Hannah Longstreet Riddle b. 1833 South Carolina d. In Texas need information, Please

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I got she first moved with her father to Georgia then to Texas married Isaac Riddle who was her parents,  Richard Blackstone and WHO??
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Was Hannah Longstreet Blackstone Riddle's mother or grandmother a Longstreet. Like James Longstreet the General from South Carolina?

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I’m looking for that same answer about Hannah Longstreet Blackstone Riddle. It appears her mother was Amanda Hannah, but don’t know about the source of the Longstreet name. Somewhere in the recesses of my memory I remember my father or brother mentioning a connection to the Civil War General.  Actually there is VERY little information about Amanda  anywhere, but she seems to have had  a slew of kids and died young, then Richard remarried to Polly (also referred to as Anna). Hannah ended up raising three of her brother William’s kids after he died. I’ll have to get off Ancestry and hit the library for more information.
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Ok Jan Judice let me know if you find anything out, from what I understand is that my John Hiram Blackstone sr was a brother of Richard I can’t find much on my John Hiram Blackstone after 1840 his wife Mary Blackstone was head of house 1850 Pickens, SC my line stayed in this same area but John Hiram Blackstone sr which is my 3rd great grandfather may have moved off. My John Hiram Blackstone jr 1838-1913 is buried minutes from my house at White Plains Baptist Church in Pelzer, Anderson, SC his last residence was in Hurricane Creek Township, SC you can find him and his wife Elizabeth Breazeale and their children on Find A Grave website..Thank you
If it helps, Stophel (Christopher) b 7-14-1712 (Old Brick Chu, Marlboro) married to Abilgail Wooley 12-16-1743.   Her son William (10-6-1759), married Hannah FitzRandolph (1784) in Augusta.  His son, Augustus Baldwin Longstreet, is not the father of General James (1-8-1821) of the battle at Gettysburg, Lee's "War Horse", but his uncle.  Augustus married Eliza Parks 3-3-1790.  Augustus graduated from Yale in 1813 and moved to Augusta in 1822.  Hopefully I can explain why this lineage is important.  The general's father is James (1784) married Mary Anne Dent (1814) in Edgefield District, SC..  James had several children, most of whom perished as, being an Army officer, he moved about and (I suspect) it was hard on his first wife, Maria Louisa Garland (many of the children perished in 1862).  He later married Helen Dortch. James spent the latter part of his early life with his uncle who helped gain his commission in the Army.  The listed children are:

John Garland, b. 12-26-1848, d. 3-3-1918
Augustus Baldwin, b. 12-15-1850, d. 2-1-1862
William Dent, b. 4-7-1853
Harriet Margaret, b.3-1-1856, d. 1856
James, b. 7-6-1857, d. 1-20-1862
Mary Ann, b. 12-31-1860, d. 1-25-1862
Robert Lee, b.10-20-1863, d. 8-1-1940
James, b. 5-31-1856, d. 1-15-1922 *
Fitz Randolph, b. 7-1-1869
Maria Louisa, b. 7-29-1872

(source, Fitz Randolph b 7-1-1869 of Gainesville, GA)

General Longstreet's father's cousin Gilbert, son of Augustus, had a daughter named Hannah B, but I could not find any further information on that Hannah.  I don't believe they were in the south but remained in New Jersey.  The sister of his father, Rebecca (11-9-1796) married a Abiel Camfield III (12-5-1784). They did end up in Augusta, GA and their first child was named Hanna Camfield.   There is some evidence she married a Benjamin Baird.  At least two of those children were born in Greensboro, GA; Frances Eliza (4-12-1824) and Virginia Lafayette (6-24-1826).   Virginia wound up in Oxford Mississippi.  Frances remained in Georgia.
Thanks for sharing this information, have you got any information on the Blackstones
No Blackstone information.   I'm hoping that there may be records to the names given above that might help trace the Blackstone's back to the General as indicated "somewhere in the recesses of my memory I remember my father or brother mentioning a connection to the Civil War General."

Generally the information passed down through family stories is true but often hard to retrace.   My thought was, looking at the lineage of the general and his brothers, sisters, and cousins, might help you to search deeper.  I'm only a distant 3rd cousin many generations removed and at some point my grandfather and his cousin Rupert put together a thorough map of the lineage making at easier task of back-tracking the names I have listed.

The proximity of Augusta with South Carolina and knowledge of the area thereabouts may help you in your search.
Ok I’m going to work on this Information this afternoon and see if I can find anything, Thanks again for sharing
It appears there are a couple of related entries for Hannahs from 1833 (likely dead-ends)

James M. Burdge b. 3-20-1833, m. Hannah Marrier

John Longstreet Burdge b. 7-11-1817, m. 10-30-1833 Elizabeth Wooley

Also noteworthy is the general's father dies of cholera in 1833 (Augusta, GA)   He is listed as having moved to Edgefield District, SC.  The general's mother moved to Macon, Mississippi.

(Source: Edward Mayes of Jackson, Miss. author of the genealogy of the southern branch of the Longstreet family, 5-11-1869; Daniel Perrine and His Descendants, by H.D. Perrine 2. Genealogy of the Family of Longstreet and Related Families (Southern Branch), By Edw. Mayes )
I have worked on other Blackstone families that lived in Edgefield, SC they was in Georgia to, I’m looking around see what else I can find
I looked everywhere I can’t find anything yet but will keep looking to try and find out why Hannah has the name Longstreet as a middle name. Thanks again for helping

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