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I have a couple of Jean Bodines in my ancestry.  I"m seeing Jean Bodines on Wikitree with different DOBs and spouses.  I was wondering if I had the right family group, if it was all one family group, etc.  Then I came across this extensive little bit on ancestry:

which seems to say that it's all up in the air but that there were two family groups, one from Bethune, and one from Medis St. Onge.  Has this been discussed at any length before?  I do love to recreate the wheel every chance I get but this is one I would defer to better minds than mine.

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p.s. I had to edit this, I had typed Bridon instead of Bodine in a couple places.
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Hi Aycia,

I don't have an account, so can't see what you're talking about.

Can you refer to a WikiTree profile(s) for the discussion?

It always helps to document what you think you know on those profiles, to help solve a puzzle.
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Must be the two Jean Bodines mentioned in this discussion:

There's quite a lot of info in the profile linked from there.

There are a bunch of dupes:

Ord, France and other areas:

Jean Bodine 1619 Cambrai, , Ord, France - 1694 Privacy Level: Open (White) Bodine-247 edit managed by Amber Boicourt ancestors

Jean Bodine 1610 Hiers-Brouage, Charente-Maritime, France - 1694 Privacy Level: Open (White) Bodine-8 edit managed by Scott Ledbetter ancestors


Bethune, Artois, France, and other areas:

Jean Bodine 1660 Bethune, , Artois, France - 1687 Privacy Level: Open (White) Bodine-171 edit managed by Rachel Neal

Jean Bodine abt 1663 near Bethune, Artois, France - bef 1745 Privacy Level: Open (White) Bodine-9 edit managed by Kimball Everingham ancestors


Jean Bodine 1645 Bethune, , Artois, France - 1687 Privacy Level: Open (White) Bodine-246 edit managed by Amber Boicourt ancestors

Jean Bodine abt 09 May 1645 Medis, near Saintonge, France - aft 1687 Privacy Level: Open (White) Bodine-129 edit managed by Scott Ledbetter

Yes, I just went through and there is some confusion among Bodine-8, 9, 246, 247, 129 and 171.  I don't feel so badly now.  My question is was Marie Creison another spelling of Crocheron? or were they different people?  Before I read Eva's answer I'm also going to posit that there were at least two families, one Walloon from Bethune, and one French Huguenot from Medis.
Eva, some sources say that Dr. Anjou, the genealogist, was a fraudster who told his wealthy clients things they wanted to hear - all fabricated.  His work on the Bodins has been rather discredited.  The Bodine web page is wonderful but for that fact.

I was just trying to direct some attention to the first of the related questions. Seems to me that you people who work on the Bodines should be aware of each other.
And you did, and it's largely great information and a big help.  Also, I think the Bridon Bunch *is* getting to know each other now...I'm the newbie in the group and I have to say collaboration - never my strong suit - yields great returns.  I'm somewhat abashed to find that I am not as critical in my reasoning and not as careful in my research as I had thought.  But it's a good thing in the end.  I am really happy to have found this group.

The link goes to a VERY long page of unformatted notes that-- among other things-- warns us that the Bodine line was a subject of the infamous Gustav Anjou. The text seems to be a copy/paste of someone's extensive research notes that include documented details about the various early Bodines as well as historical context-setting.

Bottom line from the notes: the European origins (and parents) of either of the four Jean Bodines of early New York / Staten Island are not known:

"At this point, the research tends to point to a pair of men named Jean Bodin who came from near Medis, France and another pair named Jean Bodin from near Bethune in the former Southern Netherlands (now located in France)."

This looks like it might be a good collection of Bodine info:
Yes, and I had them all mixed in together.  Pointing to Bethune and M├ędis-Sainte-Onge was the kicker for me.  I find it extremely helpful to keep the map function up when looking at places in Europe with which I am not familiar (which is most places).  I select the distance on foot because that's how most folk would have travelled.  Now I have a new consternation:  Heiltje/Hyla Dircksen Smith Bodine (Smith-112395).  I don't know where the "Smith" came from, but she definitely married Vincent Bodine  (Bodine-274) in 1719.  And she never seems to have gone by Heiltje Jans.  Heiltje and Vincent Bodine definitely had children.  I thought perhaps she had married a Smith prior to marrying Vincent Bodine but can find no record of it.  And she is definitely the child of Jan Dircksen Van Aernum (Netherlands Baptism Index) and Catalina Clopper.  I need a giant whiteboard.  I feel like a kid bringing a tangled necklace to her mother to unravel.  Help appreciated.  And please keep in mind, sometimes you have to tell me stuff a couple brain is a good brain, but it can only multitask so much.

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