i have my birth family and my adopted family. , can i have two family trees

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in The Tree House by Jane Donaldson G2G Crew (340 points)
Good question Jane, WikiTree probably works better that other places for adoptive families. All the best on your adding them!
I personally think having 2 permanent profiles for the same person is counter the general Wiki Principle - however it would be nice to have the two linked like an incomplete merge. Administrators might be able to add in an "adoption merge" which leaves both birth name and adoptive name visible.

I use my birth name, but my situation is different as my adoptive father was my birth mother's second husband.

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The bad news is we only have one big shared tree here on WikiTree. The good news is you can create profiles for both your biological and your adoptive families. You can only list one set of parents and in genealogy that should be your biological parents, but if you create profiles for your adoptive family you can explain that you were adopted and link to their profiles in the biography section.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
You know it would be really neat if a Template could be created that someone can add to their Biography section that expanded into some text about "Adoptive Parents", where the parameters to the Template could be the profile links of the Adoptive Father and Adoptive Mother. Make it an easy and standard way for adoptees to create a Family tree that they want.
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Hey Jane!

You most certainly CAN create a profile for your birth self and a profile for your adoptive self here on WikiTree. Then connect the two profiles by adding links and your story to each.

I discuss this in detail in a Blog Series:

Betty Jeans Adoption Search – Connecting Birth and Adopted Limbs To The World Tree
"How can one person have two limbs connected to the world tree – WikiTree? The whole idea of a World Tree is one profile per person on the tree. Well, Betty Jean has her birth family and she has her adopted family. To connect her to only one line, her biological line, seems right because genetically this is the family she is related to. But we also shouldn’t discount her adopted family."



by Mags Gaulden G2G6 Pilot (508k points)
I thought that having more than one profile for the same person was not allowed on WikiTree. By encouraging people to have two profiles for the same person in my opinion would be a very bad thing. I have a granddaughter who is adopted but since she is only one person it is my feeling that she should only have one profile on here. Rather than saying she has two family's I prefer to think of it as having one merged and shared family.
Hey Dale,

Logistically think about an adoptee. They have a full fledged adoptive family line. They have a full fledged biological line, once they find it.

Having mirror trees is absolutely a Genealogical and adoptions search recommended standard way of listing the pedigree of adoptees. An industry standard.

The connection on WikiTree is actually to two different people with two different lines. One adopted and one biological. The biological line is the line which would have any DNA tests attached to it.

What Mags is talking about is covered here: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Adoptions_and_multiple_parents

For Jane and others, I'm adopted and I have two profiles, mainly for the DNA reasons Mag mentioned above.  You can see how I've set them up. 

Adopted Me

Biological Me

As an adoptee I don't agree with the possibility of having 2 persona, linked or not. I have my original profile as my biological name with my name now as my adopted name and links on my bio to my adoptive parents, with my biological parents as 'my' tree. It seems to me perfectly easy and I cannot see the need for two profiles.

I think it is important however that adopted persons kick off with their adopted name if they know it so they can follow their biological line.
Thanks David. It's a personal choice how you do it, as you have shown. Connecting to the Biological limbs is the most important so the genetics are correct all the way through.

It is indeed personal choice but for me having 2 persona goes against the whole concept of one profile per person.


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