Hit a brickwall on Alois Malzacher and family from Hanner, Baden, Germany. Any info is appreciated!

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Every time I try to connect with someone who has a Malzacher connection I don't hear back from them. Or if I state that I'm a descendant of Alois, they don't respond. I'm sure he is the "black sheep" of the family. I've found negative things from here (WI) about him. 3 of 4 of his children committed suicide, and not sure how his wife died.

 I visited Hanner, Germany in 2011. I left a sheet of my geneaolgy with the priest at the church where Alois and his family were from. He planned to give it to the Malzachers that were still there, and I never heard from anyone. I spoke to a cousin that I found in Murg, Germany while we were there. But he never responded to any letters either. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong. I can't find any pictures of anyone past my own Grandfather either. Even if it's bad, I would like to know more about Alois and his family from Germany. How do I break down these brick walls?
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I have a book by Dr Helmut Faller that lists families in Hanner.  There is a Alois Malzacher (family 1320) b in 1790 and died 1840, who lived in Hanner and married Magdalena Eschbach .  I am not sure this is who you are looking for.  Does it sound possible?  If so I can provide more information.
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Hi, Thank you, I'm not sure why I just saw your response now. But my Alois was born in 1820. Although, I'm not sure if this would possibly be an ancestor of his family. That would be interesting to find out.

Thanks for your information! I appreciate it.


I found one Alois born in 1820 who... went to the USA.  Here is the info on his parents and siblings.  I have typed it exactly as entered.  At the top you see his father who was a child in family #1328 in the same book - his DOB and DOD would be listed there.  His mother Agatha was a child in another book, the Murg book (F), family 843.  Her DOB and DOD are given here and you can see she was from Zechenwihl.  Under Anton is his profession.  Then the children are listed with DOB and DOD.  An "E" is the date they were married and a family number where their children are listed is given.  The other notes appear to be additional information.  Do you think this might be a match?

Page 175, Family 1325:

Malzacher Anton II (1328)                Lauber Agatha F843

Schneider Hanner                            27.7.1775-28.5.1836 von Zechenwihl


Dominik  28.7.1808 - 25.2.1892     E 10.6.1839 = 1319

Casper    6.1.1810-26.3.1810         an Gichtern

Jakob     13.7.1811 - 16.6.1818

Fridolin   11.2.1813 - 23.7.1814

Agatha  27.5.1814 - 13.3.1885  E 8.2.1838 = F531

Andreas 26.11.1815 - 18.10.1876  ledig, Taglohner

Johann 3.4.1817 - 6.6.1817

Conrad  26.11.1818 - 24.5.1869  E.11.8.1842 = 1318

Alois  10.6.1820 -             nach USA

YES This is a match! What are the other notes with additional information listed? Thank you SO much!!



Page 176, family 1328

Malzacher, Joseph (1330)                           1. Ebner, Johanna

Hanner                                                          1748- 19.9.1784


2 older siblings, 3 younger by first wife 8 siblings by 2nd wife

Anton 8.10.1776 - 30.9.1851  E. 14.7.1806 = 1325


Page 176, Family 1330

Malzacher, Joseph (1331)            Strittmatter, Catharina R 2042



Joseph 27.2.1742-21.2.1814 E       1772 = 1328

6 younger siblings


Page 177, Family 1331

Malzacher, Martin    Oberhof                    2. Werner, Maria

Martin - (no DOB provided)  - 25.1.1740   E 27.5.1720

Maria - (no DOB) - 3.3.1726  von Schachen

- - - - - -

Joseph 17.2.1721 - 6.2.1766   E. 5.2.1741  = 1330

3 younger siblings


That's the end of that branch.  Note that the Oberhof mentioned for Martin is likely not the more famous city, but just a few miles north of Murg.  It is very small.  My GG Grandfather was born there in 1819. 

Thank you so much for this information! I really appreciate it very much. If you ever come across anything else I would love to know.

Thank You!


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Have you tried appealing to close relatives (mom, dad, grandparents) for any info?  If they don't have any info themselves they may be close to members of the family from Germany who would have more info.  They may not want to share any info because they haven't met you before and aren't aware that you have positive motives for wanting to know more.
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No one ever talked about our family history. My Great Grandfather committed suicide 2 weeks after my Grandfather was born and he would not discuss this ever! I've found the reason he did commit suicide, but I'm wondering if my Grandfather ever knew the truth. My Father didn't want me "digging up stuff". So it's only been since 2009, after he died that I've been trying to find any info out. No one here had contact with any relatives in Germany. I was the 1st to make any kind of contact, and no one wants to connect with me.
Oh man, that's tough.  I honestly wish it was easier to find info on family members.  It's like pulling a tooth sometime to get any info!
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Germany Select Births & Baptisms 1558-1898,Ancestry,Com

Aloissius Malzacher, born June 10 1820, Katholisch ( Catholic ) ,Haenner,

Waldshut,Baden,  Father Anton Malzacher, Mother ,Agatha Lauber
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Yes, this is my Alois! I do have this information but am looking for more about him and his family.

I appreciate your input. Thank You!


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