If Johannes GeorgeSchuck/Shook, Sr.(1694) came over in 1732 with wife Anna Maria, but married in 1717, Northampton, Pa.

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The profile should be marked as unsourced. A bio paragraph in the sources section has no source.
If ..... If Johannes GeorgeSchuck/Shook, Sr.(1694) came over in 1732 with wife Anna Maria, but married in 1717, Northampton, Pa.

Then.... You have an error.

I suspect that the marriage place is wrong and the date is an estimate and perhaps the extra wife who came in with a merge may be an error.

Also the profile is sourced. It's the will. I'm looking at a copy and will add a proper citation and other information.
I think the second wife is mentioned in German Speaking People West of the Catawba River. The pages are floating around Ancestry. I'll go look.

Edit: The descendants page is there but not for Johan Georg. Rosina Barbara appears in church records at least, see the 1746 page under Vollbrecht https://archive.org/stream/churchrecordsofw00will#page/6/mode/2up She's supposed to have died sometime shortly after that.
Ah... so it looks like Anna Maria is a second wife.
Thanks for a quick response.  Sorry about the wording, I couldnt edit as I had hoped to do.  Also, on the list of children for Johannes Georg Schuck, Christina is listed as being born 1716, I believe, and is the child of Rosina Barbara, while the second through fifth children born, are listed as being Anna Maria's( Johannes George-1724).  The last child, Maria Catherina (1726) is listed as Rosina Barbara's.  Also there is listed a Christina Halstead Schuck-1728.  Two Christinas?  I'm confused.  Thanks for any insight.
Judging from the way the will is worded Maria Catharina and Rosina (oops I spelled her name wrong yesterday. I double checked this AM) are children of first wife Rosina and George, Dorothy and Christina are from the second wife Anna Maria. I listed them in the order they are mentioned in the will. First Maria Catharina and Rosina, then the wife, then her children. So Christina is probably listed with a wrong birth estimate. The two Maria/Marie are the same person and need to be merged together. They both have husband Eigner (one in her data and one in her bio)
So now the profile shows that Rosina Barbara Schuck is the mother of;  Christina (1716) m. Fulbright, Johannes "Hans" Georg (1724), Maria Catherina (1726), and Christina Halstead (1728).

Anna Marie's children:  Dorothy (1717) m. Yount, Rosina Barbara (1718) m. Mehrbass, Marie Cathertina (1721) m. Eigner, and Johannes George (1724) my ancestor.  
The list of children for Johannes Georg (1694), doesn't include Johannes "Hans" Georg and Christina Halstead.

Anna Marie's children have a natural progression of birth years, Rosina Barbara's do not.  Also, I find it odd that Anna Marie would name her daughter after a first wife.  Wouldn't it make more sense for Rosina Barbara to name her own daughter, Rosina Barbara?  Just a thought.

On Johannes George and Johannes "Hans" Georg, both are born 1724. Any thoughts on that?    Okay, I just read in the Catawba Pages book, that Georg and "Hans Georg are the same.  Also, where did you get the date that he died in 1814?  Most accounts are about 1799. Thanks for your help.
I see a question. Anna Maria is the surviving wife. Rosina was his wife in 1746 when they were sponsors at a baptism. That would mean the second group of children (if they are children of the widow Anna) were born after 1746 at least. But from the will in 1763 (less than 20 years later) both daughters were married and one was widowed.  Were all the children Rosina's? Was the order in the will not deliberate to divide the two sets of children? Was there a third wife before Rosina?

I also note that the birth dates on the children's profiles are probably estimates based on someone's idea of what was right. But with just the data that's there it's tough to tell the real story.

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* Name: John SCHUCK
* Given Name: John
* Surname: Schuck
* Sex: M
* Birth: 1694 in Germany
Marriage 1 Anna Maria UNKNOWN b:in Gemany
1.] Maria SCHUCK b:in Germany
2.Rosina SCHUCK b:
3.Georg SCHUCK
4.Dorothea SCHUCK b: XX-XX-1719 in Mosbach, Germany
5. Christina SCHUCK b: 1717
This link here gives me the idea that the record is possibly wrong for her place of birth

Here some more information that makes me believe the stated information to be incorrect

Johannes Schuck (1694-1767). Married Anna Maria (c.1694-1772). Arrived with wife and children in Philadelphia on 17 Oct 1732 from Rotterdam aboard the "Pink John & William". They both died in Williams Twp, Northampton Co., PA. [Strassburger p. 102-3] [Shuck 58-66]

by Steve McCabe G2G6 Pilot (364k points)
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I've just added some information, that came from what looks to be a fairly well researched modern book, with only a preview available, but perhaps an interested party could borrow it inter-library loan or buy a copy.

The book believes there is only one wife, Anna Maria.

So to answer the question. John Schuck married Anna Maria Unknown about 1717 in Germany. She was the mother of his children and included in his will. Barbara Rosina wife was probably a clerical error.
by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)

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