Sources for disputed parentage of Rachel Lord? Fitts? wife of William Barnes, 1600s Massachusetts.

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I'm not a member of the Lord or Barnes family, but I have been cleaning up duplicate profiles, and there are many theories for the parents and surname of William Barnes' wife Rachel. According to several sources, her birth name is unclear and she seems to be known as both Rachel Lord or Rachel Fitts.

Could someone following this profile post some sources and write up some of these parental possibilites in the biography?
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I am reading the text "Certain Members of the Lord Family" from 1945 which traces the descendants of Thomas Lord, who was born in 1585 in Towcester, England and died in Hartford, CT. It lists eight children of Thomas and Dorothy Bird: Richard, Anne, Thomas, William, Robert, John, Aymie, and Dorothy. Rachel is not included. Which leads me to believe that it may be more likely that her surname was Fitts.

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I'm not following this person and I don't have access to add to the bio....but look this over and if it looks good feel free to use it -  I did not consolidate or reference the myriad of Family Search pedigrees that the profile(s) is/are based on.

The lineage of Rachel (often given as Rachell), the wife of [[Barnes-243|William Barnes]], has been the subject of debate for over a century. <ref>Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury, p.156</ref> The two most often suggested surnames are FITT (also FITTS or FITZ) and LORD (also LAWD.)

The speculation of both surnames seems to be based on the will of Robert FITT (written 1663, proved at Ipswich 1665) where he mentions land "purchased of my brother willm Barnes".<ref>Probate Records of Essex County, P. 11</ref> It seems fairly obvious that Robert FITT and William BARNES are not biological brothers, and the interpratations commonly applied are that William's wife is either the sister, or sister-in-law of Robert FITT. These are hardly definitive as the term brother could also be used in the sense of a member of the same religous congregation. Another interpretation <ref>Genealogy of the Fitts or Fitz Family in America, p.1</ref>  is that Robert's wife Grace LORD <ref>Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury, p.156</ref> is the sister of William BARNES. This is unlikely as there are records naming Grace's mother as the widow LORD, and other records making reference to her brother Robert LORD (who along with Thomas LORD was a witness to Robert FITT's will.)

The will of Richard FITTS (written 1672, proved at Ipswich 1673) makes no mention of either William Barnes nor a sister named Rachel. <ref>Probate Records of Essex County, P. 323</ref>.

The date and location of the marriage of Rachel and William BARNES is also an unsettled matter. It seems unlikely that they were married at Amesbury in 1637 as some records suggest, Amesbury not being legally settled until 1638 and there not being a minister in the community to perform such a service untl around 1666.<ref>Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury, p.17</ref>. William Barnes are mentioned as members of the Salisbury Church until 1687<ref>Ibid., p.54</ref> and although the existence of any records would need to be researched, this seems like a more likely location based on what we know about Rachel and William.

Rachel died on 9 Feb 1686 <ref>History of Amesbury, pp. 112, 142</ref>

Of supplementary interest there is a map of Amesbury from 1639 showing the homes of R. Fitts and W. Barnes <ref> History of Amesbury, foldout between pp.8-9</ref>. It is noted that there is no family with the surname "Lord" living in the community.

* Probate Records of Esex County, Vol 2. hosted by [ Internet Archive]

* Fitts, James Hill.  Genealogy of the Fitts or Fitz Family in America. Clinton: Wm. J. Coulter, 1869. hosted by [ The Internet Archive]

* Hoyt, David W.,  Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury Massachusetts, Part 1., Providence, R.I: Snow & Farnham, 1897.  hosted by [ The Internet Archive]

* Merrill, Joseph., History of Amesbury., Haverhill, Press of Franklin P. Stiles, 1880. hosted by [ The Internet Archive]


<references />

A number of records for the children of William and Rachel BARNES are found in the "Vital Statistics of Salisbury Massachusetts" available from [ The Internet Archive] they are listed under the surname BARNES and BARNS

Also see the discussion on [ Rootsweb]

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just noticed the first source needs to be corrected. its missing a space between the end of the link and the word "the"
Rob, this is amazing! Thank you.

Since you're a WikiGenealogist, you are able to edit the bio of any open profile, so please go add this to Rachel's!
I have added the above as a section called "disputed last name at birth".

Didn't do any other (,uch-needed) cleanup of the narrative.


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I guess the jury is still out on her ancestry :

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