Ewing family in arizona? From 1930 to present. Specifically in Kingman, Arizona.

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Most of my family (paternal) is from Kingman, AZ.  I have no information of before my grandparents who were very prominent in the city.  William Preston Ewing, William Timothy Ewing, William Joseph Ewing.  My family has a tradition to name all Ewing males with the first name of William.  Is this normal?
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Not an answer, but it might be helpful anyway: I made an export of the Social Security Death Master File (as of November 30, 2011) concerning every "Ewing" with an SSN from Arizona (in other words, starting with 526 and 527). There's 77 of them. I omitted the SSNs, though I can provide them as well if needed. Save the text below in a text file with the ending of "csv" and open it in any spreadsheet application (LibreOffice Calc, for example).


Ewing;;Stanley;;06 Jan 1906;Oct 1983;
Ewing;;Raymond;;22 Jun 1905;Apr 1961;
Ewing;;Grant;;16 Mar 1898;Jun 1978;
Ewing;;Elizabeth;;01 Aug 1910;Feb 1979;
Ewing;;Robert;M;10 Jun 1910;14 Oct 1992;
Ewing;;Frederick;;12 Oct 1900;Nov 1972;
Ewing;;Dalpha;B;24 May 1916;15 May 1989;verified by family member
Ewing;;William;C;27 Mar 1919;21 Apr 2009;verified by family member
Ewing;;Dallas;;25 Mar 1904;May 1965;
Ewing;;W;N;20 Jul 1909;01 Jan 1997;verified by family member
Ewing;;Barbara;J;14 May 1935;14 May 2000;verified by family member
Ewing;;Edna;M;16 May 1920;29 Jan 2001;verified by family member
Ewing;;Weyland;;29 Sep 1907;Jul 1980;
Ewing;;Coy;H;27 Feb 1923;02 May 2001;verified by family member
Ewing;;Levi;;24 Aug 1921;14 Sep 1994;
Ewing;;Joseph;C;13 Aug 1925;05 Jan 1995;
Ewing;;Gordon;;07 Sep 1896;Jan 1981;
Ewing;;Kenneth;H;09 Jul 1924;02 Nov 2010;verified by family member
Ewing;;Inez;H;13 Mar 1915;13 Jun 1999;verified by family member
Ewing;;Elizabeth;S;21 Jan 1919;30 Dec 2002;verified by family member
Ewing;;Elizabeth;H;03 Dec 1889;15 Nov 1967;verified by family member
Ewing;;Lizzie;;25 Feb 1895;21 Sep 1989;
Ewing;;Caroline;;16 Mar 1895;Jan 1986;
Ewing;;Clessa;;05 May 1895;Sep 1985;
Ewing;;Gerald;;25 Jul 1905;Nov 1969;
Ewing;;Helen;M;12 Jun 1915;04 Feb 1993;
Ewing;;William;P;12 Oct 1932;19 Mar 2000;verified by family member
Ewing;;Alice;B;10 Apr 1934;20 Feb 2001;verified by family member
Ewing;;Zell;;28 Feb 1931;17 Sep 2005;verified by family member
Ewing;;Raymond;;18 Sep 1893;Apr 1963;
Ewing;;Betty;;23 Feb 1935;30 Dec 2007;verified by death cert
Ewing;;Jeri;L;16 Oct 1960;04 Sep 2005;
Ewing;;Robert;A;11 Mar 1908;04 Jul 2001;verified by death cert
Ewing;;Sandy;J;08 Oct 1975;17 Dec 1993;
Ewing;;Richard;;14 Apr 1950;10 Nov 1989;
Ewing;;Tammy;L;25 May 1964;20 Feb 1988;
Ewing;;Milton;;29 Jul 1884;Apr 1972;
Ewing;;David;;15 Apr 1953;Mar 1973;
Ewing;;Ray;;05 May 1910;Aug 1987;
Ewing;;Ross;;11 Apr 1901;Jan 1982;
Ewing;;William;;06 Jan 1907;Apr 1979;
Ewing;;Linzie;E;19 Jan 1903;14 Apr 1989;
Ewing;;Walter;C;21 Oct 1920;18 Aug 1993;
Ewing;;Gordon;L;07 Apr 1925;23 Nov 2004;verified by family member
Ewing;;Fred;;19 Jan 1895;Dec 1980;
Ewing;;Velma;K;10 Jul 1901;10 May 1988;
Ewing;;Raymond;J;27 Jul 1954;15 Oct 2007;
Ewing;;Eileen;;24 Nov 1922;25 May 1999;verified by family member
Ewing;;David;;29 May 1955;Jun 1977;
Ewing;;Lucille;L;23 Feb 1915;20 Jun 2004;verified by family member
Ewing;;Zeroaha;;21 Jul 1880;Sep 1967;
Ewing;;Don;;22 Dec 1888;Jun 1972;
Ewing;;Charles;L;24 Jun 1929;14 Apr 2003;verified by family member
Ewing;;Ruth;;13 Jul 1925;Aug 1979;
Ewing;;Alma;;13 Feb 1899;Oct 1982;
Ewing;;Henry;A;25 Jun 1911;11 Mar 1990;
Ewing;;Virginia;P;12 Jan 1928;12 Dec 2010;verified by family member
Ewing;;Anna;D;27 Jan 1891;15 Oct 1970;verified by family member
Ewing;;Mildred;L;13 Oct 1912;06 Jan 2004;verified by family member
Ewing;;Joan;;15 Jul 1928;26 Jul 2007;verified by family member
Ewing;;B;A;29 Mar 1934;Jul 1993;
Ewing;;Ernest;;05 Dec 1899;Jan 1972;
Ewing;;Russell;;16 Feb 1906;Oct 1972;
Ewing;Jr;James;W;22 Jan 1914;29 Jun 2005;verified by death cert
Ewing;;Mabel;;06 Mar 1901;Jul 1984;
Ewing;;Robert;A;25 Oct 1939;09 Dec 1998;verified by family member
Ewing;;Ruby;;13 Oct 1899;Jan 1984;
Ewing;;Carol;A;21 Dec 1940;31 Oct 2003;verified by family member
Ewing;;John;;08 Sep 1912;Aug 1972;
Ewing;;Sandra;D;09 Jul 1942;24 Feb 2008;verified by family member
Ewing;;Donald;H;30 Apr 1942;01 Nov 2000;verified by death cert
Ewing;;Dwight;Lee;17 Dec 1943;13 Jul 2004;verified by family member
Ewing;;Henry;T;01 Sep 1920;09 Jun 2007;verified by death cert
Ewing;;Lila;;20 Mar 1896;Jan 1979;
Ewing;;Mary;;10 Oct 1894;Sep 1976;
Ewing;;Anna;;05 Nov 1887;Feb 1969;
Ewing;;Virginia;;10 Jul 1928;05 Feb 2006;verified by family member


Would you have any first names of Ewings; and their birth and or marriage years?

This is just a list of people who are registered as "dead" with the Social Security Administration (filtered for "Ewing" surname and Arizona's SSN) since 1980. This means it has no marriage status, or maiden names for that matter, or even gender information, but it has the birthdate (5th column), given name (3rd column) and middle name initial if any (4th column). The dates are in GEDCOM format.

In particular, the list has three Williams:

William Ewing, born 06 Jan 1907, died Apr 1979.

William C. Ewing, born 27 Mar 1919, died 21 Apr 2009

William P. Ewing, born 12 Oct 1932, died 19 Mar 2000

There's also a "W. N. Ewing" (note: this could be a woman!), born 20 Jul 1909, died 01 Jan 1997.

... as well as 73 other dead people with that family name.

The base Death Master File contains an estimated 75% of all deaths in the USA from 1962 on, with the latter years being the most accurate, up to 95% of all deaths which occured in the 21st century.

You had William Ewing, born 06 Jan 1907, died Apr 1797. Did you mean he died 1977?

You might want to try familysearch.org .  By entering only the surname, residence place of Kingman, AZ; and range from 1930 throught 2012. It shows many Ewings.

I did not find anything there for the William Ewing names or the W N Ewing.

If you use initials, familysearch.org works better if there is no period after the initial.
Yeah, 1797 was a typo. Already edited.

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The first name of William may be a key.  I'm not sure how far back your family goes in AZ.  Az celebrated its 100th birthday last year.  Records beyond 1880 are hard to find.

Have you checked your historical society or spoken to any of your senior generation as to any memories they have?

Good Luck in your search.

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