Can the 'closed' tag appear in the title in the G2G Feed?

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When a question has been answered and the questioner marks it as
[ closed ], that word appears in the title of the question only AFTER you open it from your G2G Feed list.  It would be useful if [ closed ] could appear in the title in the Feed list, so you don't dive into a question, ready to answer it, only to find it is closed.

Is this possible?
in The Tree House by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
retagged by Ellen Smith
I have decided that it's a bad idea to close questions because closing a question makes it pop up at the top of the G2G list (without a label indicating that it's closed) -- making it harder to find the active questions that are worth reading.

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It already appears that way on my feed.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
I don't think I was expressing myself too clearly.  Take an example of a recent question:

Can a shorter "Temp hide" period be added to error report?

In my Feed LIST, it just appears like that.  Open it up, and it appears:
Can a shorter "Temp hide" period be added to error report? [closed]

My query was: could it appear as
Can a shorter "Temp hide" period be added to error report? [closed]
in my Feed list.  That way, I wouldn't dive in to answer something which is already closed, because I could see from the list that it was no longer open.

Ros, on my questions list this one displays like this, Waiting to become a member. [closed] So I already see what you are asking for. I am running Windows 10 and Chrome.

I am using Windows 10 and Firefox.  Maybe this is a Firefox quirk. :(
can only the questioner  add the [closed] or can anyone else?
Well, I expect Leaders can.  But I don't think us mere mortals can. ;)

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