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I've noticed that there is a method of breaking down a page so that it has several sections, each of which can be edited separately (right now, I can't remember if they were category pages, help pages, or something else). Is there some way to do this to a free space page? I have one that is starting to get out of hand in length, but it doesn't make sense to try to split it into several pages... I'd like to be able to edit just one section, or add to it, without having to deal with the entire page in edit mode.

Here's a category page that illustrates what I mean:

See how there are four places to the right where it says "edit"? That's what I want to do. It's obviously a wiki thing...

WikiTree profile: Space:Kitty's_list_of_sources
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The [edit] section occurs when you add headings === Heading ===

So add some headings and the [edit] should automatically occur.
by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
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Nope, not what I see at all, but that is what I want.

This may sound off-the-wall, but might the difference be that you're a ranger and/or leader?

I've added the headings & opened the privacy; does it show the "edit"s for you, even if it doesn't for me?

Yes your sources page now shows the [edit] everywhere there is a heading.

I doubt very much that it's because I'm a leader or ranger. Do you have another browser on your computer, that you can use to take a look. I'm using Firefox on a Mac. I also see them on Safari.
I'm using Firefox on a Mac, too.
Well I am stumped. I'll send a message to "the team", to see if they have a solution.
Thank you. You're a treasure.

Hmm. Does this mean that the [edit] should show up on any profile with headings where I can edit, whether it's a free space or person profile? If so, it's obviously a larger problem than I thought. It never occurred to me that something was missing every time I worked on a profile...
It does seem to be a leader thing. I checked Kitty's page and the New Haven page from my biological profile's account which has no special powers and I couldn't see the edit tabs on either of them. But I can see them from this account.
Gee, then Eowyn, I think it should be an everybody thing.
Wow. Are the category pages a special case, then since I can see them there?
I'm pretty sure category pages have some different rules, than profile and space pages.
O guess was to quick it's something only leaders see...indeed project pages and category pages are different, we were working for the project on a project page to have the same effect (so everyone could edit his or her own part on the page) And there adding the headings worked just fine .. also for the coordinators and I guess for all members . So yes and I agree we really should have this working  for all members on the free space pages as well.

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