What pictures can I post on this site?

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I would really Like to post some of the things I find on different websites with a link to the website giving them credit for it.

For instance Census records from Ancestry or Family search. Some of them I find on different library sites, but I would have to find them there and then use them.

How about paste and copied things from OLD books I find information on. I am talking about books as old as 1800's.

Can someone give me some rules or point me to a Help section I can look at. to help me decide what I can use on here!

Thank You in Advance! Pam
in The Tree House by Pam Hawn G2G6 (8.2k points)

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There have been multiple discussions on this subject.  Go to the Search G2G box above and type in 'copyright' (without the quotes) and you will know more than you ever wanted to! *grin*

Certainly, as far as the census images from Ancestry and FMP, you can't.  Check their Ts & Cs.

You can link to them, but you can't put a picture up and give credit via a link.  And I wouldn't advise linking to Ancestry - after all, your census record is going to be behind a paywall, so many people won't be able to access it!
by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
What Ros said and because it's going to come up, please understand the distinction between copyright and usage/license agreements.  They are two separate things.  So while a US census record may not be copyrighted, as a user of a site like ancestry, you have "signed" a user agreement that includes what you may and may not do with the images you've accessed. Most sites-- especially commercial ones-- disallow the posting of its images to other sites.

You will see on wikitree several cases of people disregarding such rules.  That doesn't mean it's legal or ethical to do so. It just means that wikitree staff will not proactively remove such material until the license holder complains. It's up to us volunteers to remove such material when we see it. Keeping it on wikitree is tacit approval of the practice and that's not okay.

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