How come a duplicate of a validated sourced profile gets an {{Unsourced}} template?

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This pre-1700 duplicate profile was created the 9th of October of this year and yesterday (26 Oct 2016) got the following {{Unsourced|Netherlands|South Africa}} template while the validated (baptism image) profile already existed: It seems rather self-defeating and time waste to me ....

For context see this G2G-feed.

WikiTree profile: Jannetje Becker
asked in The Tree House by Philip van der Walt G2G6 Pilot (141k points)

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It indeed looks as if the profile wasn't catched by the system when it was created as a duplicate, if you search for matches now it also doesn't show there is a duplicate for the profile, so I don't know why it wasn't catched, I was under the impression now all different versions of a last name, if we added them to the other last name field, would help to prevent duplicates if people were creating them with just one of the many different versions ...but looking at this one I guess it doesn't really help. 

One would think the creator would be notified there probably was a profile for this person already though also because of the similar dates, so either the notification was ignored or because of the slightly different LNAB there was no notification ?

And for the template  Eva is right as well of course ..

answered by Bea Wijma G2G6 Pilot (247k points)
selected by Philip van der Walt

Indeed Bea. Also the manager was pre-1700 certified and also that did not prevent the in this case manual duplication of records. I have stated this before - what if ''every single profile'' within this founders society that this project represents (meaning the total amount of profiles = ''finite'') is validated and even Project Profile Protected, will the duplication of profiles still be allowed and if so, by what logic? Who will be there to do the merging and cleaning of bio's ''ad infinitum'' ...? Me for one have better things to do ...

This was the tenure of my previous post and I'm really struggling with the WikiTree indecisiveness in this regard ...

The duplicate was created with a death date of 1748. The existing profile had a death date of "before 1757," so the profile-matching protocol (which looks out only +/-2 years, even if there's a "before" or "after" or "uncertain" qualifier) would not have matched the existing profile with the new 1748 date.
Philip, that profile wasn't added via a Gedcom. It was a manual add (just 46 minutes after the contributor completed the pre-1700 certification). So a Gedcom moratorium wouldn't have prevented the duplicate.
Hi Ellen, yes I know that. In that context I also referred to other feeds, the one of Robin. But I also wrote that it doesn't make a difference as far as duplication of profiles go. There have been countless suggestions to "help" new people in avoiding creating of duplicates. There is already a moratorium on per-1700 GEDCOM. In this case the pre-1700 Quiz/test (alongside other features in WikiTree) proves it's fallibility.

What is even more disturbing is that this page has been viewed more near 50 times (as now) and only 1 up-vote (automated by that) to give credence to my plea.

This is the silence that I dread. Am I merely sounding whiny and complaining or is there anybody out there who sees what I see. How can I be happy and support WikiTree on Facebook with a new feature when I know in my heart that this is a futile exercise?

Because in the end WikiTree just seem to suck my daily time and energy, despite of all the beautiful things it potentially has to offer and all the thousands of thank you's that I get ...

This is truly the end of the line for me.
Philip, I think that many of us share your dismay about this situation. I, for one, haven't been complaining as vociferously as you because I estimate that complaining will only increase my frustration level -- it won't solve the problem.

People will always be imperfect (that word describes me!) and no amount of automated checking will be sufficient to prevent people from creating duplicate profiles. It seems to me that it's more productive in the long run to work on improving content (adding sources, adding profiles, adding connections, adding variant names, merging duplicates, etc.) than it is to complain, since I believe that high-quality content is the best preventative against low-quality additions.
In this case the system didn't catch the duplicate because it doesn't handle de and le yet.

But the son Pieter was created first, and in that case I guess it did flag up the duplicate.  It just doesn't go as far as actual enforcement.
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Maybe they weren't aware the other profile existed?
answered by Gillian Causier G2G6 Pilot (176k points)
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Looking at the changes for Jannetje, she was created without sources and thus had the simple {{Unsourced}} template - which was later specified by somebody who were probably just combing through the unsourceds. These things happen.
answered by Eva Ekeblad G2G6 Pilot (283k points)

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