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Georgianna Marie (Dye) Malone b.3-14-1882 Zanesville, Muskingum County,OH, USA was a careful meticulous genealogist.  She typed her research with sources and organized it in notebooks. She died about 1958 - 1962. My husband, age 86, her nephew, inherited her notebooks.

I do not want her work to be lost. How can I preserve it and share it without typing it all over again.?

I could photograph each page and upload it somewhere but it wouldn't be searchable.  Surnames too many to list. Some well documented information in the 1600's.

What to do?

Jayne Dyek
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I would encourage you to get it scanned. There are businesses that do high-speed scanning. There are then programs that will convert PDFs to text. It will still need manual editing, but should be faster than re-typing it all.

I would also encourage you to make at least one copy of the entire set and donate it to the LDS/FamilySearch library in Salt Lake City, they might also be interested in digitizing it, which will make it searchable.

Alternatively or in addition, you might consider donating a copy of the set to a historical society or library that is in the vicinity of the primary family. For example, I worked with a client to prepare (and index) a large stash of files for donation to a university in Hickman County, Tennessee, which was the ancestral home of his family. He negotiated with them ahead of time, of course, and may have made a final contribution to the university as well.

These options are particularly important if there is no one in the family who is interested in (and committed to) protecting them in their own files.

Good luck.
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I have ancestors who donated their family papers to different universities collections and I have been the beneficiary of that collection
I also have been able to benefit from the contributions of a previous genealogist.
I'll second the idea of donating it to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. That is the best possible place to have her work available to the most people. They are actively digitising their collections and may be prepared to do this for you.
I know it is also possible to privately contribute material to the Internet Archive (i.e. although I have personally never looked into how to do it.
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You need to find someone you trust to do the necessary work. What a waste if her work was to be lost. I would love to volunteer but I'm concerned about the responsibility involved. I'm sure a family member would be more appropriate. Let's see what others suggest. I think you idea of scanning it is important.
by Brett Rutherford G2G6 Pilot (121k points)
I had a similar situation, my cousin left 575 single spaced pages of our family. I obtained a Xerox copy, scanned and edited it, and had it put in searchable PDF. I've entered the entire family (not verbatim, but with all data preserved) in WikiTree. I also gave DVD's of the original to the DAR, the New England Historic organization, the Simsbury Ct Genealogical Society the LDS and 12 individual members of the family.  It took me 18 months to get it all done.

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