Do I have enough information to use "confirm with DNA"?

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I've recently got my DNA test results back, but to be honest, I don't understand what it means, or how to use it. Apparently I have more cousins (~2300+), even though I don't necessarily know how we're all connected. There are a small handful that I already know about without DNA matching.

But apparently I should be able to mark my profile (or those of my ancestors) with the "Confirmed with DNA" setting. But which ones? And I don't understand how to reference the source for it.

I could use a little hand-holding to get me started. No hurry.
in The Tree House by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (532k points)

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Hi Dennis, We have excellent information here on WikiTree to explain what you need to do before marking a person's relationship to either of his parents 'confirmed with DNA'. See this page:

On your profile you can see that two of your second cousins once removed, Jay Stanford and Rhitt Garrett, have taken DNA tests as well. Have you contacted either of them? They both tested at Ancestry and you tested at FTDNA. I see that you've uploaded your test results to That's great! Now if both Jay and Rhitt will also upload their Ancestry test information to, you will be able to see if you share about the same amount of DNA with them that you would expect for 2nd cousins 1x removed, approximately 100 cM. If you do, then you can use the information on this page to see which relationships can be marked 'confirmed with DNA':

If you want to contact me, I would be glad to help you.
by Kay Wilson G2G6 Pilot (177k points)
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Thanks Kay,

Yeah, there are a number of DNA pages here on WikiTree, and all similarly named, including two different example pages. I get lost trying to follow them and keep them straight in my head, and forget which one I've read and how to find it again, since they are not all linked together. I keep so many tabs open in my browser, that it crashes often and I have to start over.

So let's go with the specific examples:
Jay and Rhitt are on my mother's side of the family.
Jay has only tested at Ancestry, so I can't really compare with him (yet). Jay has written to me once, to request access to my mother's profile to add a photo of her headstone (which I actually don't really care for, but ok). But he has never once replied to any of my previous requests for information, trusted list access, etc. (well, maybe once, actually -- but out of a number of requests)
Rhitt and I have have exchanged info many times. But I'm unclear why I need to contact him? He's also already on FTDNA, and we match 99cM total, with largest block 31. Is 99 enough?

Is it enough to match only one person, or do I need to match both Jay and Rhitt? The example seems to suggest only me and one other, but the text on other pages says I need two matches (this is the part that confuses me).
Then, following your example link, I mark all profiles between Rhitt and I as confirmed?

On my father's side, there's Neil, my 3rd cousin once removed. We also match with 99cM total and 82 largest block on ftdna. (though gedmatch says 93.6/85.8). I actually match closer with two of his brothers but much less with their sister, but only Neil is on WikiTree.
Is that enough to match?

Interesting that ftdna total cM numbers tend to be higher than gedmatch total cM numbers, while the largest blocks are sometimes larger and sometimes smaller on one site over the other.

Hi Dennis, On Rhitt's WikiTree profile he does not indicate that he took an FTDNA Family Finder test. If you're going to use your relationship to him on WikiTree to confirm relationships as 'confirmed with DNA' it would be helpful to have his Family Finder test displayed on WikiTree. Yes, if you match Rhitt with 99 cMs that's an excellent indication that you're second cousins once removed and you can mark a number of relationships 'confirmed with DNA'. Here's the page that tells you which ones:

You can use this part of the DNA Confirmation page for the language of the statement required to be placed on the page of each child whose relationship to his/her parent is marked 'confirmed with DNA':  It's important for the statement to indicate the 99 cMs and your relationship to Rhitt. Just use the language in the statement about using Family Finder to find the format of the statement.

You will see that because you and Rhitt are closer than third cousins, and you share an amount of auDNA consistent with your known relationship, that you don't need to find one more cousin to test for triangulation. That's only necessary for third cousins once removed or more distant cousins.

However, for Neil, on your father's side, that's further back than third cousins, so you will need three matching people, you and Neil, and another distant cousin, who all share the same segment of auDNA that is at least 7 cM or larger. See these instructions for that situation:

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thanks Kay,

...are closer than third cousins, and you share an amount of auDNA consistent with your known relationship, that you don't need to find one more cousin to test for triangulation. That's only necessary for third cousins once removed or more distant cousins.

Two questions... 1) What is the reasoning behind this? Perhaps more specifically, why this particular cutoff line? and 2) is there a table charting the amount of auDNA consistent one's known relationship?

Ok, check out my relationship link, does it look like I did it correctly?

Ha, it turns out that Rhitt and I are also 8th cousins on my father's side. But I'm guessing that's too far away to be helpful?
Dennis, I'll wait for Peter Roberts to explain why the cutoff is at 3rd cousins. Here's the table I use to figure out what amount of auDNA is consistent with the relationship:
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With  Autosomal (Family Finder) DNA and Ancestry you want to contact your matches and or compare your Tree with There's to find the common ancestor, doing so can give you and a match info you did not have allowing you or your match to grow your Tree.

when you do so from you to the common ancestor and down to your DNA Match you kind of form a DNA Triangle to confirm your line and a relationship.

with YDNA you would want to match a minimum of so many Markers with the person your comparing yourself to and if there is a genetic distance (any number above Zero) for the amount of markers being compared, you need to figure out the number of generations to a most recent common ancestor and see if the paper trail supports the match.

if all of your YDNA matches where of different surnames than chances are there was a non paternal event of some sort, if you have some with your surname but most are of different surnames with genetic distances than the common ancestor is most likely before the adoption of surnames perhaps more than 1000 years ago.

Here on Wikitree , if you tested and your parents tested and both parents match you then you can obviously click on confirmed with DNA

as far as the rest of your line i believe they want you to confirm the line with at least 2 matches.


Al Scott
by Al Scott G2G Crew (700 points)
Thanks Al,

Both my parents are dead, so there's no DNA test there.

So, triangulation is between me, a DNA cousin, and our common ancestor? What does it mean to confirm the line with two matches? Me and my cousin are two? So, every profile between us can be marked confirmed?

Sorry to be so dense. I'm simply not understanding the details, and every example I've looked at so far seems to have been done differently from the others.
Hi Dennis, i did DNA Testing also, i tested with FamilyTreedna and my Parents are both dead also so we are both in the same boat there and as far as your first question yes. and from what i understand they want you to do that 2 times such as maybe your brother do a test also, don't rely on just my answer's as i have not read into the subject much here on Wikitree

im just trying to help and would like anyone to correct me if im wrong

here, i myself dont care about doing that mouse click confirmed with DNA here on Wikitree because i know there where no non Paternal events in my line between me and 800 to a thousand years ago from my results at FTDNA


Al Scott
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