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Can you please remove Louis Riel from this Outlaws category,he was a father of Confederation and the formation of the Province of Manitoba. He was Member of Parliament for The Red River settlement, he wanted freedom for the Metis people and there title to the land, respected. He trusted the Canadian Judicial system and wanted justice for all people. Without the Metis there would be no Canada as we know it, they bridged the gap between the Europeans and First Nations. John A McDonald wanted a railway and sacrificed the future and lives of one Canada's first people.They are still seeking justice to this day! Thanks
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He was definitely not a Father of Confederation, but was often called the Father of Manitoba. He should not be listed as an outlaw; he was a leader of a rebellion. His conviction and hanging was a travesty of justice as his trial was moved to a location where the jury would most certainly facilitate a conviction.
Contrary to Euro-Canadian belief system that the Indigenous people of Canada and North America not having rules and regulations and laws that applied to daily life. Is completely false, the first peoples of this land known as Turtle Island had a very sophisticated way of life that involved all aspects of interactions with different situations that may be encountered in day-to-day life. There were laws and traditions that involved a way a life from birth to death. If there had not been such dispute mechanisms in place the populations of the peoples of North America would not have survived the harsh conditions that the hunter, gatherers of the northern plains lived with.

There were laws of trading, marriage and death, birth and dealing with the other tribes that lived nearby and with whom he may have had alliances or differences. They lived one with nature for mother Earth and consider all living being with his spirit. Hence was the respect and homage that was given from the killing of a buffalo that may be used to help a family survive through the winter for the simple plucking stage to be used in a smudging ceremony. An offering was given in a prayer rendered as a way of thanks from the life that was taken. Always respected and all was considered sacred.

The definition of an outlaw, is to live outside the law, however if that law is nonexistent or abusing the very law that put in place, then there is a problem. In the circumstances of the Métis in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, none of the concerns were being acknowledge, this is the Canadian Government absence of law, so they were the outlaws! So the Métis had no recourse under the leadership of Louis Riel but put order in the vacuum of the Hudson Bay Company leaving and the Canadian Government not responding. The Manitoba Act made by the Metis which formed the Province of Manitoba the Métis were given 1,4000,000 acres of land where they could live. But this law was not abided by and it has been over 130 years of dealing with the government of Canada that this has just been recognized. The Métis were abused and persecuted in the newly formed Province of Manitoba and left further west where they could maintain their way of life. But it was only for a short while and the Canadian Government was knocking again. This time in 1885

Louis Riel was asked on several occasions to join the United States of America which he could have done. But chose to try and work with Government of Newly forming Canada, which would give him the title of being a father of Confederation. The same can be said for all the Chiefs that signed treaty to allow settlement of the west. Without the signing of Treaty with the First Nations this Canada boundary would end in Ontario. It is just a lease that can be terminated when Canada is not fulfilling its duties and signatory of Treaty.

All the petitions that were sent to Ottawa were subsequently ignored, the Métis had no choice but to form a Provisional Government and take matters into their own hands for their own survival and the survival of the other people in Western Canada. There has to be Law where there is none so the Métis were taking reasonably for the manner in which the lives of people in the Saskatchewan wanted to be looked after. That included the First Nations and some white settlers here already. John A. McDonald who is the Prime Minister at that time saw this as an act of treason and sent out his Canadian military to suppress the uprising. So in the spring of 1885 we saw some exchanges of gunfire and battle between the Métis, First Nations and the Canadian government. All of these event culminating resulting in the Battle of Batoche, which saw an end to a way of life that many Métis had lived for hundreds of years in an end to the First Nation’s hope bartering a better deal from the Canadian Government.

Riel was an upstanding man that only carried a bible into Battle and followed their laws of war which go back to Biblical times. He stopped the use of guerilla tactics, such as starting a prairie fire surely would have decimated the Canadian militia and also the sabotage of the railway tracks that would have had catastrophic outcomes.
I find it strange to see Louis Riel listed as an outlaw - seems to be a huge misunderstanding of Canadian history! Actually, why does Wikitree even have an 'outlaws' category?  would people really look there when researching an ancestor?  maybe the category needs a different name.  A 'black sheep' to some, a hero to others.

TO EVERYONE IN DEFENCE OF THE METIS NATION. GOD BLESS YOU, YOUR HEROS-So say the Métis Children of the Prince Albert, Saakatoon & Winnipeg Ghettos. Please keep an eye out on wikitree "they" are at it again, i have found multitudes of Metis Ancestral heros whos profiles are held by unknown, non-related "profile managers"  who are recording defamatory, historical falacies of the Metis People and our history. They delete my public comments of inquiry and refference "resourses" of information that are known within our community to be Crown creations, designed to perpetuate their false narrative, this is being done in the interest of maintaining their fraululent title holds. The Metis nation is less than 1% in Canada now and we face a legitamite possibility of extermination and when we die the truth of North American history dies with us. Whoever is managing these profiles need to surrender them to blood heirs with fiducualy interst of the Métis People.

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Louis Riel Jr. was a black sheep Canadian outlaw.

This is the first and most prominent characterization on his profile. There are many situations where such a characterization will be controversial at best if not outright offensive (Nelson Mandela, Claus von Stauffenberg, John Anthony Copeland, Jr., just to name a few people convicted of serious crimes but honored by many people never-the-less). I think it behooves us to be more sensitive to these matters when we plaster such characterizations all over profiles.  

by Helmut Jungschaffer G2G6 Pilot (548k points)
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This is a great example of ppl using what they've been told about history to Label someone based either on Euro records which of course show only their NEGATIVE Connotations and Explore NOTHING of the Truth of the Man...This is definately the kind of OFFENSIVE LABEL ing that makes me just want to copy everyone of my connected Ancestors and all my hard worked pages, and just leave.  Some things No matter how many Centuries pass..some things remain the same no matter where you go to try to change them or their views.  how sad!  Labeling him this way is no different then allowing jerks to remove historical statues.

the Canadian Government wanted him gone and dead..just like the rest that were hung for the Rebellion...."important word here.."...Rebellion!  To rebel is NOt Good for Politics or Politicians..even back then..they didn't want it. They wanted the land, their laws, and their ways! if you didn't agee you were loaded up on to concentration camps called RESERVES and RESERVATIONS..and Your Children were Removed and carted off to Schools to either learn willingly, or be beat to remove the savage! Many DIED and they are buried in pit graves, NO stones, NO markers!..here it is 2017...and Labels are RUNNING a GENEALOGY SITE..why..because most Prefer their Labels that continue to Separate People!  messed up!  I'm pretty sure I got nuthin else to say here..this is just too messed up!
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I think he is in the outlaws project because he was convicted of murder.  My understanding of the outlaws project is that it provides a category to find people who have been convicted of major crimes, like murder.
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Was he even tried for murder?  I thought it was treason...

 UPDATE: Thankfully, it seems the offensive categories have been removed from his profile.
Louis Riel was never convicted as a murderer. He was convicted of treason and hung for his political activities in 1885. I think we should defer to The Canadian Encyclopedia as the final authority. The murder you referenced was the sentence executed by a legitimate Metis court. http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/louis-riel/ He was a leader of the Metis, founder of Saskatchewan, was elected to a seat in the Canadian Parliament. The Canadian Gov't's official position is that he was a hero wrongly accused. The term " outlaw" does not apply to him. It is more of an American term rarely used in Canada. It does not fit in this situation.

George Churchill
especially in light of the recent not guilty verdict of a white man by a white jury who shot a first nations mad in the back of the head - the murder of Colten Boushie had not been fairly tried - in an area with 30%first nations people the jury was all white

so this tells me we must strive to see these things from a fair perspective and in this case Louis Riel was for the First Nations and Métis people and tried to work with the powers that came and took over governance of their lands - of course when they broke their promises he had to stay true to his people - therefore the whites saw him as treasonous

that is my view

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