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One of my objectives is to dispell what I believe is an unsupported legend about my Barnard ancestors. I have posted a statement at the Profile of John Barnard (Barnard-903) describing this legend and why I believe it to be untrue. I wish to disconnect the subjects of this legend, particularly my earliest confirmed ancestor Jonathan Barnard (Barnard-943). I'd like to draw the attention of any researchers interested in this line to correspond and offer any evidence supporting the legend. I look forward to hearing from you.
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Douglas, I'm a descendant of the Nantucket Barnards whom you mention in your comments in the profile.  Have you had your autosomal DNA tested?  That would be the best way to prove or disprove the relationship(s) of the various Barnards you mention.

I don't see sources on your Barnard profiles.  I would recommend you get your sources and references posted on your Barnard ancestors so that others can look at your evidence and work on determining correct lineages.  People are going to want to see your sources for your lineage and claims...
by Darlene Athey-Hill G2G6 Pilot (373k points)
Hi Douglas, this is the Barnard line I am searching for!
Amy, you have connected your line into the Nantucket Barnards.  Are you saying that your line is incorrect and you believe it should connect into the group from London, England?
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Douglas, since your legend involves more than one person, you may want to create a free-space profile in which you detail the legend, and annotate it with sources.  I've found that doing this provides a spot to focus on the legend itself, and to provide the best possible documentation of it.  The legend can be accompanied by a category to which the various profiles affected by the legend can be appended. You'll find more thoughts on structuring this at the top of Category: Legends.
by Jack Day G2G6 Pilot (339k points)
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Here's a two part answer to your posting regarding the Barnards.

1.  Many family legends and recorded oral histories include stories about brothers who came to America and went their separate ways.  Family Tree Magazine actually described this type of oral history in a recent issue. 

2.  It has been recorded that Lieutenant Francis Barnard, who lived at 174 Duncaster Road, in Wintonbury, Connecticut, had seven sons who fought in the American Revolution.  

"Participation in the Revolution

The Lexington Alarm was answered by nine men from Wintonbury, led by Captain Lemuel Roberts.  All men were expected to serve in the Revolutionary War.  Divided loyalties made it particularly difficult for he Anglicans.  A Committee of Inspection was appointed in Windsor in December 1775...The approximate number of men who served from Wintonbury was 36.  Surely no family exceeded the record of the Barnard family on Duncaster Road whose seven sons fought in the Revolutionary War!"

Wintonbury Historical Society, From Wintonbury to Bloomfield,(1983:  Wintonbury Historical Society, Bloomfield, Connecticut), p. 47

The following page includes a photograph of Lieutenant Francis Barnard's house with the sign:  "From this house went forth seven sons to fight in the American Revolution" 

I hope this helps as you compile and research your Barnard family.


by Janine Barber G2G6 Pilot (165k points)
Thank you for sharing. I did recently come across that about the Francis Barnard family. Not having studied that family, I'd consider the legend more likely there than with mine. There are some stories that are so entertaining that they are easily adopted with even the slightest reference.

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