How do I discuss significant changes I've made to Project protected profiles

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Marie Rose Colin was already in Filles du Roi Cat & project. I had twice requested to join that project and twice been ignored but I can an do follow the Filles du Roi tag as everyone in the project should. Since I just made significant changes to her profile I feel the tag should be sufficient discussion and the elite members will see what I did right?



WikiTree profile: Marie Rose Colin
in Genealogy Help by Richard Van Wasshnova G2G6 Mach 1 (18.9k points)
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Please stop thinking that "project protection" is related to some sort of a power game overseen by elite gatekeepers.

A person like Marie probably has many living descendants. That's one reason why the project is involved -- and why communication is important. The main thing you need to do when editing these profiles is communicate why you are making the changes you made, so that other descendants will understand (and will be less likely to reverse your edits). Communication can be accomplished in the "explain your changes" entry, by posting on the profile message board, or by starting a G2G about the problems with the profile and your proposals to resolve the problems. The manner of communicating depends on the complexity of the situation.

For example, in this case, when you edited her current last name, it would have been helpful to mention your reasons in the "explain your changes" edit summary (presumably your reason was that French women in that era didn't use their husband's last names).
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
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PS - I'm glad to see that you now have the Quebecois project badge.

Thanks Ellen,

I’ll try to be more rigorous about explaining each change and not try to do too many changes before hitting the “Save Changes” especially fpr “Project Protected”.

And I won’t worry about a gatekeeper coming down on me for making changes without the proper badge.

Doesn’t the FILLES_DU_ROI in my Followed tags mean I will see changes on the Wiki Genealogy Feed made to any profile with that category even though I don’t have the project badge? I think it does but RJ I'm not sure what you're trying to say.

Any G2G post with the tag will be in your G2G feed.

Any Space page with the tag (not category - the tags are the little green boxes) will be in your Genealogy feed.

This only happens with Space pages.  A tag (little green box) on a person-profile (in the Project template) doesn't mean anything.

Any profile with the surname "Filles du Roi" is implicitly tagged and would be in your Genealogy feed, if there were any.

That's all.  Tags and categories belong to different software systems and don't integrate or interact at all.

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There's no way to add a tag to a person-profile (even though it's misleadingly displayed in the template), and there's no way to follow a category with a feed.

So no, your changes don't get tracked by the project.
by Anonymous Horace G2G6 Pilot (566k points)
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This is what the line says:

Please discuss all significant or controversial changes with project members.

So putting the spelling as used at the time for her is not particularly controversial, nor particularly significant since spelling was of variable geometry at best.  :D  On one document she was called Marie Rose Collien.

 Take another look at the profile, have added oodles of things myself just now.
by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (346k points)

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