I have trees of early ancestors but insufficient data to post to Wikitree

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Is there  anywhere on the site where I can make these available? they are from the families Alburquerque, Benavides, Ponce de Leon, Guevara, Garcia de Alcaraz etc
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Do you have birth year, marriage year and or death years?

Can you say first names that go with the surnames?
I have full names and relationships. What is missing is dates.. Some of the trees start in the 13th century. I have my own genealogical research page on which they are posted
If you supply the "full names and relationships," I'll search for the birth, marriage and death dates.
Maybe check each one since they're historic notables to see if they already have profileS here?
I have been slowly going through records to add these people to Wikitree but many of them are pre 1500 and I am not registered for that nor do I think I will get the information necessary to enter them.I have put them together from many other trees, thesis, articles etc found online including Blasones de Lorca by Morote. There are about a dozen of them all relating to the  Hidalgo family oligarchies that ran the town of Lorca.

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Do you have enough date info to be able to fill in the before this date or after this date option?  

Do you have birth or death locations?

You do not need exact info to post in WikiTree.  Obviously we love exact dates but sometimes the records as we go back in time are not that precise.

I have seen birth records where the month is listed at the top of a page but the day is not even mentioned.  Our ancestors were not as obsessed with data as we are and in Scotland census records, if you were within 5 years the census taker thought that was just fine...  So even official records need to be taken sometimes with an eye to possible error margins.
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Just a note so that all are clear as to the Scottish Census.  The 1841,  the first official Scottish census and the ONLY Scottish census where the age was rounded down.  This is very important to note.

Census records for 1841 contains the following information: 

  • Names of each household member 
  • Gender 
  • Address 
  • Occupation 
  • Whether the individual was born in the county 
  • Age (The census taker usually rounded the ages of those older than 15 down to a multiple of 5.)

Beginning with the 1851 census the information includes the following: 

  • Names 
  • Ages 
  • Parishes and counties of birth 
  • Occupations 
  • Relationships to the head of the household for each person 
  • Sometimes the birth country for people born outside of England






Linda I agree that 1841 was the only year when rounding was a standard but we have seen instances of rounding up or dow by 2, 3, or 5 years. These may simply be inaccurately given information on purpose or by mistake, but ages in the census records for Scotland as is true of the US too, is not always accurate.
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From Ponce de Leon Wikipedia

Ponce de Leon was born in 1474 and died in FL if 1521. His wife was Lenor Ponce de Leon and his daughter was Juana Ponce de Leon. Grandchildren are named in the Wikipedia article. 

The identity of his parents is still unknown, but he appears to have been a member of a distinguished and influential noble family. His relatives included Rodrigo Ponce de León, Marquis of Cádiz, a celebrated figure in the Moorish wars.

by Frank Gill G2G Astronaut (2.3m points)

Traditionally his birth year has been given as 1460, bur according to the Wikipedia article, more recent evidence shows that he was likely born in 1474. 

According to Benet's reader,  He conquered Puerto Rico in 1508 and became its governor. During his second expedition to Florida, he was wounded in a skirmish with Indians and was taken to Cuba where he died from the wounds. 

The Ponce de Leon tree I have starts with Alfonso the IX of Leon through his daughter then her sons Fernan Perez Ponce ancestor of the Marquis of Cadiz and his brother Pedro from whom the Lorcan members of that family descend. It then follows that descent to Estefania the daughter of Juan Ramon who was Regidor of Lorca at the start of the 17th century

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