Why are pending merges stuck for more than 1 month? [closed]

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I'd gotten the impression that pending merges are supposed to be approved by default if the profile managers do not take action within one month. Can anyone explain why about 30 pending merges that I proposed, dating from 20 May 2016 to 03 Nov 2016, remain in limbo? Thanks!

closed with the note: Answered by Eowyn: if one profile is private, I can't do the merge myself.
in Genealogy Help by K. Bloom G2G6 (9.2k points)
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Can you identify a couple examples of your pending merges?
Thanks for sharing the link. I'm not the best source for answers (as the one by Dennis Wheeler) but I'm interested in the subject. I experience the same frustration of trying to make progress but finding obstacles out of my control. Best wishes.

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they get default "approval", not automatic merge completion.

approval means that anyone can now complete the merge, including yourself.
by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (535k points)
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Hi, Dennis. They are not approved - that's the problem. Example:

  1. Privacy Level 50 Florence Schwarz (Schwarz-363) and Privacy Level 40 Florence Schwarz (Schwarz-164)   Compare compare
    Proposed by K Bloom.
    Approval from Michele Mullin for Schwarz-363 has been recorded.
    Someone from Schwarz-164's Trusted List needs to approve. Help
          You might also see the comparison report on WikiTree+. Help
          If Schwarz-363 and Schwarz-164 are different people, reject the merge.
    Last updated 2016-05-21 22:49:08.
It's because one of the profiles involved is a private profile. We're working through the backlog completing pending merges that involve private profiles but there are only a few of us who can handle these and so it takes some time. We're up to March 2015 though!
Thank you! That does explain it. :-)
That is good to know. If I already knew it, I forgot. However, in looking at K Bloom's list, it looks puzzling to me. I see quite a few Private (red) and Partially Private (yellow) profiles, but there are several places with open profiles and no action for many months. And yet, they haven't timed out. I know that it wouldn't matter in the end because the one private profile would hold it up. For example, Arbogast-310 here:

Hi Doug, in that example you used, one of the profiles has the yellow privacy setting.

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