information on my grand father Johann Kölbacher Born Trieben, Styria, Austria

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Looking for information on my grand father Johann Kölbacher Born Trieben, Styria, Austria and passed away August 1953 also Hans Peter Zink also passed 1953 aged two from Leoben. Thanks for assistance.
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Does Austria have a Cemetry search that shows actual headstones to names like billions of graves, there is something lacking in the Austrian side of searches maybe I'm doing something wrong?

The (austrian/german/mostly european) laws governing data protection and data security keep personal data of living and non-living individuals private.

The official documents are free to the public either 100 year after birth, 75 years after marriage or 30 years after death.

But "free to the public" don't mean that they are automatically published, normally you have to request them. An exception are the parish registers before ~1917 (note the 100 year period from above!), these are already published online.

So, within the above time ranges, you can get informations only

a) if the individual (or someone else) had published the information itself, e.g. an obituary in the local newspaper, telephone and address data in the phone book,

b) another relative that had requested the official documents by himself, and provide them to you,

c) anyone published memories of the person (this can includes a photo of the headstone at the cemetery, as this is no "official" document)

c) you are a direct relative of the person and can request a copy of the official documents.

There are tendencys toward recording actual gravestones from cemeteries, but this will be entirely done by volunteers, if ever. I'm not aware of any organization that organizes this.

To make matters worse, headstones/graves must be 'rented' (normally 25 years). After that period---if no relative will pay the fee for another 25 years---the grave will be vacated and the headstone removed. This is done because the parishes in Europe facing a space problem (cemeteries in Europe are far smaller than those in America!).

Finally, that means

  • if you are a relative to the person, try to request the official documents (this is the preferred way, because the information would be reliable!);
  • if you know relatives of the person, write them and ask;
  • if none of the above, you are much or less lost. Your only chance is to search for some tertiary information at e.g. (but don't expect much), Newspapers (obituaries), Facebook, Telephone registers (e.g. But don't expect much, since you are normally unable to connect persons or relatives with it!
Do you know the names of your great-grandparents (the names of Johann Kölbacher's parents)?
All we have is Johann Köhlbacher, one of two wife's being Johanna Jamnig and her parent, mother, Johannes Jamnig birth between 1819-1942? Thank you for your time.
Thanks for the info provided, thought as much it's just a pity so many discarded their family trees/papers they had to carry to verify their linage during WWII, my parents sadly did also. My brother passed 6 May 1953 we have a gravestone however very hard to read in black and white. Thank you again your time is very much appreciated.

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Have you tried matricula/ICARUS at ?

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Thank you, yes have tried the above link with no records showing up, unable to get anything after 1950 which I need to be able to go back to find other relatives in the older records.

Have tried this area however the Kölbacher and variants of this name came up negative I have saved some to look into further when time permits. Thank you for you help.
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After 1938, the jurisdiction/responsibility for the births/marriages/deaths was passed from the church to the so called "Standesämter", so the church was not committed to proivide registers after that date.

Since you are a direct relative, you may correspond with the "Standesamt" (plural "Standesämter") directly. Maybe Mrs. Heike Tassotti (see also is the right contact for you. I strongly assume that a friendly mail would lead (at least) to a birth or marriage date, with that you should be able to locate the record in the parish registers.

If you have already more information than simply the death date/town: Don't try to search for his death at the parish registers, try to search for his marriage or birth!

You may look in the parish registers of the town "St. Lorenzen im Paltentale" as this is the predecessor of the parish Trieben (which was founded/split apart from St. Lorenzen im Paltentale in 1955). You also may have a side look to the parish of "Hohentauern".

The parish registers and books regarding "Trieben" are available at .

There are indices of the registers available, a quick look in those around 1900-1920 revealed a couple of Köhlbacher's and Kohlbacher's. If I have to make an educated guess, I would start the search at "Hohentauern".

Remember, "Kölbacher" can also be written as "Köhlbacher" (or even "Kohlbacher" or "Kolbacher").

Leoben is also available (before 1938):

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