Gedcom upload: lost parent relationship:kept sibling relationship?

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I must say I am enjoying the Wikitree experience...

I've been pre-occupied with merging two on-line genealogical databases, one with more individuals, the other with better database has been taken down from the net, but I was able to get a gedcom (of the data) from the website owner...

Overlaying the data bases, has been productive...

Unfortunately I uploaded a gedcom, but lost all the parent relationships, but kept the sibling relationships...Has anyone had this problem?

I find uploading gedcoms to be a wonderful time saver...

I can concentrate on sources, rather than entering data by keyboard...

I can see no other solution but to go in and manually entering the parent relationships...



P.S. Also cross checking the data has very helpful in firming up the database quality...
in WikiTree Tech by William Wallace Tooke G2G1 (1.7k points)
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Hi Bill,

You mean you lost the parents in the GEDCOM itself, or on WikiTree after import? On WikiTree you actually can't have siblings without a shared parent. Maybe you mean they're not connected, though.

If you need help with something specific post a WikiTree ID.


by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)

Hi Chris...

Sorry I should have included an example...

As I said, I uploaded a well researched and constructed gedcom, and I ended up with this (for example)...

I've sampled the profiles, and checked my "Unconnected Profiles on Watchlist" and all the uploaded profiles, from this batch, appear to be "unconnected"...

The profiles all appear similar, the parental connections are gone, although sibling relations remain, all listed as half-sibling...



P.S. Is there any other solution, but to go in and manually entering the parent relationships?

William, your profile example is set to Private, so we are unable to see the connection issues you speak of. If you don't wish to open up the privacy to a more public level, then perhaps we can be added to the Trusted List temporarily while we help resolve your issue.

Otherwise, perhaps a little explanation of WikiTree and Gedcoms are in order...

A Gedcom is just a database of records. Each record (that is not skipped during the WikiTree-gedcom import review process) is imported into WikiTree as a new record. Any pre-existing WikiTree records will not be updated, so duplicates would be created instead.

All records imported from any one Gedcom will be connected to each other once imported into WikiTree (assuming they were already connected to each other in your Gedcom), but manual connections will have to be made from those records to any pre-existing WikiTree records after the import.

For example, say I have my Mom's profile in WikiTree already, and I upload a Gedcom containing only her parents and her brother. Then I will have to manually connect my Mom's WikiTree profile to her parents, but her brother will already be connected.

If I later upload another Gedcom, still including her parents, but this time all seven siblings, I should skip importing the parents and one brother, else duplicates will be created. And the newly imported siblings will still each have to be manually connected to the parents.

Half-sibling relationships mean that all the siblings aren't connected to the same parent. Double-check the WikiTree-ID of each parent, for each child, and make sure they are the same.

It sounds like there are duplicate records of the parents, and merging them together should resolve the issue.


Sorry about that...

I've checked on the privacy settings for the profiles uploaded in the problematic gedcom, and they are all set to this normal?

I've reduced the setting for Davey-1222, and for his mentioned "half-siblings"...

I've also clipped and pasted the profile as I see it... 

Reginald [middle name?] Davey

Born 6 Jul 1925 [place of birth?]

Son of and

Brother of Lawrence Edward Davey [half], Helen Davey [half], Leslie Elliot Davey [half], Phyllis Davey [half], Gilbert Eugene (Bert) Davey [half], Owen Davey [half] and Ronald K Davey [half] [add sibling]



Died [death date?] [place of death?]



P.S. I note that "what the public sees" says...

 Son of [private father (unknown - unknown)] and [private mother (unknown - unknown)]

but as I clipped and pasted above, my view simply says

"Son of and"

Apologies, I typed up a reply late last night, but apparently forgot to hit the send button...

Some privacy settings are automatic when certain changes are made, depending on various factors, but otherwise they can be changed by the Profile Manager.

Are you not the Profile Manager of the parents? Can you not see who the parents are? It seems like the parents are not the same for each of the children.

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This is the kind of problem that the Lost and Found Project was started to try to fix. Up to now, we've mostly been coming across disconnected GEDCOMs after the fact, and many times, the managers have gone inactive or quit WikiTree so they're not around to answer questions. It would be kind of nice to work on one of these where the manager is actually around to help. 

by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (444k points)

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