FamilyTreeDNA Summer Sale!

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If you have been thinking about DNA testing, now is a great time to purcahse a test kit!  FamilyTreeDNA is having their summer sale and the prices are great!  Buy two now and use them later.  Please use this link to place your order so that WikiTree gets the referral credit:


Now until Friday, July 26, 2013, is offering the following:
Family Finder was $289. Now $99
mtDNA Full Sequence was $289 Now $189
Y-DNA37 was $169 Now $129
Y-DNA67 was $268 Now $208
Y-DNA111 was $359 Now $308
Family Finder + Y-DNA37 was $368 Now $228
Family Finder + Y-DNA67 was $467 Now $307
Family Finder + mtDNAFullSequence was $398 Now $288
Comprehensive Genome (Y-DNA67, FMS & FF) was $666 Now $496
Also, please join us on the DNA Project at Thank you! 
in Genealogy Help by Kitty Smith G2G6 Pilot (542k points)
Definitely considering getting the Family Finder test! For $99 I might not be able to resist it! :)
definitely have been considering something. still don't know enough to know what test is right for me/my dad. Family Finder at such a great discount could help me start to figure that out maybe!
I found the discussions at helpful.

If I were interested in knowing "what" I am - e.g., Welsh, Indian, Scottish, Irish and what percent each - is the National Geographic test the one I'd want?

And, if we *know* 4 generations of my father's direct line & his mother's matriarchal line and 4 generations of my mother's matriarchal line...  There's no real point in the tests for me or my dad (unless we're looking to prove infidelity along the way).

The mystery of my dad's direct line is which immigrant brother was the great-grandfather of my dad's gr-gr-grandfather. Not only is that too many generations back for the testing, but y-DNA testing wouldn't help us determine which brother is was.  Right?
Hi Liz,

Great questions and I will try to answer.  DNA testing does not tell you things like what country your ancestors came from.  It does not remove the need for traditional book and record research.  Instead, you use your DNA  test results to focus your research to a paticular family group of people out of all the people in the world.

If your dad does a YDNA test, he will see a set of marker numbers and a haplogroup determined from a tiny bit of his DNA strand.  The haplogroup is an indicator of where his ancient ancestors began thousands of years ago, long before there were surnames.  The haplogroup will generally tell you if your ancient ancestors came from Africa, Asia, Scandanavia, Europe, etc.

Next, look at the marker results.  If he has a match with another man in the FamilyTreeDNA database, those two men are genetically related.  If they have the same last name, you may be able to determine which forefather was their common DNA ancestor with traditional research.  If they have different surnames, their common DNA ancestor may have lived in a time before their surnames began.  (They are genetic "cousins" but probably before there were searchable books and records.)

So, a yDNA test for your dad would certainly go back to his immigrant ancestor and millenia before.  It would definitely show if his yDNA matches other men who have been YDNA tested and descend from the immigrant.  Their yDNA will match exactly or closely.  However, only book and record research will tell you which immigant brother you are related to.

In my own search, I traced my family back to the immigrant Joseph Smith, came forward on a different son's descendant branch from Joseph, and found an 8th cousin that agreed to YDNA test for our two branches.  We fit in Joseph Smith's tree exactly as expected.  Later on, a third cousin confirmed these results with his own test.

More on the next segment. . .
Next, every natural born person in the world has 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 16 great-grandparents and 32 great-great-grandparents, 64 great-great-great grandparents, etc. (please don't confuse this with all the various non-genetic family arrangements.). If you have a match on a FamilyFinder test, you share a common ancestor with your match somewhere in this group of people.  At least that is the way I understand it, so those who know better, please correct me if I am wrong.  FamilyFinder works best for the first few generations of ancestors.

The mtDNA test follows a continuous line a mothers. So that would be your mother, her mother, her mother, and her mother, back through the generations.  This is less convenient because we often can't find a mother's maiden name in the tradional book and record research.  And in this case, we a talking about a different maiden name in each generation.

As a last point, the main time I see an unexpected DNA test result is because of an undocumented adoption several generations ago.  Years ago, it was quite common to adopt an orphan and raise the child as one of your own.  I have a case of "twins" born in 1806 that we now know were not genetically related to each other, but they were both raised as Smiths.

got to run.
thanks so much for the detailed response Kitty! my learning curve is starting to become scalable :D
Hi Liz

Kitty did a great job answering your question, I just wanted to comment on your other questions. 
If you are interested in finding out the percentages of your ancestral ethnicity then I would recommend 23andMe. Their ethnic breakdown is far superior to any of the others. It's only $99. You will also receive your basic mtDNA halpogroup, and Males will get both Y-DNA and mtDNA haplogroups.

I have tested with National Geographic - Geno2, FamilytreeDNA, 23andMe, and AncestryDNA. If you test with 23andMe, I would recommend transferring your result to FamlytreeDNA for $69 then you will have access to the two largest databases of information.

Because you mentioned that you know 4 generations of ancestors. I also wanted to let you know that I have found many matches going back 9 generations so it is very helpful to confirm ancestors when paper records are hard to find for confirmation.

Get tested, it's fun!
Take care

Thanks Darin - I appreciate the additional information.

Cheers, Liz
Anyone who has tested with Family Tree DNA's Family Finder, 23andMe, or an auDNA test with AncestryDNA should upload their results to  The        ethnicity tools at GEDmatch are wonderful.  

If someone in WikiTree has had an auDNA test then I also recommend including their GEDmatch id with the DNA information in their WikiTree public profile.  That way you can compare them with others in GEDmatch who have tested with different companies.

Sincerely, Peter

I ordered a yDNA kit for my uncle--he doesn't know it yet. cheeky

2 Answers

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Only two days left for the FTDNA Summer Sale!  Place your orders now to get the lower sale price!  You can buy the test(s) now and hold them in reserve for when you find a willing test participant.
by Kitty Smith G2G6 Pilot (542k points)
I just ordered the Family Finder test! Couldn't resist that price.
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FamilytreeDNA announced that the $99 sale price is now going to be the permanent price for the Family Finder test.

That’s great news! They are an awesome company, this will help make them more competitive in the testing market.
by Darin Neves G2G2 (2.7k points)

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