How do we enter transgender profiles?

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One of my newest folks I greeted asked me about entering transgender profiles.  I truly have no idea and not sure where to find the answers.  I know y'all know, so you will tell me, right?

Thanks in advance, Cindy
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I have a transgender person in my family. I asked how they wanted their gender to be displayed on the tree and also made a note on their profile.
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Hello, Cindy!

I believe, in most cases anyway, we will be dealing with living people in regards to the transgender issue. So, as Anonymous puts it, we should just ask for the individual's personal preference!

The main problem will be when adding family - spouses and children mostly - since the site is currently geared toward the traditional "father/husband is male, mother/wife is female" mentality. Eventually, we will need to address this issue, hopefully making WikiTree the standard for inclusiveness!!

Whatever we decide, remember that the gender box is flexible and can be changed. Also note that it's not specifically set as "gender at birth." So pass these tips on to fellow members!
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Very interesting question Cindy. This is a highly controversial topic, even when issuing ID's: Driver's license, passport, etc.

What I would do to enter a transgender profile in WikiTree is to use the gender at birth and comment in the biography field.
answered by Rubén Hernández G2G6 Mach 4 (48.3k points)
That makes sense to me. For DNA connections within WikiTree, gender at birth would be the most relevant piece of data.
you should be EXTREMELY careful you do not "out" anybody by doing that.

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