Profiles for fictional Native Americans?

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I'm new here so not sure where to post this or even how to address it, so here goes.

Cornblossom was a fictional character in a series of short stories, "The Legion of the Lost Mine." There is no historical documentation that supports she was a real person, nor is there any historical account of Cherokees being slaughtered at Ywahoo Falls in Kentucky on Friday, August 10, 1810.

This legend has been adopted by so many people that it has taken on a life of it's own, but nothing that will stand up to the standards for sound genealogical practices supports it being true. All three federally recognized Cherokee tribes deny the massacre ever happened. If Cherokees were slaughtered in such a horrific massacre, they'd be the first to want it acknowledged.

Also, the very name "Cornblossom" indicates fiction. There is no such thing as a corn blossom. There is corn silk, which is actually a Cherokee surname still in existence today, but corn blossom is not.

WikiTree profile: Cornblossom Cherokee
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A quick internet surf shows that there are many many people out there that certainly believe this woman really existed and that they are her descendants. Once a myth takes hold, if this is a myth, it is almost impossible to extinguish.

In general, I have found that when it comes to Indian Princesses, the Genealogical Proof Standards are thrown out the window. Lack of documentation of any sort is no barrier. No primary or even secondary sources are required and no amount of documentation to the contrary can sway the made up mind. 

This may be great family history but it is not genealogy at its best. I have not researched this lady, so I cannot speak to this particular case, but as the old adage goes, Genealogy without documentation is myth.

my opinion only, of course. 

by Jeanie Roberts G2G6 Pilot (126k points)
Just updating this thread; Jeanie and I did a thorough examination of the various claims about her in the fall of 2017. Bottom line is what Anon Anon originally posted above: she came into existence in the mid 20th century through a fictional work that subsequent people have interpreted as history.

We retain her profile here on Wikitree, because if we delete it, it would come back to haunt us. On her profile we make it very clear the numerous problems associated with her.

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