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My family immigrated from Norway to Canada then to Minnesota. I dont see a category for a specific ship in Immigrant_Ships_to_Canada. How can I add this specific ship category?
asked in Policy and Style by Jennifer Reyes G2G6 (6.1k points)

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Hi, Jennifer.  When a category you need doesn't exist, it's important to see what categories are already there.  I took a look at a high level category called Ships, which contains a good bit of documentation.  Beneath it are subcategories for ships to major areas of North America, which are also well documented.  

There's nothing for Canada, so you'll probably want to create a category called Canada Settler Ships.  I notice that the lower-level categories under the other subcategories all take the form "Ship Name", sailed "Year".  

So now the easiest way to proceed, assuming you know the name of the ship and when it sailed, is to put [[Category: (the name of the ship), sailed (year)]] on the profile.  That will show up as red because the category doesn't yet exist.  Click on it and add at the top of that page [[Category: Canada Settler Ships]].  This also will show up red when you save it because it too is a new category.  Click on it and add at the top of its page, [[Category: Ships]].  That category already exists, so now your job is done.

If I missed appropriate categories that already exist, or am leading Jennifer astray in some other way, others please chime in!
answered by Jack Day G2G6 Pilot (250k points)
selected by Jennifer Reyes
Very similar to Australia in how it is done.
Rosemary, I didn't see an Australian category under Ships -- could you go to your Australia high level ships category whatever it's called and add [[Category: Ships]] as a higher category on it?  That will assist -- what's the fancy word the computer people are using when things talk o each other -- "interoperability"!
Jack, I hesitate to change this. You'll find the Australian Shipping Lists under Australian Immigration and Immigrant Ships to Australia which are both part of the Australian Convicts and First Settlers Project. The format of ships listed is slightly different as it is just a name and a date e.g. Isabella 1833 and is the date of arrival in the colony not the date of sailing. Paul Bech is leader of this project and should probably be the one to co-ordinate with you.
Thank you so much Jack Day, this really helped me a lot!!!!
Rosemary, not proposing a subtraction, simply an addition.  A subcategory can have multiple higher categories, and the linkages should be done to assist people -- in this case someone who is starting downward from "ships" and looking for those in Australia.  By all means check with Paul!

Jennifer, Rosemary's note points out a possible problem, though -- there are ship/immigration/arrival categories for Australia that you can't find by working downward from "ships."  Perhaps that's also true for Canada.  So I would ask particular those involved with Canada to weigh in and see if we've missed something.
Ok and again Thanks a lot

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