YDNA decendants of Norfolk Dade

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I had taken a full ydna test with ftdna and am hoping that someone from this Dade lineage or a related Deed linage may also take a yDNA test for compassion as to date I am the only one and paper research has come to an unhelpful end.
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in Genealogy Help by Ben Deed G2G1 (1.0k points)
y-chromosome testing via ysearch.org now suggests no relationship with the male descendants of Deed (58P22) and those of Dade (QY4GW).

Other explanations are possible; QY4GW is not a blood descendants of Francis Dade as stated. This can't really be contested without further male descendants carrying out testing. For now i will have to look elsewhere and my brickwall sits again with Deed-27.

As a follow up and for anyone in the distant future who may have an interest in this study. My yDNA project over on FTDNA has shown that some Deed are decended from Dade lineage as direct male decendants of both lines have now tested and have been shown to be matches (adding significant weight to the tale of the two brothers!).

However, as previously stated, my own yDNA does not match the Dade or new Deed samples which can only mean there are multiple genetically 'un-related' male lines carrying the surname Deed.

For now it appears that people who can show linage to the 'Middlesex' Deed families in the early 1800's are decendants of the Dade family. Those that link to Steeple/Burnham-on-Crouch in Essex are likely of my own non-Dade decent.

It's worth being aware that both lines are now geographically well mixed so research back to the early 1800's at least is essential for confirmation.

There may also yet be other lineages as yet un-tested. 

If you are interested in this and want to help then please undertake y testing with FTDNA and join the project there.

While i am at it, it's probably also worth noting that there appears to be no match to the postulated Dietz links. This might be of interest to American researchers as Dietz appears to have become mis-transcribed to Deeds. However, some Deeds/Deed may also be decended from early Dade and Deed colonists, not least Francis Dade.

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Ben, It would be a good idea to enter your ancestors in WikiTree back to your ancestor William Dade-19. Then someone looking at his profile or at the profile of any of his male Dade descendants will see your yDNA test displayed, and would be able to contact you. You could also research and add to WikiTree all of the known male Dade descendants of William Dade-19 that you can find. When you get down his tree to living men, you can contact any you find and ask them to test. This works! I've been doing this for my Smith ancestor [[Smith-15895|Thomas Smith]] since I before I started working on WikiTree. I've had several cousins who have seen their ancestors here on WikiTree and have written to me as the profile manager. One of those was a descendant of Thomas Smith. He ended up taking a yDNA test that helped to confirm both our lines to Thomas.
by Kay Wilson G2G6 Pilot (183k points)
Thank you Kay. I don't have a known link to William which is the problem. I can only trace to 1795 in Essex but other Deed lines from England are linked to Dade, but again I have no proven link to them. Hence the call for DNA! Uploading my gedcom is probably the right step but I've uploaded it so many times to different sites the management and duplication is ridiculous. I wish all these sites just worked together!
Ben, I recommend that you don't upload a gedcom. It's best to enter your ancestors manually, checking carefully as you go and adding sources as you go, until you get back to your ancestors who are already here. And I think you would find it really helpful to work on the 'reverse genealogy' of tracing all of William's male Dade descendants. WikiTree is a great place to have your tree because of all the great DNA features. See these two pages:


By way of an update my yDNA results have been updated to group R-Y23824 there are only two known individuals in this group at this point in time, myself and someone with the surname Clarke. Anyone sharing this haplogroup and a Deed derived surname would be a strong candidate as a recent relative. More samples could bring the haplogroup forward into recent history. (R-Y23824 is thought to have originated at around 500BC).

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