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[[Persdotter-637]] and [[Persdotter-312]] Have the same name, birth date, birth place, death date, and death place. However, I can find no record to corroborate her birth or death in Gunnarskog. Is she fictitious?

637 married to Olof 140 years younger! and some distance from Gunnarskog.  I did find a death record for alleged son Olof born 1741. (Anna would be only 14!)

312 allegedly has a number of children in "Åby, Östergötland". Is there such a place? The only Åby parish I can find is in Kalmar län. Either län some distance from Gunnarskog.

Rather than being candidates for merging, I suggest these profiles are candidates for deletion.
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I can confirm that she is not in the records for Gunnarskog at the given dates.

https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Persdotter-312 is from a GEDCOM notorious for patching together families from distant parts of Sweden loosely based on some name in common. There does exist an Åby in Östergötland Åby, Norrköping_Municipality - it seems to be in Kvillinge parish. So the clutch of siblings, children of Nils-not-in-the-tree may exist.

by Eva Ekeblad G2G6 Pilot (375k points)
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Sorry, there is an Åby parish in Östergötland: Stora Åby. I found sources for cobbler son Alander: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Alander-11

There does seem to be a cluster of children of Nils. Mother for Anders Alander and the first sibling is Anna Nilsdotter. For the last sibling the mother is Anna Persdotter Haven't checked whether it's a miswriting or a second marriage.

As for https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Persdotter-637 , she and her parents seem to be a fragment from this family tree: http://www.aones.com/bloodlines/p372ae2e4.html

Birth date slightly different from the fake Gunnarskog, death date the same. Totally different place, but I was able to source her in Västra Vingåker. She has the totally wrong husband. Children also seem wrong, but do not belong to the husband, either. Anna's parents have wrong locations but could be figured out, I think. Her sister has the right location!
All in all the two Anna Persdotter's do not seem to be a match, but probably represent two different persons, who have been given the same fictitious birth and death place.

I think that Persdotter-312 should be kept as the mother of that cluster of siblings in Stora Åby - it might be possible to find out if she was a Nilsdotter or a Persdotter and find better dates and locations for her.

Persdotter-637 should be disconnected from husband and children; her parents could probably be sourced.
Seems like once again GEDCOM causing confusion, may be wikitree should stop allowing it to be used
@Theresa. GEDCOM is not the issue. If the contributors of these profiles were compelled to enter them manually, the result would be the same. The issue is incredibly sloppy, incompetent genealogical research.

@Eva. Great work! I've already untangled a few of the messes originating from that infamous gedcom import, but just drew blanks with this one.
But would the result be the same, manually inputting means you are reading everything rather than skimming through the information, less chance of sloppy work
Well, in this case both the GEDCOMs were old in wikitree terms - 2011 and 2012. As far as I understad there were almost no restrictions on the import then. A discussion about GEDCOMs at the present time hardly helps us tease out the snarls of this particular case.
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My younger step daughter had her first at 14, so it is not impossible, just according to legal marriage age in that area and time. My grandma had my dad at 14.
by Cynthia Mangiafico G2G5 (5.6k points)
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I have sourced all the children of https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Persdotter-312 with birth records. When I looked a little more carefully at them it was Anders Nilsson Alander who was the odd one out, giving his mother's name as Anna Nilsdotter. All the others had her as Anna Persdotter. It seems she died in 1782 at the age of 41; wrong farm given in the death record, though. It also seems that her husband remarried; there was a baby son who died in 1786 with an entirely different mother. Since there are no household records in the parish at this time there is no easy way to check whether there are namesakes at the same farm. Anyway, these two Anna Persdotters no longer match.
by Eva Ekeblad G2G6 Pilot (375k points)

I can't imagine what lead you to identify https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Persdotter-637 . Seems to be a totally new line.

Gronlund-22, Gronlund-23, & Gronlund-24 become orphans.

Nilsson-1265 becomes unconnected.


Looks like you turned Persdotter-637 into a duplicate of Persdotter-2025 (which I created in the course of untangling another mess from the same source).
I googled her mother and found a tree.


If there's a duplicate now, does that mean there's another fragment of the same family? We may be patching together something a little bigger.
I felt a little bad about the disconnected Grönlunds and spent some time this morning looking at the death records you had provided and googling - but realized that without birth records available for this parish it would take some quite extensive research to piece this family together.

So I came to the conclusion that it's better to leave them disconnected than to invent a new parent. It's not even certain that they really are siblings.
My thoughts exactly. I think it is likely that they are siblings. They all appear in Grönhult Östergård in several HFL's, but never with parents.
Couldn't give it up. Checked taxation records at SVAR. Then realized that there was a book of early death records for Hjulsjö, with long obits. Added: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Nilsson-4003

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