Want to categorize family from a specific part of Norway but no category and need to categorize ship name.

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My family immigrated first to Canada then to Minnesota. How and where do I categorize the ship info and the part of Norway they came from? I didn't see any category for either of these two when I looked. What can I do?
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Here is link to the main page of categories for Norway  http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Norway

No clue on categories for ships though

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For the location category, it looks like you'll first need to work out the geographic nomenclature.

You could put them in high-level categories like the Hordaland category that Eva identified, but it would be better to place them in a municipality, or a place within the municipality. Identifying the correct place names can be tricky, due to historical name changes and the possibility of errors in your sources. I've tried to figure out how to categorize some of your ancestors based on the information on your ancestors' profiles.

  • Example: Skarieiet, Gran, Hordaland, Norway. There's no municipality called Gran in Hordaland, so I'm guessing that's Granvin. You could add [[Category: Granvin, Norway]] to the profiles.  Since Granvin is a very small place, that's probably as narrow a category as you need. Skarieiet might be a hamlet within Granvin, or maybe it's a farm name. (?)
  • Example: Gol, Hollingdol, Norway. According to Wikipedia, Hallingdal is a traditional name for a region, and Gol is a municipality that is now in Buskerud county. You could add [[Category: Gol, Norway]] to the profiles. I think it would be a good idea to create additional parent categories for the traditional regions, so that the Gol category could have two parent categories: Buskerud and Hallingdal.

It looks to me like relevant categories may exist for your ancestors, but to find them you'll need to do some research to figure out where they came from.

As for the Immigration Ships, if your ship doesn't have a category within a relevant parent category like Immigrant_Ships_to_Canada, you could contact the categorization project for advice on naming a new ship category. Add the tags categorization and ships (also norway) to your question to get their attention.

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Hmm... But there is a Gran (municipality) in Oppland, Norway. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gran,_Norway

And Tingelstad, the birthplace of another of your other ancestors, is reported to be a place within the municipality of Gran: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tingelstad

Another "Hmm": Your ancestor from Tingelstad was married to an ancestor from "Gran, Hordaland". And that ancestor said to be from Gran, Hordaland, had a father from Hvindeneiet, Gran. This Find-A-Grave page identifies Hvindeneiet as a farm in Gran, Oppland. And that man from Hvindeneiet was married to a woman from Brandbu -- which is a village in the municipality of Gran, Oppland (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brandbu). I think that the entire Gilbertson branch of your family is from Gran, Oppland -- not from Hordaland.

My family is from Hadeland as verified by the Hadeland Lag. I am in contact and in the process of becoming a member due to my family history of living in that area. I dont believe I ever said anything about being from Hordaland. If I did it was a mistake and should have been Hadeland.
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There is a category for Hordaland, with subcategories.


I'm sure it would be OK to add another subcategory after the same pattern, as needed.
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