Ugh added over 200 family members to lane 8129 and didnt add sources most were from how do i fix fast

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Tina --

Maureen, Rosemary and Anne gave you great advice in their answers. 

Like Rosemary, I always start at Not only is it free, but it's accessible to anyone and they provide ready-made source citations at the bottom of each record transcription. 

It's always better to provide citations for sources that are freely available and accessible to anyone. Most of the sources provided on can't be viewed by people without subscriptions. So, they don't really provide much help when you're trying to research relatives, etc.

Thank you for being conscientious about this, though!! Sources are so critical to accurate genealogy. I'm glad you're wanting to add them to your profiles. :-)

I also use and really dislike when someone uses ancestry. There are also several erroneous trees on ancestry that have been used here.
I have also found many errors on When researching with I have been able to extend my tree with new information  as well as verify a lot of my earlier research.

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You can't fix it fast.

Use the drop down menus in the upper right corner. Under my Wikitree, go to Watchlist. Start at the first one on your watchlist (and work to the end). Or you can start with you and work your way back, just like you did when you started this Journey. Open your Ancestry tree in one window and your wikitree profile in another. You can then copy the sources from your ancestry tree. If your tree at Ancestry doesn't have sources, you will have to research one person at a time, so eventually they will all have sources.

I know it sounds kind of tedious, but it really is the only way to do it.
by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
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I did the same thing, imported my tree from a different website that switched to wanting $$ for keeping my tree.

I am now just going through family lines, looking for the profiles with no sources. I find that easiest, since some sources will work for several family members (like census records), and I can get all of them in at the same time. It is fun, I am taking my time, and getting to "know" my family members.
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You can't fix it fast. But don't worry about it.  Do the ones you can. We have Sourcerers who add sources to profiles that don't have any.

They are uusally accurate.
by Maureen Rosenfeld G2G6 Pilot (182k points)
How do I get sources from to wiki tree without hand typing all
Keep in mind that a reference to an Ancestry tree isn't a source. I've found invaluable in providing source statements that will let anyone access the data and doesn't require a membership.
Tina you should be able to copy a citation from FamilySearch or elsewhere and then paste it into Wikitree, so it wouldn't be all typing by hand.

You should also find that some sources will apply to more than one family member, census records for instance or obviously marriage details.  It might be easier to copy a citation and then paste it into all the profiles involved, and then look for the next citation.
Use Wikitree X, the chrome app which I described elsewhere.  It will make it go more quickly.
My cousin has invited me as a guest to his Ancestry Tree and I am able to copy and paste his sources. You can't get originals (e.g. census forms)  without being a paid up member but you can get all the info. and citation.
Yes, but, most sites you do your searching on requires a membership, free or paid. Trial memberships limit you to what you can see.
That is true but guest membership counts, though you are limited to the one tree.
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The fastest way to add resources is to use the Chrome Wikitree X App.  It saves a lot of time when you're adding resources to a tree.   You can even use it on your Ancestry tree by going to an individual that you want to add sources to.  It will list all the sources in the Biography section.  Then you can go to, find the same sources, verify them and add them to the Wiktiree tree.  So that might be the quickest way to deal with your sourcing overload.  When you use Wikitree X, it makes it really easy to add the source without all the copying and pasting that you ordinarily have to do.  

I am still working through people on my tree, fixing them from an upload I did shortly after I joined.  But Wikitree is all about cooperating, so feel free to ask us for help with your sourcing load.
by J. Crook G2G6 Pilot (205k points)
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I have a free space page with lots and lots of sources all set up as ref's. Unfortunately they are all dealing with Colonial Massachusetts. If you need help, let me know. The repair process will be slow going, but it will give you a chance to fill the bio sections.
by Bob Keniston G2G6 Pilot (213k points)

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