Disputed Parents? Rebecca Wade wife of John Owen, Connecticut

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Yea or Nay? Parents of Rebecca (Wade) Owen m. to John Owen. They are listed on the profile as Robert Wade and Jemima Rebecca (Wade) Owen. Is a disconnect in order?

Savage's Genealogical Dictionary suggests that the wife of John Owen, Rebecca Wade, was "perhaps d. of Robert of Hartford."[1] The Windsor Barbour Collection of Vital Records simply says John Owen married Rebecca Wade, Oct 3, 1650.[2] It does not suggest she was from Hartford. However, Robert was in the right place at the right time to be the father of Rebecca Wade, and Savage's "perhaps" should have lead to further research, not certainty.

Savage's entry for Robert Wade mentions his 1657 divorce from Joane, but names no children.[3] If Savage had known of his children, he would have mentioned them. In 1929, an article on John and his family “John Owen of Windsor, Conn., and some of his descendants,” by William Arthur Owen, makes no mention of Rebecca's parentage.[4]

The 1941 Descendants of John Owen of Windsor, Connecticut (1622-1699), makes the leap from "perhaps" to "certainty" calling Owen's wife "Rebecca Wade of Hartford nearby. The bride was the daughter of Robert and Jemima Wade."[5] The author gives no source for this information. Did he make a slip of the pen calling the alleged mother Jemima? Robert had a wife Joane. He divorced Joane in 1657.[6]  Clearly Robert did not have a wife Jemima.

In addition, the distribution of Robert Wade's estate makes no mention of a daughter Rebecca Owen.[7] It would appear he died intestate. He might have left Rebecca out of his will, but a court ordered distribution would include all his children or their heirs.

Footnoted sources are on the profile

Further Rebecca (Wade) Owen's mother is listed as Jemima Rebecca (Owen) Wade. Does this not look like a case of circular parenting? Can we merge her away?

WikiTree profile: Rebecca Owen
in Genealogy Help by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
It doesn't look like this issue has been resolved.

I see a merge request in process for two Jemima's. Do I understand correctly from below that once the merge is complete, Jemima should be changed to Joan?
Yes, that is correct. Jemima/Rebecca/Joane is waiting on 30 day default in a couple of days. I've just run this in circles in my head again.... Can we not close the question. It's resolved for the moment, but I think I'd like to see it stay open for further input. hmmm. Are comments still allowed after closing a question?
Let's leave it open until all is resolved.

Yes, comments are still postable post thread closure.

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Would it make sense to change the name of the wife of Robert Wade-169 from Jemima Unknown to Joane Unknown? Then on the profile of Rebecca Wade-166 to remove her parents, with an explanation that she MAY be the daughter of Robert Wade-169, but no proof has been found, and the one 'source' referred to her mother as Jemima, when Robert's wife was actually Joane, from whom he was divorced. The parents can always be added back later if someone does find documentation of their relationship to her.
by Kay Wilson G2G6 Pilot (212k points)
Yes that would make a lot of sense to change Jemima UNKNOWN to Joann UNKNOWN since we have one.
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Another bit of evidence that makes it less likely that Rebecca Wade was Robert Wade of Seabrook/Norwich's daughter is the June 25, 1703 Saybrook land record mentioned in TAG 33:151, which states "Peter Cross with the consent of wife Mary 'the only survivng child of said Robert Wade . . .'" If that statement is true, Rebecca probably could not be Robert Wade's daughter since Windsor vital records say Rebecca died in 1711. (I note, however, that the statement that Mary was the then only surviving child seems to be an assertion in the deed by a party that had an interest in the statement being true, and not a finding by a court, so that makes it a bit less reliable.)

If the Robert Wade of Seabrook/Norwich was not Rebecca's father, that raises additional questions: Is there any possibility that there were 2 Robert Wade's? What evidence is there that Robert Wade of Hartford was the same Robert Wade as Robert Wade of Seabrook/Norwich? If Robert Wade of Hartford was not Rebecca's father, what other Wades were there in the Windsor/Hartford area in 1650 who could have been Rebecca's parents?
by Chase Ashley G2G6 Pilot (302k points)
"the only surviving child" seems to be incorrect, because doesn't the same article mention another deed later, where the other siblings are mentioned.

I thought long and hard about two Roberts. The Hartford church catalogue says he went to Saybrook, so that pretty much makes the Hartford guy the same, unless it was written in much later.

I don't think you have to necessarily find a parent living in New England. She could have come with some other "relative." Certainly people seem to appear out of nowhere in New England all the time.

Another thing..Robert divorced Joane 1657, she deserted him 15 years before that so 1642. Rebecca Wade married 1650 so born circa 1630 (I suppose earlier) How likely would it be for Mom Joane to desert her husband and her 12 year old daughter. Yes it could have happened but...
Re "only surviving child" - I think the later deed involved Susanna the daughter of Robert Wade Jr and grandchild of Robert Wade, so it could well be true. Do we have the DOD of the 4 children listed in the distribution of Robert Wade's estate?

I agree with you re the evidence of Robert Wade of Hartford moving to Saybrook. Not 100% proof, but reasonably decent evidence.

I am currently looking at what other Wades could have been Rebecca's parents. There are at least 3 Wades mentioned in Great Migration: Richard of Dorchester, Jonathan of Charleston, and Thomas of Northampton, possibly more (I haven't finished going through the references). Some of them were old enough to have had sons who could have been Rebecca's father.

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