How do I correct error message 822 on (Lull)52

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I know I can do something that will give me a new profile.  How does this affect my tree as a whole?
asked Jan 11, 2017 in WikiTree Tech by Connie Frey G2G1 (1,900 points)

Hello, Connie!

On your own profile, you have a period after the Sources heading (== Sources ==. ) You just need to remove that period to correct that error.

Note that even after you correct an error, it will still be listed on the error report until the report is updated (usually on Mondays). Until then, you can click the "Temp hide" link to remove the error from your view.

Most errors are profile specific - they only affect that individual profile. Exceptions occur when the error involves date discrepancies related to family connections, such as when a parent's profile shows a birth or death date that conflicts with the children's births or when a married couple's ages are too far apart to be reasonable.

Let us know if you need more help!

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Hi Connie, I looked at the various errors linked to  Lull-52.

Several of your profiles had that error  (822 Heading doesn't end with =) including  this one

The error showed up on the public  profile page as:

== Biography =Henry and his sons Issac

You can see that there are two equal signs before the word biography but only  one afterwards

I've now edited it.  On the edit page it now looks like this:

== Biography ==
Henry and his sons Issac, Daniel

and on the public page like this:


Henry and his sons Issac

There is lots of useful info about formatting including those pesky = signs  for headings )here

(actually they are a really useful tool for organising information on a profile  but their use isn't self explanatory for those of us who aren't into writing  computer code)

Most of the other errors on your profiles are also not too hard to mend (for example there are a lot with the word unknown in the death/birth location field, 'unknown'   just needs deleting as I did on Stump 711.

I hope that's the sort of answer you were looking for, you certainly don't have to create new profiles but if there are any other error codes that don't make sense  or you don't know how to fix, then ask as you did here .

 Thank you for looking at the error list  (it honestly does get easier  )

edit  I've also just  added a missing  = on  ( I accidently clicked  the false error button on the error list so thought I better get rid of error.)


answered Jan 11, 2017 by Helen Ford G2G6 Pilot (154,940 points)
selected Jan 11, 2017 by Lindy Jones

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