Got DNA? Have I got a project for you! [closed]

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The DNA Project would love to have you throw yourself into our DNA Project Gene Pool. The Mission of the project is simply to organize those of us who are interested in how WikiTree can integrate DNA test results with our shared limbs on WikiTree, as well as to find ways to expand the usage of genealogical DNA on WikiTree. Project members take primary responsibility for performing project tasks and helping members with DNA related questions offering assistance as needed.

Post an answer below and DNA Leader Kitty Cooper Smith will get you badged.


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in Requests for Project Volunteers by Mags Gaulden G2G6 Pilot (561k points)
closed by Mags Gaulden
Please remove me from DNA project and take down my Tag. Thanks for all help while I was member.

Iain, you indicate that ScotlandsDNA does not "transfer". I'm not sure if that included downloading. Gedmatch's beta genesis is designed to upload from just about any site.

Ken, thanks for your comments. I'd be very interested  - as I'm sure would many others be -  if you could let us know how you were able to download your Scotland's DNA results. To the best of my knowledge, they and their associated companies never made their raw results available to their customers.

Unlike FamilyTreeDNA, Ancestry etc Scotland's DNA was more about deep ancestry rather than cousin finding.


Can you incorporate my own family history research into your results?

At present, we cannot incorporate your own family history research into your results. Our tests look at deep ancestry, tracing your genetic history over millennia back into prehistory, and will not usually be able to tell you much about more recent family history, or "bridge the gap" with your own research. 

However, we ask for some details of your known family history in order to contribute to our ongoing research into the genetic make-up of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is hoped that as more people are tested, and more recent genetic markers discovered, we will be able to relate our results much more closely to more recent history. 


Will I be able to compare my results to others to find possible relations?

No. We test for deep ancestry and your results are unlikely to help you contact living relatives, or indeed provide information on recent family history. Unlike other DNA ancestry companies which use short tandem repeats (STRs) and compare results to find possible matches, our SNP marker testing offers the best insight into your ancient genetic heritage.

I'd love to join! I'm so interested in how this works :D
Great Valerie! Mags

Iain, I wasn't very clear, my comment was intended to more of a question.  You indicated that ScotlandsDNA does not "transfer". I wanted to be sure you that you didn't mean "transfer" as into FTDNA or Gedmatch. This was true up until Gedmatch's Genesis. If there was some sort of raw data download or report, then you could see if Genesis accepts it.

Is this project "closed"? Would love to help out. I managed surnames Johnson and Clark Ydna results for years at Still do surname Leftwich.

It's the thread that is closed - the project has moved to a more functional project so we are looking for members who are ready to help.

The new DNA Project Join Post is here and explains where the project is going and why we need help! You sound like someone who might have some DNA Skills to share!


interested in helping out here. I have yet to figure how to certify my male tested lines as a female, so a bit of a learning curve. I do have many years experience with and especially y results, ... don't do so much with MT b/c I don't really consider those as proper genetic chain.
I would like to join please.

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I am DNA tested and added my test information to my profile. I am fascinated with the idea of genetic genealogy and am trying to make sense of it all. If there is something a total newbie can contribute, I would love to help.
by Meghan Rosenstengel G2G2 (2.8k points)
Hi Meghan, None of the GEDmatch numbers you've listed for yourself, Sharon and Curtis are valid GEDmatch numbers. There should be a letter at the beginning. I just found this comment on Kitty Cooper's blog that may explain the problem: "People have been asking how to upload their newly received MyHeritage DNA results to GEDmatch  … MyHeritage is not yet compatible to GEDmatch because the DNA results come in multiple files.
A number of GEDmatch users have successfully uploaded their MyHeritage DNA files by deleting all the notes and headers in the three CSV files and then merging them together into one CSV file."

Thanks for the heads up! I had entered our GEDCOM numbers instead of our kit numbers. I was able to concatenate the MH files and upload them to GEDmatch for my mom and me. I will work on getting my husband's done this weekend.

Thanks again!

Meghan, we would love to have you as part of the DNA project!  Click on this link to the Project Tasks List to see what might interest you. Let me know and I can add you to the list and have a project leader give you a DNA project badge.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks!


Meghan, thanks for changing the GEDmatch numbers for you and your mom. On GEDmatch I can see that you and your mom have a 3586.6 cM match. You should add this statement to the sources section of your profile "Maternal relationship is confirmed by a 3586.6 cM match between [[Merritt-2421|Meghan Rosenstengel]] GEDmatch H464189 and her mother [[Burke-4439|Sharon Eklins]] GEDmatch H665201." Then on your 'edit' page, mark your relationship to your mother 'confirmed with DNA'. Here is the WikiTree page that explains that process:
Kay, Thank you for that information. I have made the changes you suggested.
Emma, I guess wherever you need help the most for now. I am better at data (Excel is kind of my super power), balancing, worker bee behind the scenes stuff rather than warm and fuzzy stuff. As I learn more I may get a better idea of what specifically I would like to do.
I will send you a private message Meghan and we can chat :-)
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My wife and I just mailed in our Family Tree DNA tests.  Very interested to see the results.  I would like to join the DNA Project.  Thanks!
by Erik Granstrom G2G6 Mach 3 (30.8k points)

Fantastic Erik!  Please click on this link to the Project Tasks List to see what might interest you.  Let me know and I will add you to the list and have a project leader give you a DNA Project badge.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks!


Emma :-)

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Interested in joining. I am awaiting DNA results and have been researching as much as possible. Hoping to contribute as I find new information.
by Jason Maxham G2G3 (3.1k points)

That sounds great Jason!  Please check out the Project Task  LIst to see what might interest you.  Let me know and I will add your name and have a project leader send a DNA Project badge your way.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks!

Emma :-)

PM sent, thanks!
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I'll help when and where possible . . . I did add a 'bright ideas' item.  I noticed a task to identify mt-DNA test takers with no mitosearch id and am inclined to believe that a similar task should be created for y-DNA test takers with no ysearch id.
by Thom Anderson G2G6 Mach 5 (57.0k points)
Sounds great, Thomas.  Would you like to work on this task if we add it to the list?
Dang!  I knew somebody would try to get me to volunteer!  I guess I better be a good Do-Bee and say Yes!.

I suppose I better learn how to do programming on WikiTree.
I'll send you a message about this, Thomas :-)
The Y-DNA informaton is on the Project Page right under the mtDNA information Thomas. Thanks for jumping in!

Mags, I believe is he referring to a little farther down where it says "Ask mtDNA Testers to add their MitoSearch ID"  There is no cooresponding Y-DNA for this task.
Yes!  Exactly!  What's good for the goose is good for the gander!  If the argument can be made for maternal line the same should be done for paternal line mutatis mutandis.
LOL!  I would up vote that if I could :-)

Hey, Thomas!  Look what the DNA Project Leader has added to the task list just for you:

Ask yDNA Testers to add their Ysearch ID

You asked and you received :-)  Are you up to working on this task?


Sure!  My schedule won't let me devote all my waking hours but I'll get it done. :D
Excellent!  If you do what you can when you can it will be a huge help for the project!  Thanks, Emma
Wait....what? Someone doesn't spend all their waking hours doing Genealogy? What?!

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I am still getting the "lay of the land" here. My ancestry DNA results are listed on my profile page, as is my gedmatch ID, and I believe privacy settings are correct.  I sent invites to a few people who are part of a triangulation group I identified on gedmatch, and commented on their invitation-created profiles that they are triangulated DNA matches to me along the appropriate surname limb of my tree. I haven't looked at checking DNA confirmations yet on the relevant profiles. I administer a cousin's test on gedmatch, know gedmatch IDs of other known-to-me cousins (plus of course those matches I've identified) and have 4 relatives's test results pending. I have run triangulation reports using gedmatch output with DMT triangulator, which compares 2 DNA kits at a time for full triangulation results; a few resulting triangulation groups have been contacted by email but little additional knowledge has been gained, with the exception of my Gibson group-generated leads, largely because one group member is working on a book hence better resourced and working full-time. I would like to know how to proceed methodically, to help both myself and the project, but relatively low-volume - since I have an extensive tree on Ancestry I work on in addition to the gedmatch analysis I do.  Any suggestions and help appreciated!  Also, for Kitty Cooper, my question is: Can you advise on how to split my Ancestry gedcom into small chunks for step-wise upload to wikitree; I have RootMagic essentials, the free but limited-feature Mac version, and can't find a way to do it there? Thank you!

by Theresa Myers G2G6 Mach 1 (13.5k points)
And an additional and probably more horse-before-the-cart question is, what are recommendations for tools to track/map chromosomes so that I can identify more and more easily where matches belong? Has anyone used Kitty Munson's chromosome mapper, which I came across but haven't studied yet?

I think I emailed this to you, but just in case:

I have not used Kitty Munson Cooper's mapper.  I did see her presentation at RootsTech, and it looks interesting.  However, my interest is in finding living genetic cousins and our common auDNA ancestor(s).  I believe you still have to do that research separately.  I am not so interested in the genetic numbers and percentages, or using the "Confirmed with DNA" notations.  I am more interested in the people connections.  


Thanks for the splitting the gedcom answer, I appreciate it - you did answer on another question.

My interest in the chromosome mapper is in having an easily updateable and graphically intuitive way to organize my genetic matches so that I can narrow them down to the right branches and locate my living cousins and their relatives, to find common auDNA relatives.  What is your favorite way to do that?
UUUUUmmmmmm.  Got me there.  Maybe Kitty's Mapper, but I haven't used it.
No worries, just soliciting recommendations :-)! I read your post on using FTDNA and DNA on WikiTree, is that your primary mode of finding cousins? And then building out WikiTree as your primary mode of tracking it all?
yes. I keep track of it all on the one world WikiTree.

Teresa, if you like software, Genome Mate Pro is great for chromosome mapping.  It also helps visualize triangulations.  Plus it's free!

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Hello Project Team.

I am still figuring out this DNA stuff on WikiTree.  I have my DNA showing up for ancestry I think.  I also got my GENmatch Id to appear finally.  I  just submitted my 23andMe sample and waiting for the results.

Looking forward to learning more and contacting DNA family members.

I would like to join the DNA PROJECT and volunteer help in any way I can.
by Andy Groshans G2G1 (1.6k points)

Thank you Andy!  How exciting to see all the ways you are already jumping into DNA.  I will have a Team Leader give you a DNA project badge. 

If you can, pop on over to our Project Task list  to see what might interest you.  Let me know and I will add your name.  Message me if you have any questions.  Thanks!

Emma :-)

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I would love to join the project as a DNA Helper.  I'm experienced in genealogy as well as genetic genealogy both through working with my one tests and helping others.    I'd also be happy to help in checking test information validity if help is needed there.
by Brandi Morgan G2G6 Mach 1 (18.7k points)

I'm sorry it took so long to answer you.  I got very caught up in the clean-a-thon :-)

We would absolutely love your help!  I have asked a leader to award you the DNA Project badge.

Other than working as a DNA helper, which validation section would you like to work on from the Project Task List?  I would love to add your name!



Just now saw your reply for some reason.   H though M sounds good to me.
H through M already has a person listed, so I put you under N to T, however it also says N to T or ALL.  Which means you can work the other letters as well if you run out of work.  

I also added you as a DNA helper.  Thanks so much and let me know if you need any help!
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Hi Mags,

I have managed DNA tests for myself, my adopted mum and dad, my step-dad, two friends, and can access those of my biological aunt and first cousin. Will also twist the arm of my biological mother in June to get her to do it as well. All these tests were done through Ancestry. I have since upload my results and that of my adopted dad and one friend to GedMatch and from there my own to Wikitree. I would like to be able to get them all on here, complete with their branches of the grand old tree of life but am seeking permission first (and it's a lot of data entry as I am being very thorough with sources).

I don't fully understand all the significance of the chromosomes and such and would love to learn more, but being adopted means that DNA is hugely important to me and I would love to be a part of this project if I can learn on the job.

Thanks, Susanna
by Anon Anon G2G6 Pilot (246k points)

I'm not Mags, but I am happy to answer in her stead.  A great place to start is here: How to Get Started with DNA 

It will answer your questions about how to enter your DNA information into WikiTree and lead you to more information about DNA.

Here is our Project DNA Page where you can read more about what we do.  Let me know if there are any tasks on the task lists that interest you.


Emma--DNA Project Coordinator

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Hi - I've just discovered DNA and Wikitree and would love to join the project
by Margaret Miller G2G Rookie (260 points)

Hello!  Thank you for your offer to join.  I have asked a leader to award you the DNA Project badge.  

You can read more about the project here: DNA Project.  When you get down to the task list, you can see if anything in particular interests you.  If so, let me know and I will be happy to add you to the list.


Emma--DNA Project Coordinator

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Some of my DNA testing includes myself (autosomal with everyone + Y111, Big Y and full mtDNA), my siblings, parents (including father's full mtDNA), maternal grandparents (including grandfather's Y111, SNPs and Big Y pending, and full mtDNA).

I helped confirm the FGC32899 SNP under A1774/5 and that it splits McCord and Kennedy (FGC32899+) from McIlveen (FGC32899-). I discovered the existence of and my relation to Teeter-520 (and others) through my grandfather's Y test.

Most recently I was able to get a descendant of Kennedy-4927 tested (YSTR 111, FTDNA #632870), and have a Big Y pending which may help date 3 SNPs downstream of FGC32899.
by Nathan Kennedy G2G1 (1.2k points)

Wow!  It sounds like you have knowledge that would be very helpful here at WikiTree!  I have asked a leader to award you the DNA Project badge. 

If you could take a look at our Project Task List and see if there is anything in particular that interests you, that would be great.  Or let me know if you have an idea of another area where you would like to help that isn't listed. Suggestions are always welcome.



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I'm pretty new here, but I love DNA and Genetics - I have a degree in Biology that I don't get to dust off much professionally. Would love to join up with this project.
by Kristen Louca G2G6 Mach 2 (29.2k points)

And we would absolutely love to have you join the project!

I will have a leader give you a spiffy DNA Project badge.  In the meantime, if you would like to check out our Task List and let me know if there is anything specific there that interests you, I would be happy to add your name to the task.  We are of course alway open to new task ideas as well.


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Recently got an Ancestry DNA test. It has helped me widen my family tree and find current distant relatives, but I'm more interested in finding ancient ancestors, and I'm not sure how to use the DNA test to do that.
by Ray Niekamp G2G3 (3.1k points)
Ray, this would be an excellent question for a separate G2G post where others can give you a good deal of advice.  

You can click on the genealogist to genealogist option as the place to ask your question.  Be sure to add tags to bring in more people (such as DNA, ancient ancestors)

But the short answer is: The test ancestry provides does not help you with deep ancestry. It is an autosomal DNA test and only helps with as far as about 6-8 generations.  There are other tests you can take though to help you go further back.
+3 votes

I would like to be involved with this project.  I have DNA for myself and 3 family members along with several cousins who have their's uploaded to GEDMatch.  I would like to concentrate primarily on DNA proven concepts and linkage.  I have also taken many courses on this subject to help myself understand recombinant concepts better.

Thank you,

by Rick Watts G2G4 (4.5k points)

Wonderful! You have been awarded a Project DNA badge.

Feel free to check out the Project Task List and let me know if anything is of interest to you.  We of course are always open to new ideas for tasks as well.

Emma :-)

+3 votes
I am not sure what I need to be doing but I have taken the Ancestry DNA and a Au on FamilyTree and I have added my DNA test to WikiTree with a GEDcom A number!  I have tried to see on this site who I might be related to but when I run the Am I related it always comes back negative but a friend took the same information and discovered that I was related to  a Brinsley Barnes but we don't have a paper trail past our Great Grandfather and we are trying disperately to find those Ancestors as well as others!  I have been fairly sick and just went into remission so I do not have a lot of time yet  JT willing to help as much as I can!
by Robert Barnes G2G Crew (500 points)

Hello, Robert.  Thank you for your interest!  You have been awarded a Project DNA badge.  Feel free to check out our DNA Project Page to learn a little bit more about what we do.

Emma :-)

+3 votes
Hi, I am new to WikiTree but not new to Genealogy.  Been research since mid 1970's.  My Brother had the Y-DNA test through FTDNA back in 2009.  I manage his page on FTDNA.

I have sent in for tests for myself through FTDNA Family Finder and Ancestry also.  I am hoping to get several cousins tested too.

Would love to get involved with DNA in WikiTree and join this project.


by Karen Cain G2G6 (6.2k points)

Welcome Karen! You have been awarded the Project DNA badge.  

Feel free to check out our Project Task List on our Project Page to see if there is an area you might be interested.  And as always, we love suggestions and ideas of project tasks that could make WikiTree better.

Emma :-)

+3 votes
I have been looking a little more at collecting and managing Wikitree/Ancestry/Gedmatch. I started to put information on my profile but the idea of a space makes sense. I am just getting my feet wet and would like to learn a little at a time. It is easy to get overwhelmed. I have two very different situations. My father's side is very well defined and I am starting to see other wikitreers on my ancestor's pages. I would need to triangulate my 4th cousins. My mother's side is starting to have DNA matches on Ancestry, but they are immigrants from Ukraine and the trees don't go back more than a few generations. Separating them out from the other 200 4th cousins is an issue. I don't know how much help I can be but I want to find out more.
by Sue Hall G2G6 Pilot (147k points)

Welcome Sue! You have been awarded the Project DNA badge.  

Feel free to check out our Project Page which has a "How to Get Started with DNA" link at the top.  And while you are there, you can scroll down to our Project Task List to see if any of the tasks would be of interest of you at this time.


Emma :-)

+3 votes
I am interested in this... still awaiting my DNA results so will get back to you :)
by Heather Kennedy G2G1 (1.6k points)

Welcome Heather! You have been awarded the Project DNA badge.  

Feel free to check out our Project Page which has a "How to Get Started with DNA" link at the top.  When you are ready, you can scroll down and get more familiar with our Project page.


Emma :-)

+3 votes
I'm in! I have done 2 and mange 3 others for family members. It's so fascinating to me!
by anonymous G2G6 Mach 3 (32.6k points)

Welcome Amy! You have been awarded the Project DNA badge.  

Feel free to check out our Project Task List on our Project Page to see if there is an area you might be interested.  And as always, we love suggestions and ideas of project tasks that could make WikiTree better.

Emma :-)

Thank  you so much!
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where do I find directions for adding my DNA? I can't find, and not sure what my DNA code is on Ancestry. Where do I find the code or what do I need to add it here? i had shoulder surgery two weeks ago on my right. too difficult with just my left, and too tiring/painful for my right.
by Debbie Spain G2G Crew (480 points)

Hey Deborah,

We have a great help section that will alk you through what you need to do, How to, Getting Started With DNA.


+3 votes

I'm still learning the DNA subject but would like to join the project.  I'm fortunate to have a distant cousin who already has a Haviland - de Havilland DNA study (he's on WikiTree).  My cousin is heavily into the STR DNA.  I'm more interested in the deeper ancestry (SNP).
by Robert Haviland G2G3 (3.1k points)

Thanks Robert!  You have been awarded the Project DNA badge.  

Feel free to check out our Project Task List to see if there is an area in which you might be interested.  And as always, we love suggestions and ideas of project tasks that could make WikiTree better.

Emma--Project Coordinator :-)

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