How do I get my family tree from MyHeritage into WikiTree?

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please help me with step by step instructions  on how to  get my family tree from My Heritage .into wiki tree there a way to just get certain individules & also to get all of family .will this remove it from My heritage or will it just be a copy.which is what I would like. I am afraid to mess everything up. that is why I am asking for clear instructions. or is there some one who could help me with this ?

thanks,    Martha Beaugh-15 Leger
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Hello Martha,

When I started wikitree (about 16 months ago) I had my genealogy on  Instead of uploading a gedcom, I added each person, one at a time.  I'm so glad I did.  I was able to find good sources for each profile and I felt like I had control over what was happening.  I think it also helped me learn more of the ins and outs of wikitree as I was working on various profiles.

This may be the way you should go.

by Cheryl Skordahl G2G6 Pilot (211k points)
thanks Cheryl. did you add each one from your other web site or did you start new profile in wiki tree?

I would have the site open in one screen, and wikitree open in another screen.  Then I just began entering the same information, along with sources, one profile at a time.  I added myself, of course, then the next generation, and the next and so on until I connected with the "main" tree.  After you connect (get to a point where your ancestor already has a WikiTree profile), it's fun collaborating with others - getting on the trusted list of mutual profiles - adding additional information.  

It is not a speedy process doing it the way I did, but it's not speedy to transfer all the gedcom gobblygook into wikitree style in a speedy way either.

Whatever way you choose, keep in mind that for most of us genealogy is a fun hobby.  So enjoy yourself!  :-)

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to answer your question directly, MyHeritage has an export GEDCOM feature, look for that. I used to have a tree on MyHeritage, but no longer, so I don't know specific details of where to look.

Not sure if they allow exporting individuals from your tree, or just your whole tree.

No, exporting the GEDCOM won't delete them from your tree. It just a copy -- sort of. Don't think of GEDCOM's as a copy of your tree, that would be inaccurate. GEDCOM is a data transfer format. And not all the data fields will transfer properly from one genealogy program to another. So its a rather incomplete copy.

That's partially why Cheryl and others here recommend not using it, and just manually enter all the information anew. They speak from experience. Its better and more accurate that way, albeit slower. (slower is a relative term, my gedcom import, review, and approval process took a very long time.)

by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (534k points)
thanks Dennis, yes it would take quite a bit of time since I have around 200 !!


200 is not so many. It won't take you long.

If you enter manually the 200 or so individuals from your family tree you will find a reward in doing so as it gives you a second window to look at your family as well as any notes and sources you have successfully been able to find on their lives.  Often you may find an error in dates or spelling and this is the time to see errors or omissions to be corrected.

This is what Wikitree requires to build our whole tree.  Double checked is good, and welcome to you Martha.
My family tree contains 10k people mostly in the UK but also in Canada and Switzerland, it has taken me about 8 months to manually create around 600 profiles (alongside working full time and other commitments) with are mostly good and fully sourced. I keep an index in excel on my PC so i can tell where i am at and what still need to be done with the profiles I have already created. Might be worth you reading some profiles created by other people to get an idea of good styles and to decide whether you will go for minimum sourcing first or full sourcing or whether you would like to just put in your direct ancestors initially then start filling in the branches afterwards. It will be slow at first but you will speed up and make lots of new discovery's on route :)
I manually entered all of mine, lots more than 200!  I think it is the best way because it makes you work carefully and eliminates duplicates (which many ged.coms seem to bring to the tree).

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