Am I over reacting to rejected matches on my watch list?

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After entering a few profiles I became more comfortale using wikitree and branched out to explore other parts.  I found the Ancestor matches with possible matches for people on my watchlist.  The list was extensive because many of the names appear to have come from a gencom with 1980's info.  Being familiar with my cousins names, I rejected many of the "possible merges".  Some propsals were so dissimilar I can't fathom how they were put on the list, i.e.different names, parents and siblings listed, etc.  I put rejected match on many obvious ones.  Now I read a line saying "If X and Y can't easily be confused you can remove the rejected match"   Should I go back and remove the many rejected matches I put in ?.  Beulah Cramer
in Genealogy Help by Beulah Cramer G2G6 Pilot (256k points)
It isn't necessary to "reject" matches unless they could be confused. The same or similar names, birth and death dates close enough to be confused (same day  month different year, etc).  There's no harm done, but merging duplicates is far more important.
Ya - I agree with Tom.  And, beyond this, if you tried to reject every possible match, you would waste a lot of time and effort on this.  For someone like me with a common surname like Jones, there are literally hundreds of possible matches out there for some of my ancestors.
Thanks for the input.  I guess I was just newbie enthusiastic.  I agree it took a lot of time and I will take it easier from now on    .
Good question, Beulah. Thanks for asking it.

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Tom, Ray, and Bruce answered in the comments, so I'm just posting this so the question appears answered.

You don't have to reject two profiles that can't easily be confused, but it also doesn't hurt to have them set as rejected matches.
by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)

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