How do I add a person with the same name as another person on my tree?

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I have a GG-Grandmother named Mary Ann Goodlett, b. circa 1830, and she has been on my Wiki-Tree for a while.  Now, on the other side of the family another GG-Grandparent married as his first wife a woman named Mary Ann Goodlett, b. about the same time from the same community which is the birthplace of both.  So far, I have tried far too many times and it will not take her as a different person.  It continues to refer me to the watch list and a couple of other wild places.  These women are cousins, but there has to be a way since they are not the same person.  Goodlett-10 is the correct one but it continues to try to make Goodlett-20 the "other" Mary Ann Goodlett but with the same core family .  I am sure there is a correct way to do this, & I just haven't found it!.   Many thanks!  Dolores Pringle
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First of all, do you mean Goodlett-11? Because Goodlett-10 is someone named Danny...

Adding a person with the same name as someone else in the tree is no different than adding any other person.

It seems like you've already created two Mary Ann Goodletts, so the problem now is that you've somehow given them both the same parents (though you have created two copies of her father, Richard Goodletts, which will need to be merged). So now you just need to edit one of those profiles to give her the correct data and family.

It's hard to be more specific than that without knowing the details of your family tree and what exactly is wrong with the profiles you've already created. Feel free to comment here if you're still having trouble.
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Being what you might think of as an old lady, I have been researching this line and others since I was about 9 years old.  I have tried numerous times to change the two Mary Ann GOODLETTs as one died 1862, the widowed mother of eight children, one of them my pateernal Great-Grandmother. This first M.A. GOODLETT was a dau of Richard GOODLETT, Esq.   The other Mary Ann GOODLETT was a cousin to the first one, a dau of David GOODLETT, and she md. my GG-G'father in the early to mid-1850s, but died soon after, as found in the Greenville Mountaineer, on the same day as a brother, and two other siblings died only about 2 days before these first ones.  Obviously she & my G-G'father had no children; he married Eliza WHAM and had one little girl before he left and was killed in the WTBS.  I have all my facts; but I still find WikiTree a bit difficult.  I suppose it would be better to just stick to my research and not bother with trying to learn this.  Whatever "it seems" I have created was created because I have not been able to get the help I need to make them daughters of different men.  Dolores Pringle

Hi Dolores. I'm sorry if my answer wasn't helpful enough. As I said, it's difficult to give a specific solution when I'm not familiar with the family and how the people in it should be connected.

It looks like you've made progress on this now. I see that there are two Mary Ann Goodletts: Goodlett-11 is the daughter of Richard Goodlett, Esq., and Goodlett-50 is the daughter of David Goodlett.

I know WikiTree can have a bit of a learning curve for people who aren't familiar with wikis, but I hope you'll give it a chance and stick around! :)

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This may be a wild guess, but could she be the same person?  Have you documentation or sources on this second Mary Ann G.?  Have you been able to find a birth, marriage or death certificate for her?  Possibly a birth or marriage certificate would show who her parents are.

Just a suggestion. Good Luck!
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If they are cousins, Delores, then the father should be different.  If both have the same name,one should be mentioned as "1"  and the other as "2" .  Open edit on both profiles (one at a time, of course) and go to "suffix".  Add in "1" or "2" and then save.  This should correct the problem.


by Mary H. G2G6 Mach 7 (78.3k points)

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