Looking for a living Christopher genealogist who lives in England to help me.

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I need to connect with someone who lives in England and knows how to do genealogical research there.

The person I need to research is: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Christopher-162

I have much info on him here in US and think he was born in 1683 not l670 based on court records from Richmond County Va.

8 descendants here have been YDNA tested. Need to find Christopher's in England to be tested to find a match. We have Rare DYS 393 Marker value of 10. Only need 12 marker test at FTDNA to confirm as a match.

We are also YDNA matches to surname FRY from Southern England, at a 7 to 9 Genetic Distance. That is verified through a Fry Descendant who lives in Austrlia and knows his paper trail back to his ancestors in England.  

Any help would be appreciated.

David M Christopher
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Census records end in 1911,you may find marriage and death records.

I have researched a long time in England,Wales,Scotland,and a little in

Ireland.After 1911 info is sparce.
by Wayne Morgan G2G6 Pilot (914k points)
Wayne, thank you for your reply. I may not have made myself clear initially.  I want to track Nicholas Christopher back in time to his Ancestors.   I have no idea where Nicholas came from before he arrived in America.  The other family researchers I work with say he came from England, but there is no proof of that. The only fact that makes me “sense” he came from England is that the Irish and Scottish Christopher lines over here do not match our YDNA profile.

The first record I can find of him over here is in a court case from June 1695 where he is judged to be 12 years old which would put his year of birth around 1683. At that time, 1695, he was recorded as a Servant of John Burkett who in 1689 - 90 traveled to England and married a Jane Abbott in Shoreditch, Middlesex, England. It is possible they brought Nicholas back with them on their return.  Otherwise, we are left with the lore that he was a run away or a stow away. All ship arrivals and passenger list from this time are no longer available.

Next record I find of him here is a 1701 court record where he has “Fugitively absented himself from his Master, John Evans” and is given an extra year of servitude upon his return.

However, when he does return on 7 Dec 1704 the court case is recorded as such:

“” On this day Nicholas Christopher presented himself to this court and acknowledged that he was willing to serve his Master or assignees till the last day of October next in consideration that the said, Peter Evans, acquitting the said Nicholas of service that was due unto him for his running away and giving him a good suite of Kerby Cloaths, a shirt, a pair of new shoes and stockings and hat at the expiration of said term.””

To me, that sounds like he was sent to an apprenticeship or school rather than having run away, I can find no other deals from masters to their servants in any court records.

From the next year on he is married, has his first few sons, and is buying and selling land for various amounts of Tobacco. He is recorded as dealing with some of the area’s most prominent families, and indeed his children marry into them. This does not fit into what we would expect from a run away or a stow away.

I need help from someone who understands the counties of England and how to search for a record of Christopher’s in southern England.

Thank you

David M. Christopher
Hello David, My name is Helen and I'm new to WikiTree. I've just come across your post from 2016, possibly by now you have the information you were looking for on the Christopher researcher in England? My maiden name was "Christopher" and in my early research days, I was lucky enough to come across another person who was extremely helpful in tracing my family line. I'm afraid I don't have his email as we have lost touch, I can however tell you that he is listed on Ancestry and many other genealogy sites and his name is Michael "Mike" Russell, he is also the OPC for Dorchester and Fordington. Believe me, if he can't help you then no one can! Try a google search for him or go to the OPC site (Online Parish Clerk) through Google. I wish you luck. Helen Ogg (Christopher)
Helen, thank you so much for your reply. No I never found anyone in England to help me yet. I have found Autosomal cousins in England an Ausalia, but we can not find our common ancestors yet.

I have contacted Christopher’s in England but the men are not interested in being tested or genealogy in general.

Since 2016 I have learned of a lab in Germany where you can test just 1 STR for about $15 bucks. I have tesed several men here in the states for DY 393 and found two that have a value of 10. Then I test them at 67 markers at FTDNA and they have matched us, up to 14 now.

I am still looking for English men surnamed Christopher in England. Especially one that knows his ancestors and would happen to match me/us here in the states.

Again, thanks for your reply. And I I’ll search for this man you mentioned.

Thank You.

David M Christopher
Certainly Michael Russell is an excellent local historian and he also researches his  Christopher ancestors from Dorset http://www.opcdorset.org/fordingtondorset/Files/ChristopherMaster.html

They are his grandmother's ancestors though .

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