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I'm doing some work on my tree, on someone related by marriage.   His name is Johann Christain Schroeder.

But here's the question, according to his obituary he was born in 1844 in

Barchfelt, Hannover, Germany. 

It further states he fought under the flag of Hanover against the Prussians in what I'm sure is the Austrio-Prussian war of 1866.

Now looking at a current map, could find a Barchfeld, Germany.  But it's in the current state of Thuringia.   Well to the south of Hannover.   I know there was a Kingdom of Hannover, one of the many nations that made up Germany before Unification.   But my knowledge of 19th century Germany is very limited. 

 Was Barchfeld, part of Hannover or under it's influence, in the 1840;s-1860's?  

Or is there actually a small town or hamlet of Barchfelt locaded somewhere in the old kindom of Hanover.  Perhaps it got absorbed by a larger town.

I just want to be accurate as to his birthplace.



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Barchfeld was never in Hannover and I have not been able to find any locality named Barchfelt in Hannover. However, there is a Bargfeld in Hannover and local dialect could have easily transformed that into Barchfeld (g and k are often pronounced ch in northern German dialects).
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I'll bet you are right.  That the name in the newspaper was misspelled.

The modern town of Barchfeld, unless I am mistaken from what I've read, was in territory that was allied with Prussia in the 1866 war.

Johann fought on the other side.  On the side of the Austria led German states.   I very much doubt they would get the side he fought on wrong.

I need to look to bargfeld and see if I can find the records of his birth there. I do have the exact birthdate.


Thank you.
The modern Barchfeld, being then in Hesse, did fight against Prussia. Maybe his place of birth was recorded as Barchfeld He and got mistaken for Barchfeld Ha.

There are lots of transcription errors that can occur. I have found my own father recorded as Michael O instead of Micheal D.

The most important thing is that you now have two possibilities to research, hopefully one will bear fruit.
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From 1814 until 1866 the town of Barchfeld was part of an enclave within Thuringia but belonging to Hesse. It was a long way from the border with Hannover.

There is a map showing it on the following web page


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