Can anyone help me ID a gorget/ crest plaque, poss. English?

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Th. Weteham
Wrexen or Wrexem?


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Ph. I would immediately think of Philipp and I read the other part of the name as Wetekum (there are a number of Wetekam families in the Wrexen directory which, given spelling and typography  variations over time, may share a common origin)


by Rob Ton G2G6 Pilot (275k points)
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Also looking into the crest itself I came across this:

One popular pretzel legend states that in 1510, Turks from the Ottoman Empire were yet again laying siege to the city of Vienna. In an attempt to break the stalemate, the Turks began digging tunnels under the city walls at night with the hope of creating a surprise attack. Vienna's bakers were early risers, and on their way to the shops, they detected the heinous plot and alerted the city's military. After saving the day, the bakers received a special coat of arms from the people of Vienna. This heraldic reward can be seen today as most bakeries in Germany and Austria have a plaque that shows two lions standing to the left and to the right of a giant soft pretzel.

Source: Ann Treistman, Foodie Facts

The above legend (although likely made up) would explain the general similarity of the crest with this image on the "House of Bakers", Görlitz, Saxony and with the Arms of the City of Nörten which apparently had a notable baking industry.

This all leads me to speculate the item is not a family crest. Since it does not appear to be large enough to be a shop signboard, I wonder if it was a so-to-speak 'certificate' showing the named person was a 'master baker', or maybe a smaller sign for use on a delivery cart or market stall - perhaps even a coffin nameplate,

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As I read it, the script is for someone by the name of Ph. (short for Phineas or Phileas) Wetchum, not a very common name.


The following line says "Wrexen", which is a town in Germany, a suburb of Diemelstadt, which lies between Kassel and Paderborn.


Hope this helps.
by Annalee Elman-Rowley G2G Crew (360 points)
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I've dug a little further for first names beginning with Ph.

Here is a list of boy's names:

Faramond Pharamond, Pharamund, Alphonse Phonz, Phons, Phauns, Phelan Phelim, Faolan Phelan, Felim Phelim, PhelpsPhilanderFilbert Philbert, Philibert, Phillbert, Fulbright, Philbert, Philibert, Phillbert, PhilemonPhilip Philly, Philips, Phyllip, Phillip, Phillips, Philippe, Philippus, Philippos, .., PhiloFinnian Phinean, Phinian, Phineas Phinehas, Phipps Phips, Philips, Philipson, Phoebus Phoibos, Phoenix Phenix, Fyfe Phyfe

Girls’ names beginning with Ph are somewhat more common, with Phoebe being the most popular:

Phaedra - Philyra
Phaedra Phedre, Phedra, Phadra, Phaidra, Phaedre, Felicia Phalisha, Phalicia, Phelicia, Phylicia, Phyllicia, Phyllisha, Stephanie Phanie, Phanya, Euphemia Phebe, Phemie, Phoebe, Ophelia Phelia, Phemia Phemie, PheodoraPhilaPhiladelphiaPhilana Phila, Philena, Philene, 

Philina, Phillane, Philline, Phillina, Philantha Philanthia, Philanthie, Filia Philia, Philiberta Philberta, Philberthe, Philippa Philly, Philipa, Philina, Phillie, Phillipa, Philippe, Phillipina, Philippine, .., Phillida Phillyda, Phyllida, Philomela Philomella, Philomena, Philomene, Philomina, Philopena Philippina, Philothea Phillothea, Philotheia, Philyra Phillira, Phillyra


2. Phoebe - Phyllis
Phoebe, Phebe, Pheby, Pheabe, Phoebey, Phoeboe, Phoenix, Phenice, Phylicia Philicia, Phyllis Philys, Phylis, Phyliss, Phyllie, Phillis, Phyllys, Phyllida, Phylliss, ..

Variants are in the lighter font.

by Annalee Elman-Rowley G2G Crew (360 points)

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