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I noticed that The College of William and Mary has a wikitree profile But is not listed under the Category: Virginia Colleges and Universities  It is listed in an apparently defunct category â€‹Category: Virginia Colleges​]

Warning: This is misnamed category and should not be used

in The Tree House by M J G2G6 Mach 1 (14.1k points)
And the space pages are Green so you can't fix them.

You can add a note to the new category page giving a link to the old one.
Thanks ... first I need to know how to create the new category

Hi Michael, I can help you set up the category, but to create it, you have have to put a profile into the category.  So I can tell you the code to type in the free-space page but you can't actually create the category without putting something into the category.  I did not find a category for The College of William and Mary.  So I agree it needs to be created. If you have a profile you want to go in the new category I can walk you thru the process to create it.  Otherwise you'll have to get the person of the page to do it.

I meant the Virginia Universities category, which already exists.

I don't know the education categorization hierarchy, but for Virginia, the top-level category is [[Category:Virginia Schools]] - which says "This is a high level category. Please enter schools in their county or city and also list institutions of higher learning under the Category: Virginia Universities (whatever the name of the school, from Community Colleges to Institutions, State Colleges, and Universities)."

So, your note on the William & Mary page would be about adding [[Category:Williamsburg, Virginia, Schools]] & [[Category:Virginia Universities]].

Hope that clarifies.

Hi Michael - I had posted notes to the two space pages using the Virginia Colleges category. Silly me, I thought they'd make the requested changes & removed the category for the hierarchy when I marked it as misnamed. Since they haven't, I'll add it back to where it can be found. Let me know if you have any luck getting the category changed on the William & Mary page. Thanks!

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The unasked answer has been removed to avoid confusion.  If further help is needed we can explain more later.
by John Bentley G2G6 Mach 2 (22.1k points)
edited by John Bentley
John - it was an oversight that Category:Virginia Universities wasn't found under Category:Virginia Colleges and Universities. That has been corrected. Thanks!
Should I delete this answer, I think it may create confusion and I only explain what is found elsewhere in help, etc.  Your comments above seems to be a better "answer" to what was asked.
I dunno. You answer the (unasked?) question about a category for William and Mary. And the discussion does show how things evolve in WikiTree. I think Michael might want to still create a _category_ for W&M, and your post is helpful there. Looking at other categories in the Category:Virginia Universities, the category would just be [[Category:College of William and Mary]] (not including city/county or state), as you suggested.

Cheers, Liz
Why does Virginia have a Virginia Colleges AND a Virginia Universities? Why are they not combined like the rest of the states, into one category?

I'm beginning to get tired of trying to get it right.
Natalie - that was me. When the Virginia Project came into being, I looked at what was under Category:Virginia & it had all three. I took the path of least resistance: most of the entries were under Category:Virginia Universities so I moved the ones I could to there & noted that on the Category:Virginia Schools page, but I neglected to make sure folks could get to the "active" category from the unused "Category:Virginia Colleges and Universities" (and also to the misnamed "Category:Virginia Colleges", which is still used by 2).

I think that's all sorted now thanks to the William and Mary question. BUT. Sounds like I should try to move all the ones from Category:Virginia Universities to the more standard Category:Virginia Colleges and Universities & mark that as misnamed too?
I agree Liz.  I think making VA like the others state would be less confusing, the two subcategories probably aren't necessary.  I'd be glad to help, if you'd like any.

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