Glemmen Kommune 1962 (Your local library may have it or do an inter-library loan) I'm sure anyone can help you translate it.

23 Aasgaard 27 Allerød 37 Alshus 13 Ambjørnrød
22 Bjølstad 15 Bjørnerød 31 Bjørnevaagen 20 Bjøruld-Ødegaarden 11 Brønnerød
36 Elve 25 Enhus 16 Evenrød
29 Femdal 39 Fuglevik 36 Futerød
2 Glemminge vestre 12 Gluppe 18 Gunnerød
38 Holme 26 Holte
10 Jørnerød
7 Kirkeleie 33 Kjøkøen 9 Kneple
8 Lahelle 6 Lisleby 32 Lunde
8 Nygaard 3 Nøkleby vestre
30 Randholmen 24 Rød nordre
17 Skaarød 40 Smertu 21 Spetalen 28 Straalsund
5 Torp 34 Troldalen 10 Trosvik
19 Veum nordre
35 Ødegaarden

Hope this helps a little.. it's a start.  I actually didn't know any Norwegian, but I've taught myself a bit just regarding the family tree terminology, and of course I have a great Norwegian genealogist who can always back me up.  I found a great Norwegian-English dictionary at  It lists abbreviation and a lot of words google translate or other dictionaries don't mention.

It's pretty likely his father's name was Jon since his last name is Johnson. is tricky, because most of them it isn't reliable.  I actually relied on it and had a whole different family than the family that actually belonged to me.  

by Tami Bucholtz G2G1 (1.1k points)
Many thanks for all your hard work, Tami! I really appreciate it.

The farm book for Glemmen is available on-line for Norwegian users. I could not find any mention of Henry or his parents under the farm Lisleby. However, I did find a birth record for a Marthina Hansdatter, born on 11 Nov 1842 (protocol#70, protocol#37, transcript). She was the daughter of Hans Nilsen and Elen Nilsdatter Nøklebye and they are covered in the farm book under Nøkleby. (Note that Lisleby and Nøkleby are just next door to each other, and both covered by the same sprawl of Fredrikstad on the map today.) On page 369, the entry for Nøkleby house#9 states:

Hans Nilsen b. abt. 1808, d. 1984, m. 1832 to Elen Nilsdatter, b. 1807, d. 1855, daughter of Nils Hansen Nøkleby. Children: Maren Nikoline, m. to sailor Laurits Larsen; Anne Sophie, m. to sailor Henrik Michaelsen; Marthina; Marthe, died young, Nils (see below), and 3 that died as children.

Nils Hansen, b. 1853, d. abd. 1902?, m. 1888 to Petra Kaspara Karstensdatter, b. 1866 in Tune, daughter of worker Karsten Svendsen. Known children: Anna Elise, died as a child; Hans; Konrad; Astrid Dorthea.

Elen's parents are covered under Nøkleby 5b):

Nils Hansen, b. 1775, d. 1850, m. to Marie Arvesdatter, b. 1774, d. 1814, daughter of Arve Svendsen, V. Glemmen. Children: Marthe, m. to Hans Andersen Nøkleby; Elen, m. to shoemaker Hans Nilsen; Anne Sophia; Ingeborg, d. young; Arve, took over the farm.

Marie's parents are covered under V. Glemmen, on page 352.

Arve Svendsen, b. 1742, d. 1788, m. to Åse Hansdatter, daughter of Hans Guttormsen Ambjørnsrød, b. 1745, d. 1792. Children: Ole, took over the farm; Maren, m. to Nils Hansen V. Nøkleby, and 4 that died as children. After Arve died, the widow married Anders Evensen Kirkeleie.

This can be tracked further. Just let me know if you need more help.

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When asked, it is not uncommon to give the closest city/town as one´s birth place when in fact he is not from itself but the surrounding area. Fredrikstad, as a great exporter of timber, is more likely to be known than some mor obscure location nearby. I suggest that the search is extended to the municipalities around, which actually is merged with Fredrikstad, namely Glemme, Kråkerøy, Borge, Onsøy and Rolvsøy. 

Person search in Digitalarkivet is a useful tool, e.g.:*&birth_year_from=1885&birth_year_to=1890&birth_date=&birth_place=&domicile=&position=&event_year_from=&event_year_to=&event_date=&related_first_name=&related_last_name=&related_birth_year=&sort=rel 

Be aware that he could have several first names, three is not uncommon. Often the person would choose to use one of them, and not necessarily the first one. 

Also note that the late 19th century is a transitional period where a fixed surname was adopted, so his fathers name may not be a variant of Johan, Jon, Johannes, John, but e.g. his grandfathers.


by Rolf Angelsen G2G2 (2.2k points)
I'm glad to have the link to Digitalarkivet, Rolf. Thanks a lot.

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