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i have extensive information in loose leaf notebooks compiled by my husband's aunt from 1910 to 1960. I am trying my best to enter it but it is very difficult for me.  I made a SOURCE PROFILE entitled "Georgiana Dye Malone Notebooks"  is there a shortcut way to enter this as the source for hundreds of persons?
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You'll have to make an source entry on each and every profile.  Do the following for each profile:

== Sources ==

<references />

*Source: Georgiana Dye Malone Notebooks

You can copy and past the source entry onto every profile page.  You only need to type it once.  There is no mass assembly line here.

You should also try to get other sources to corroborate Georgiana Dye's research.  I don't believe she's the only one who researched her family.  There should be other records.  Georgiana may have them listed in her notebooks.  Birth, Baptismal, Marriage, Death, and Burial records are very important.  In many locations, there are other records as well: census reports, wills, land transfers and the like.  The more the sources, the more confident you will be about the information Georgiana recorded and the better your profiles will be.

It'll take some time to get the profiles finished.

by David Hughey G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
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I've added a citation to your space page. If you copy that and paste it on the profiles, it will create a link to the space page.

I like David would also encourage you to look for sources to corroborate what's in her notebooks.

I've just finished I have the research results from three previous researchers for this family but it's in the form of so and so was born died married, without ever telling me where the information came from. I'm pretty sure that a lot of it was word of mouth from parents to child. But I've found original sources for just about everything that was in those notebooks.
by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
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Concentrate on entering the data you have.  A volunteer can easily deal with the wrappings.

We should help with this.  Could you get the notebooks scanned?
by Anonymous Horace G2G6 Pilot (569k points)
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Hi Jayne,

My mother was a meticulous researcher, highly organized, she was a legal secretary for decades, but she was a self-taught genealogist.  I thought all her data was correct, until I realized she used (extensively) a genealogy book published in 1901.  For her, it was a "find" when she purchased a used copy at the Ohio State Fair in the early 1980s (my mother had faith in published books).

Today that book is online, and we realize it is not perfect.  I try to find more primary evidence (as opposed to derivative).

This page on sources written by Jillaine may be helpful (has been for me!).  I also added a source from to two profiles (just as examples): Florence (Cole) Dye and Georgiana (Dye) Malone.  It's all about the sources, isn't it?  Thanks for the question, and welcome!

by Cynthia B G2G6 Pilot (128k points)
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Hi Jayne,  I have that situation in one of my gedcoms where a team of people worked together (including myself) for years to untangle a line of people who had the same names occurring over and over again in a small concentrated area.   I created a note on a Word document that I cut and paste in.  For an entry to be considered valid in this group more than one person had to agree the source was valid and it fit the genealogy.  If only one person had a source we included it with a note.  I have been putting notes in to WikiTree if I am not sure about something in the data or if I think it needs more research.   Because the team that worked on this line consisted of multiple genealogists who were also family members of the line it was a great way to test family stories against official records.  I also try to add any source info I have on each entry.  I think it is good to have more than 1 source for anything but that they are not coming from the same single background source.
by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (687k points)
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I've added an additional way to use Georgiana's notebook as an inline cite. It can be used to cite specific information in a profile's bio, such as occupation or burial, as well as the usual BMD.
by Bob Keniston G2G6 Pilot (213k points)
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One way to use the source multiple times is to add the <ref name=xxxx> to the source name. It doesn't matter what you use for the name, it can be the author, part of the title of a text, etc.

Example: <ref name=GDMbook>Georgianna Dye Malone notebooks, 1910-1906, in the possession of Jane Dye</ref>

The first time you use it you place that entire reference at the end of your sentence.

For subsequent uses on the same profile, you add a space and a slashmark before the ending >: <ref name=GDMbook />

So it looks like this:

Georgiana Dye was born on xxxxx, at xxxx, daughter of xxxxxxx and xxxxx. <ref name=GDMbook>Georgianna Dye Malone notebooks, 1910-1906, in the possession of Jane Dye</ref>

Georgiana was married to xxxx Malone on xxxx, xx, xxx. <ref name=GDMbook />

by Chris Hoyt G2G6 Pilot (765k points)
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Enter the source date on the free space page. Then add a inline citation using that page as the source. Here's the first free-space page I made. Broke down one of my brick walls with this source.

Walkers of the Old Plymouth colony


by Pat Credit G2G6 Pilot (145k points)

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