Why have I am I no longer a profile manager?

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I have created a profile which was merged after a request to do so, now I am no longer a profile manager or on the trusted list for my ancestor. How can that happen?
WikiTree profile: Elizabeth Bailey
in Policy and Style by Megan Stuart G2G1 (1.6k points)
reshown by Megan Stuart
Hi Megan.  From the Changes log on the profile, it looks like you completed the merge in September and then performed some additional edits on it after that, so it doesn't appear that you were were left off the list as a result of the merge.  I think the only way it could have happened is if one of the others on the trusted list removed you.  Have you communicated with the person listed as the PM about it?  It could be inadvertent and not anything malicious.
How can I be removed if I am the person who created the profile? I don't believe it was inadvertent.
I think any profile manager can remove people from the trusted list, including another profile manager.  After the merge it wouldn't matter at that point who created the profile originally.  There is some info about it at


If it was done purposely over your objection, there is a process for getting site personnel to resolve problems with other members..  Just saying, it would be best to make sure there really is a problem with another member before invoking that.
I have emailed the person involved and asked to be reinstated. I will wait and see if that happens before taking any further action. Thank you all for your help.
Great, I think that's the right approach.  Hopefully you'll get satisfaction, but you might need to give it a few days since it's a holiday weekend in the U.S.  If not, here's the process for getting some additional help:

Hi Megan


You did not create this profile for Dugan. I did ! The connection has been made to your line, so I do not see why This is not enough for you ?

Best regards Sandra.
See Sources to see I did create the said profile..Cheers all.
Sandra, not according to the change history.


Megan created the original and you created a duplicate.
Look at the source please ..I created it in 2015 !
Ah I see now there were at least four merges, with yours as the original (Duggan-435, Dugain-1, Dugain-2, Dugan-766, Dugan-759).

That still doesn't mean you have the right to remove shared management, especially since you have the profile locked.
This is just plain over reaction on Megan's part. Why is it so important that there are two profile managers for one profile ?? I added her so she could upload the information she had only. So this has been blown out to look like I have a problem ! which is not the case. But I certainly do have a problem now !


"Even here, the Profile Manager should not think of themselves as the owner of a profile. They're more like a steward or curator. They lead the family collaboration. They have a responsibility to share the profile with other family members. If they don't want this responsibility, they should let another family member be the Profile Manager."

So I why does Megan need to be profile manager of all then ? that is my question ...I am not going to ask her to allow me to be profile managers of her other Dugan's ..Am I...
I can not believe this has gone to this level, and can not believe that someone can throw a tantrum over who is profile manager.
I have removed myself as profile manager, and am dismayed at the level of immaturity on Megan's side. Cheers.

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Is there a problem between the two of you?  She erased a couple of messages which isn't normal procedure.  And the profile isn't open though Elizabeth was born 175 years ago, which isn't usual.  But it does prevent you from editing now unless you are on the trusted list, which would seem to be a purposed thing.  But i have no idea what the problem is.  There should probably  be some mediation or mentoring to straighten things out.  So hopefully someone should add a tag for the appropriate people to be notified.
by Dave Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (407k points)
There has been an issue since Megan wanted to Merge my Dugan with her Dugan. My Dugan had a photo and a marriage to Bailey. Before I agreed to a merge to Megan's Dugan, I asked her for more proof that they where the same Dugan. After she supplied the proof we merged. I have set the setting to Public. It just does not allow anyone to change the information with out contacting the profile manager first, to confirm that the change's are correct...nothing sinister in this at all. And an over reaction to say the least.

I see you've been around a good while but don't use G2G much.   That, of course, is your perogative, but in my observation, the general rule is to open profiles unless there are living members of the immediate family..  Now profiles of notables, or where there are contraversy can also  call for some limitation of access, but I don't think that's the situation here.  That's why I suggested mediation or mentoring.  I don't know who needs it, but creating problems with cousins wouldn't seem to be real profitable in the long run.
I have given Megan ample time to pick up the profile as the only manager for this profile, after I removed myself as the profile manager. Megan has not / did not take that up. So I have restored myself as the profile manager, with a open profile. Which was set at the lowest setting originally.


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