Help with categories for a Military General.

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Poor General Ezekiel Cornell from Scituate, York, York, Massachusetts Bay, British Colonial America, didn't even have a bio. :

I  almost have the correct Categories, however, some I just can't find and resolve, like Hitchcock's Regiment. His bio timeline is extensive. I'm not sure how to proceed. 

Also, the family is Colonial Settlers and I'm looking to properly add the area. Is it Massachusetts Bay Colony? 

Any help is greatly appreciated. Kelly

WikiTree profile: Ezekiel Cornell
asked in The Tree House by Kelly Rishor G2G6 Mach 1 (10.4k points)
edited by Kelly Rishor
Kelly, you did a great job so far!! Do you have a website that his entire timeline is on, that we all could see if you used a link or URL to it??  That way you could refer to it on the WikiTree Bio or even pick out the major high points,  add those, and then refer to the link. Just a thought!
It's on his profile in a few places. I added some words so they jump out better.

[ Page 77/77 Applctoyi's Ettcyclopczdia of Biography]

[ Bio for General Cornell on Page 44]

My issue wasn't sourcing, it's categories. I wanted to tag him with "Military General" and places...etc.

The birthplace, listed as Scituate, York, York, Massachusetts Bay, British Colonial America is confused. He was born in Scituate, Rhode Island, which is just west of Providence. It is not part of Massachusetts Bay Colony. There is a Scituate, Massachusetts about halfway between Boston and Plymouth on the coast with a good natural harbor. It was probably first settled as part of the expansion out from Plymouth. It is definitely not where Ezekiel Cornell was born. Today, it is part of Norfolk County.

I don't understand the York references at all. There is a York, Maine, which was once part of Massachusetts, but that seems to have no relationship to either Scituate or to Ezekiel Cornell or his family.

Yeah Walter, 

I'm not good with that settlement. Even his wikipedia page is confusing. It read, " in either Dartmouth, Massachusetts or Scituate, Rhode Island "

I read a great deal about him today and I still am unsure where to place him geographically. 

I'm open to suggestions. :)

I changed it to Scituate, Providence, Rhode Island, British Colonial America. Hope that's more accurate??

basic usage of the categories is to put a profile in the most specific one, not in each of the ones going back up the tree...  you have him in  Thirteen Colonies | New England Colonies | Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations | Scituate, Rhode Island 

Thirteen Colonies has a note saying no user profiles should be added to it, and New England Colonies is a sub of it anyway...

then looking at New England Colonies, Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations is a sub of it, so that one does not need to be listed.

Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations becomes Rhode Island in the revolution, of which Scituate, Rhode Island is a sub, so having both of those should be ok since he was there pre and post revolution...  i have not seen anything saying that places not for a persons birth/lived/marriage/died in and should only be used to identify where and event, cemetery, etc took place in.  

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British Colonial America does not look right.  Not sure what your intention on this is, if it is just that he lived then/there, I would say remove that as it does not really add anything over what is in the bio.

you should replace what you have with the other two as [[Category: Hitchcock's Regiment]] and [[Category: American Revolution Generals]]
answered by Keith McDonald G2G6 Mach 8 (87.9k points)
Thank you, Keith! That really hepled me clean up those last few issues.
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Kelly Rishor  .. added location information and categories of the period with sources... I think that there are plenty of reasons, sources and evidence to identify him as notable on WikiTree ...  great work 


C'est Bon Magnifique 

answered by Jerry Baraboo G2G6 Pilot (494k points)
Thank You Jerry! I thought he was pretty amazing myself. I didn't agree with the team he fought on, but it's not for me to judge. However, his fortitude was truly admirable.

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