Question of the Week: Do you listen to genealogy podcasts?

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What are your favorite podcasts?

(This is a follow-on to last week's question: Do you watch genealogy webinars?)

This week I started listening to AJ Jacobs' new podcast, "Twice Removed." I'm guessing it was inspired by his involvement in the Global Family Reunion. It's not an instructional podcast, but it's highly entertaining! Check it out!

Share your favorite Podcasts in your answer and we will have a great resource list of Genealogy Podcasts to share with others!


in The Tree House by Julie Ricketts G2G6 Pilot (372k points)
edited by Mags Gaulden
I listen to the Genealogy Guys podcast which has pretty poor (in my opinion) audio quality.   Given they are so notable and have sponsorship from some big companies, it is surprising to me that they have not invested in better quality audio equipment!  However the content of their podcast is excellent which is why I continue to listen.

The Genealogy Guys have also recently started a monthly podcast where they interview a well known genealogist for about an hour - that podcast is excellent and highly recommended.

I also listen to Lisa Louise Cooke, she has some great podcast materials, I really like how each month her free podcast includes a segment focused on DNA, I learn a lot from her and her guests.
Oh man, I forgot about Genealogy Guys. Guess I'm not out of stuff to listen to. =D
I just started listening to the Genealogy Guys. I have a long list of podcasts that I listen to about a variety of topics, and I haven't really gotten through a whole episode of theirs yet! My listening depends a lot on how much I'm in the car. ;-)
I don't. Would not know how to do that nor how to find them in the first place. Time is another issue. what do you do while you are sitting there listening? Take notes?
A couple of people mentioned it so I'll just say here that I now LOVE the Extreme Genes podcast. It's like listening to a radio station about genealogy.
@Sandy -- I often listen to podcasts while I'm in the car running errands or on road trips. Sometimes I just have them on while I'm working on things on the computer. If it's something I'm super interested in and want to remember later, I definitely take notes. :-)

@Carrie -- I think I'm going to have to check out Extreme Genes! It's been talked up quite a bit!
I don't but now I will. Thanks for sharing
But no one has answered my question. How do you listen to one of these? I have a smart phone but I am not as smart as it is. I have never listened to a podcast in my life so do not know where to begin. I have a desktop computer with speakers.

Hi, Sandy!! I'm sorry you had to wait 3 years for an answer!! I apparently did see you ask that before. 

I use Apple products, so I get my podcasts through their podcast app, but there are other ways, as well. 

Stitcher is one that works on both Apple and Android. 

You can also google for the name of the podcast, and most of them will tell you where they're published.

Thanks Julie, One day I will try searching on my phone for a podcast app. Then will ask if I get stuck again. :-)

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My favorites are:

New Netherland Praatjes

The Forget-Me-Not Hour She covers a huge range of topics.


by Carrie Quackenbush G2G6 Mach 7 (73.5k points)
edited by Carrie Quackenbush
Great tips Carrie, I will try Forget Me Not for sure!
Both of those are new for me and haven't shown up in an iTunes search yet. Thanks, Carrie!
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"It's About Time" is a chatty programme narrated by Tony Robinson (BBC celebrity - Baldrick from Black Adder) Presented by - available in the UK at least via Itunes. It covers a few noted personages from the past and not a lot of in depth genealogy, but worth a listen
by Neil Hartwell G2G Crew (520 points)
Sounds like fun!!
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Lisa Louise Cooke also does the "Family Tree Magazine Podcast" that comes out once per month.

I also listen to

  1. "Extreme Genes" by Scott Fisher. David Allen Lambert from the NEHGS and Tom Perry of both have segments each week and there's usually a special guest. This week it's CeCe Moore
  2. "Ancestral Findings" for short to the point tips
  3. "The Genealogy Professional podcast" hosted by Marian Pierre-Louis. Marian talks with professional genealogists about running their genealogy businesses.
  4. "Ben Franklin's World" by Liz Covart. In 2016, one episode per month focused on HOW historians do history. Two of those episodes focused on genealogy but the whole series was enlightening. I enjoy the weekly podcasts for the context it provides for the time periods.
  5. "Florida Frontiers Radio" from the Florida Historical Society, mostly for context but family stories are woven throughout the episodes.
  6. "Stuff You missed in History Class" for context and things that make you go hmmmm
by Debi Hoag G2G6 Pilot (296k points)
edited by Debi Hoag
I started listening to Ben Franklin's World a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed the 2-part episode she did on genealogy. It was pretty rudimentary, but it was still very informative.

I used to listen to Stuff You Missed in History Class. I'm not quite sure why I stopped. Hmmm ...

The others all sound great, too, Debi! I'll have to cue them up.
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No. I mostly read about genealogy.
by Catherine du Toit G2G2 (2.4k points)
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I love listening to Podcast.  I have listed a few that haven't yet been mentioned that I listen to:-

With an Australian focus

Genies Down Under -  

Jennyalogy Podcast -

Dead and Buried Podcast -

World focus

The Genealogy Professional podcast -

The Podcast History of Our World -


Family Tree Magazine Podcast -

Extreme Genes -

by Sandra Williamson G2G6 Mach 1 (17.2k points)
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My interest is mainly DNA and I mainly read rather than listen but I like the extreme genes podcast ...

also A Savory Spotlight on LAtalkradio!

by Kitty Cooper G2G6 (8.3k points)
I also like Extreme Genes. I was seated next to David Allen Lambert at FGS last fall, and hope to see him and meet Scott Fisher at RootsTech. Oh, and Kitty too!
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Not really.  I subscribe to Lisa Cook's newsletter, but that's about it.
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I also listen to Lisa Louise Cooke's Genealogy Gems podcast.  I had been listening as I drive, but there are times she comes up with idea after idea and I can't write it down while I drive. So now I only listen to her when I am sitting at my desk so I can make notes and fast-forward through items that I am not that interested in, such as her genealogy-related arts and crafts.

But thanks for a heads-up on some of these other podcasts.  Always searching for something to listen to while driving or sitting in waiting rooms!
by Lorie Christian G2G1 (1.6k points)
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I listen to podcasts on Genealogy over and over!  A wealth of information I have found helpful.

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