How long should a manger be given to complete a merge before they become an ex manager [closed]

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I have initiated quite a few mergers recently and have not received a response or any action my the other managers. Josselyn-3 is my eighth great grandfather. His merge started in Feb 2015 is still hanging. Methinks it is time for new management !!!

On 30 Sep 2015 at 18:52 GMT Maggie N. wrote:

"Joslyn-53 and Josselyn-3 are not ready to be merged because: Will either merge or fix soon as I am looking for more sources for the England Josselyn bunch."

WikiTree profile: Thomas Josselyn
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in Genealogy Help by M J G2G6 Mach 1 (13.4k points)
closed by M J
The merge has been completed; Michael could you please close this thread? Thanks!

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Hi Michael,

Maggie is a very active WikiTreer. Have you tried messaging her to ask her if she's had a chance to find sources?
by Eowyn Langholf G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
selected by Dale Byers
2 YEARS  !!! look at the two Josselyn-3 and joslyn-53

I suspect it would take you less than two minutes
Hi Michael, either way it's best to try and start a conversation with the member in question rather than calling them out in the G2G forum :)  30 seconds to send her a private message and she probably would have hopped on it first chance she got.  

Also, I noticed that you proposed a new merge, which is great. But I want to point out that Maggie isn't a PM or on the Trusted List of either profile so she wouldn't be aware that there was a new merge.
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Sometimes it takes awhile especially on  1700 and older profiles. Sources are not readily available and it is time-consuming as well as expensive to get the documentation together to say yes, or no, this is the same person. Most of these merges then lead to multiple merges of the same family. I have seen a profile have four or five children named the same name. Some are obviously in the wrong family due to birth dates, but it is still time consuming to sort them out with correct spouse(s) and/or children. It is rarely one profile that requires a merge.


Kudos to all who take the time to successfully and correctly merge.
by Geneadiva Mere G2G6 Mach 1 (15.1k points)
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I  agree with Geneadiva's comments on researching and documenting these older profiles, as it can be extremely time consuming.  And PGM have even stricter criteria as to sourcing.

On that note, in the two years you have been waiting for the merge, what have you yourself done to improve the profiles as far as research and notations.  Sometimes that is the best way to start,  to make some profile improvements by sourcing what's there, and adding sources to the various marriages/children/history etc. to one of the profiles to confirm the often scanty data..
by Chris Hoyt G2G6 Pilot (619k points)
I have only been a member for six months but your response is akin to blaming the victim

I'm sorry you feel like a victim to start with.  Your post made it sound like you have been waiting on the sidelines for 2 years, and my answer was in that light, as profiles from this time frame can be time consuming and hard to research and's often useful to pitch in and get things going.  

It appears that prior to that time, when the unmerged match was noted on the bulletin board,  there had been multiple merges into Josselyn-3, and that often leads to differing LNAB's, unsourced information or even erroneous information being merged in as well, such as parents/siblings/children.  And that too, takes time to sort out.


I sympathize with Michael's frustration, esp. when the merge is super obvious except for a trivial detail or two. A postponed merge should have some kind of "I give up, help!" flag but it doesn't. I read these as calls for help, do the research, update the bio and re-propose the merge.

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