Need help validating this patronymic - Douw Gerbrants {Steyn}

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We have a lot of information on this Steyn, and though I even have some DTB-information, I can not replicate a record in Tresoar or Alle Friezen for this person (the sites are very confusing in it's navigation). Is there anyone who can help so that we can have this profile Project Profile Protected with as near correct a patronymic as we can find?:

Baarderadeel, dopen, doopjaar 1631, Dopeling: Douwe Gedoopt op 10 juli 1631 in Bozum, Kind van Gerben Jacobs en Antje Huigis, Gestandaardiseerde namen (voornaam en patroniem): Dopeling : DOUWE of DOUWTJE, Vader : GERBEN JAKOBS; Moeder : ANTJE HUIGS. Bron: Collectie Doop-, Trouw-, Begraaf- en Lidmaatboeken (DTBL) Herv. gem. Bozum, doop 1616-1657. Inventarisnr. : DTB 63. Op microfiche beschikbaar op studiezaal Tresoar Wijzigingsdatum: 16-5-2006.

We also have this marriage information:

Lodewyk Christian 'Chris' STEYN: Marriage in Friesland: LC Steyn also found the following on

Leeuwarden, huwelijken 1657

Vermelding: Ondertrouw in 1657

Man : Douwe Gerbens afkomstig van Weidum

Vrouw : Rixt Egberts afkomstig van Weidum

Gestandaardiseerde namen: DOUWE GERBENS en RIKSTJE EGBERTS


Leeuwarden, huwelijken 1657

Vermelding: Bevestiging huwelijk op 18 maart 1657

Man : Douwe Gerbens afkomstig van Weidum

Vrouw : Rixt Egberts afkomstig van Weidum

Gestandaardiseerde namen: DOUWE GERBENS en RIKSTJE EGBERTS

There is also information for two baptisms of chidren in Friesland:

Here is the extract about the first child Age DOUWES (the Frisian custom would be to name him using the first name of his father (patronymic): Leeuwarden, dopen, doopjaar 1661 (that is about four years after the marriage to Rikstje EGBERTS)

Dopeling: Aege

Gedoopt op 11 oktober 1661 in Leeuwarden

Zoon van Douwe Gerbens en niet genoemde moeder

Gestandaardiseerde namen (voornaam en patroniem):

Dopeling : AGE


And here is the extract about the second child, Gerben DOUWES (according to Frisian custom): Leeuwarden, dopen, doopjaar 1663:

Dopeling: Gerben

Gedoopt op 25 oktober 1663 in Leeuwarden

Kind van Douwe Gerbens en niet genoemde moeder

Gestandaardiseerde namen (voornaam en patroniem):



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Here's the FamilySeach Image of the 1631 baptism: LINK

I would read the child's name, the final word in the entry as Douw or Douwe - but definitely not as Douwtje - I agree with the father's name being Gerben (or possibly Gerbin) and not Gerbrant, and I would go with his patronym as Jacobs rather than Jakobs. The mother's name Antje appears correct, I can see her patronymic as Huigs although the letter "u" does not appear to have the distinguishing mark above it as you elsewhere (vrouw, august, july, etc.).

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Thanks Rob!

No Problem Philip

Going over the records indexed in Alle Friezen, I come up with the following for Douwe's parents and siblings (all links to FamilySearch images):

Gerben Jacobs married before 1610 to Yets Taeckis. They had at least two children:

  1. Win, born about 1610; m. 11-05-1628, Pouwels Jans
  2. Bauck, born about 1612; m. 31-03-1631, Meynert Wigglis (also given as Wilckes or Uilckes)

These two children are baptized on 02-09-1625 at Bozum, at ages 15 and 13 by/with their stepmother Antje Huigis.

Gerben Jacobs was next married 25 Jun 1620 to Antje Huigis (marriage indexed as Antje Heynis at Alle Friezen). Baptisms at Bozum that I would associate as their children include (I have also included marriages I think are likely for these children):

3.  13-05-1621 Ietske/Yets; m. 25-07-1641, Jan Ruierdts
4.  16-03-1623 Jacob; m. 04-10-1646, Eelck Hijlckes
5.  11-12-1625 Agniet; m. 14-11-1644, Claes Bauckis
6.  21-12-1627 Huigh; m. 28-09-1656, Reyertje Douwis
7.  25-04-1630 Nieske
8.  10-07-1631 Douwe
9.  26-05-1633 Jan
10. 19-04-1635 Dirck; m. 23-03-1662, Tytie Jans
11. 27-03-1642 Ag[g]e; m. 09-04-1669, Antie Folckerts

Antje has a sister Ebel/Ybel who appears as a witness to a couple of the above baptisms - This sister, usually recorded under the surname Huijgsdr., marries a Jan Luijtijens. Antje (recorded as "Antje Gerbens") appears as a witness to the baptism of at least one of this couple's children.

Gerben Jacobs, given a first marriage prior to 1610, is likely born before 1590, and possibly closer to 1580 (considering typical marriage age of 30 for males, and 62 while not common would certainly not be the oldest father I have seen recorded). Antje Huigis I would estimate as born about 1602 (I can't recall seeing a woman of this period in the Netherlands bearing children past 40 years of age, and 1602 would make her 18 at marriage.)

Edited the earlier comment to add some more 'likely' spouses of Douwe's siblings.

Looking at the naming of the children, we can guess (based on naming patterns) that the parents of Gerben Jacobs were Jacob and Win, that the parents of first wife Yets/Ietske/Jetske were Taeck and Bauck, and that the parents of second wife Antje were Huijgh and Agniet (skipping daughter Ietske who would be named in honour of Gerben's deceased first wife)
Wonderful Ton, great. I'm going to leave the creation of those siblings and children over to the Dutch Roots Project. I already created a wife for Gerben Jacobs, making the COGH the active manager and the DRP the trusted list, but I'll change that and then you can proceed from within your project to created and validate those profiles ... Thanks for the diligent work!

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