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Current trusted member, Warren (Gillespie) Edgar-Gillespie, edited without advising. He may be right, he might be wrong, but I would have like to see proof before such extensive additions. I note others have left messages for him about the same thing but unanswered. I am about to delete my account but note that some/all material may be retained? Not good especially if it turns out to be incorrect. Am wishing I had not joined.

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Hi Viv,

Sorry to hear you are so upset that you want to leave WikiTree. You are right... extensive changes should be shared with the profile manager and certainly proven with the appropriate sources. All of the changes are recorded though under the changes tab at the top of the profile. You can change things back if incorrect information was added. Of course if you do that you should let the person know why you are changing the work he did just as he should have done with you. If you are the profile manager you can remove a person from the profile's trusted list.  I hope you reconsider leaving, collaboration has its faults and benefits...don't let one bad experience ruin the whole.
by Brett Rutherford G2G6 Pilot (120k points)
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I notice that he has now deleted all the messages that had been sent to him about the same matter !
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I firmly believe that there has been misunderstandings and mistakes made by all involved.

I only looked at a single example, [[Eizabeth Opie (1831 - 1875)|Opie-144]].  It looks like you added this person without sources. I am not sure it is automatic, but the biography of this open profile included the text, "A source for this information is needed"

The change made was to add a source "Australia, Death Index, 1787-1985". Birth and Death information was added and this death index was included as the source. 

Wikitree is different that other sites, and I think you will find that you will be appreciated for your contributions, and you will come to appreciate the contributions of others.

Another point to make is that the user that made this change, is according to wikitree, your 5th cousin on your mother's side. It would seem that you both would benefit in collaborating on that part of the tree you both share.

Many people seem to have difficulty in adjusting to the expectations of working in a collaborative effort. We presume that any mistakes made are unintentional. I would suggest some private messages will smooth things over,.

by Ken Sargent G2G6 Mach 5 (56.6k points)
Nice follow up Ken. Well said.

Thanks for all the comments and advice.  I do have a fair number of Certificates mostly of the "modern" era and many of my older material has been carefully transcribed from the registers.  I can nominate my sources and much of what my "fifth cousin" has done may be right but expanding one line by centuries makes me somewhat wary.  Did have my tree on Ancestry but took it down as others copied it and claimed as their own research.  When I corrected my errors found my original work still out there & the crunch came when my own name was spelled incorrectly & immediate family was muddled up (for which I have certificates)!  Even one of my certificates I need to have checked - I think the registrar has transcribed incorrectly in one small part. I now need to see the entries either side.  Oh, well; such is life .....



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can you please reduce your font size, it's really "in your face"
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It's a few words , does it matter.
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Hey, Viv! I understand your frustration,  but Wikitree is not the place to keep your private research materials! This material is intended to be accessible by the general public in order to create a shared world-wide family tree. There are software programs available that do not cost that much where you can preserve your research. You can then later self-publish and copyright your original materials.
But Wikitree is a wonderful, collaborative effort to put together a properly-sourced world-wide family tree. If you have sources that you want to share that will help connect your family to the rest of the world, that will be wonderful! And it is really a wonderful forum for sharing notes and info with other people.
by Edie Kohutek G2G6 Mach 7 (74.2k points)
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