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asked in Requests for Project Volunteers by Leigh Murrin G2G6 Mach 2 (28.1k points)
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Hi. I would love to join the project. I am Irish on both parent's sides. Mom was an Elliott. I know her ancestry back to Ireland. My dad's Hughey ancestry is a brick wall. My first cousin Ken's Y-DNA shows Irish roots back to Ireland and Scotland. I am trying (for 35 years) to connect my gr gr grandfather William Rainey Hughey, Sr. to his Irish roots.

Hi Brenda,

Welcome to the Irish Roots.

Hi Allen,

Funny as we all dig deeper into our Ancestry you find out all sorts of things you didn't about your family.

Iv'e certainly found a few skeletons in the closet.

Hi. I am not sure where to comment. I don't want to get lost or unseen. I would love to join the project. I am Irish on both parent's sides. Mom was an Elliott. I know her ancestry back to Ireland. My dad's Hughey ancestry is a brick wall. My first cousin Ken's Y-DNA shows Irish roots back to Ireland and Scotland. I am trying (for 35 years) to connect my gr gr grandfather William Rainey Hughey, Sr. to his Irish roots.

Welcome Debbie
Hi Debbie  and a very warm welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
Iam 50% Irish/Scottish/welsh. I am related to Catherine Edwards aka Mary Hayden/Hayden that wassent to Australia on the third fleet. I would like to help with this project
Welcome to the project Lana!
I am searching for information about my ancestor John Hurley form Ireland. I would like to join this group
Hi Jennifer,  Sorry for delay !!  A warm welcome to the Irish Roots Project.

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I would love to research the family of my Great Frandfather, Michael Francis Redmond from Newtown Barry (now known as the original name of Bonclody) in County Wexford, Ireland. I am also interested in the general history of Ireland. I have many Irish links myself.

answered by Elizabeth Fazakerley G2G Crew (740 points)
selected by Anonymous Powell
Hi Elizabeth, would you like to join the project?  Send me a PM if so, I was not sure if you would by your message, let me know :-)
Hi Leigh, I would love to be involved somehow.


Hi Elizabeth sorry for missing your reply !!  Welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
I also have Redmonds in my family from Wexford, Wexford County, Ireland. John Redmond Sr. Patrick Walter Redmond Louise Redmond.

Louise is my 2nd great grandmother.  

Hi Karen, Thank you for that. The Redmond's apparently originate from the Norman name 'Raymond' when they settled in Wexford.

I have had a genetic link through my DNA to five people in America (all their trees managed by the same person) but the family\s have not replied to my emails. I think he was born in 1856-1858 sometime. I cannot find his birth and so am unable to match his siblings, parents etc. Michael seems to have had a daughter, Bridget\Beatrice Redmond, who went to America. He would have been 18 when she was born. I am descended from his marriage when he was 31 to Sarah Alice Wynn in England. His marriage certificate listed him as a bachelor and his father was Michael. His name was Michael Francis Redmond but he states that his name is Frank on his marriage certificate. His death cert, states Michael Francis Redmond. I am hoping to link up with other Redmond's to find his family in Wexford.
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I'd love to join!
answered by Amanda Doss-Connolly G2G1 (1.1k points)
Hi Amanda, welcome!
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I have Irish ancestors and would like to join your project.

Richard Hates-5281
answered by Richard Hayes G2G6 (6.2k points)
Hi Richard, you are signed up!  Let us know your research interests on the members project page.

I am interested in finding where in Ireland David Hays was born and who his parents are. He was in America before 1820. He was a linen weaver. He may have also been a member of the Baptist Church.

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I would love to be a part of this. I traced my dads family 8 generations back to Ulster, Belfast Ireland and then hit a dead end. I recently did a DNA test and found out I am 63.4% Irish/Scottish.
answered by Michael Hickam G2G Crew (670 points)
Hi Michael - Sorry for delay and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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I'm a Kerry/ Mayo mongrel currently concentrating on Mayo. I'd like to get to grips with the Parishes and Townlands as these are currently in need of some TLC.
answered by John Falvey G2G6 (6.9k points)
Hi john would you be willing to send me a message explaining what the issues are with the categories for those counties?  They are sparsely populated at the moment but hopefully we can build them out!

Hi Leigh,

I'm keen to help but I don't want to confuse matters. Reading the instructions at it says “Place categories should be [Name of Barony/Town/Townland/Civil Parish], County Name]. My questions are:

1.Is it the intention that a full index is created for each of Barony, Town, Townland, and Civil Parish? I can see subcategories for all bar Civil Parishes. Populating a subcategory for Civil Parishes may be problematic as most Civil Parishes also had a Townland of the same name.

2.Is it intended that the subcategories are linked eg listing all Townlands within a Civil Parish? Someone has started down this route at:

3.For Townlands what is the naming convention for Townlands like Ballina where there are three with this name within Mayo (and a Town too)?

4.One subcategory has been created for a District Electoral Division - Is this allowable?

5.Spellings should match Is it OK to change Attymas to Attymass, Carrower to Currower, and to remove the word “County” from categories such as “Ballycong, County Mayo”? Or should a new category be created first with a note on the old category?

All the best


Hi John, these are great questions!   I will answer them in order - please let me know if any of this is not clear.  

We use as the baseline for all geographic locations in the Irish Roots project. Each place in Ireland (as you will know) is categorised and linked back to its civil parish or barony (at a minimum) on

A few basic rules that I have been following:

- each townland category should be linked to the category of the civil parish (or civil parishes if more than one) that it is located in

- each town category should be linked back to the category of the civil parish (or civil parishes) if more than one that it is located in.

- each civil parish category should be linked to its barony category (or baronies if relevant) that it is located in.  

- I have NOT been linking towns or townlands to baronies since this would clutter up the barony categories unnecessarily.  Only places that are civil parishes are being linked to baronies.

- I also include a hyperlink to the location's webpage in including the Gaelic name of that place.  This is to avoid duplicate categories in Irish and English for the same location.  It is important to record the Gaelic spellings but most people use the English names so the headline category is in English with the Gaelic spelling in the category description linking to  

1.  Yes, each county has a category for Baronies, Civil Parishes, Towns and Townlands (at a minimum).  Each county's category for civil parishes is linked to a topline category "[XXX Parishes and Places of Worship".   Ideally we would start with ensuring that each barony has a category, then civil parishes, then townlands, but there are tens of thousands of places so pragmatically, having topline categories for baronies would be the first place to start.    Here is the link for the Mayo Civil parishes category:

You are correct that many civil parishes and sometimes baronies also have townlands (or towns) by the same name.  The way we deal with this is by linking each location back to the relevant topline categories.  For example, if you see the category for Kilcommon in Mayo, you will see it is linked to (i) Civil Parishes in Mayo, (ii) Townlands in Mayo and (iii) Ennis, Mayo because the civil parish of Kilcommon is located in the barony of Ennis.  

You will notice that sometimes I have created categories like "Roscommon, Roscommon" ( to refer to the barony located in County Roscommon.  It looks a bit strange but it was the best way to stick to the naming conventions that we have established for the Irish location categories.  This category is actually an example of a place being a barony, town and civil parish, you will see that "Roscommon, Roscommon" links back to the three topline categories in County Roscommon.

2.  Eventually, yes, but see my answer above.  That would be a huge project to link every townland to every civil parish.  I think the starting point is to create categories for baronies and then "cleaning up" category locations in Mayo by linking them to the appropriate townland, civil parish or barony locations if that has not happened yet.

3.  In this situation, what I do is include the civil parish name after the townland name.  As an example, there are two townlands by the name Ballyadam in Limerick.  I have created three category names, "Ballyadam, Limerick" (an overarching category, then "Ballyadam, Caherconlish, Limerick" (for the townland located in the civil parish of Caherconlish) and "Ballyadam, Nantinan, Limerick" (for the townland located in the civil parish of Nantinan).  You can access these category names on the "Ballyadam, Limerick" category page.  See the health warning I have put on that category page.  The category pages for Caherconlish and Nantinan are linked back to the appropriate baronies.  The category of "Ballyadam, Limerick" is linked only to the topline category of "Townlands in Limerick".

4. People can create electoral division categories if they wish to but they do not really serve a genealogical purpose so I would discourage this unless there is a compelling need.

I hope all of this makes sense - please let me know if you have any questions about any of it!
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Yes, I'm interested, not sure how to contribute since I'm still getting the lay of the land here. I have several Irish limbs, only one of which I think I have linked to Tipperary, my Gibson branch. I have been unable to determine how to use Irish records, briefly joined but with little to go on I couldn't get anywhere and cancelled the membership. Would love to help and be helped to confirm my Gibson branch, and eventually break through the walls on the other limbs as well.
answered by Theresa Myers G2G6 Mach 1 (13.1k points)
Hi Teresa - very sorry for delay in replying.   Welcome to the project and good luck with your research

Hopefully   will give you some helpful advice.
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I am still discovering many irish roots.  I love making new connections, and helping others!
answered by Alisa Helton G2G1 (1.2k points)
Hi Alisa and a very warm welcome to the Irish Roots Project.  Good luck with your research.
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Looking to Find my Irish Roots!!
answered by Ron Nagle G2G Crew (350 points)
Hi Ron.   Welcome to the Irish Roots Project.  You are the 303rd. WikiTreer with the badge !!
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I am a professional genealogist based in Ireland and would love to offer research advise and help
answered by Annemarie Kalishoek G2G2 (2.2k points)
Thanks for this Annemarie.   A very warm welcome to WikiTree and to the Irish Roots Project.
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I would very much be interested in joining this project. However, I'm very new to the site and having some "technical difficulty" navigating my way.

My DNA test shows me at 43% English/Irish. I also have timelines from the same.
answered by Eric Avaritt G2G5 (5.5k points)
Hi Eric and welcome to WikiTree and to the Irish Roots Project.
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Yes. Thanks for the invite. Looking forward to learning my family history.
answered by Dee Stotts G2G Crew (350 points)
Hi Dee welcome to WikiTree and to the Irish Roots Project.
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I am interested in searching for Irish Ancestors. I am a Maxey and my ancestors come from the UK area.
answered by Kevin Maxey G2G4 (4.8k points)
Hi again Kevin - that's your Irish Roots badge sorted too.  Welcome.
I would love to join the Irish Project.

Hi Robin and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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I Have difficulty tracing Irish roots. Some say we are related to the Reardons of Millstreet, Ireland.
answered by Marianne Dagher G2G Crew (630 points)
Hi Marianne - Welcome to the Irish Roots Project !!  Good luck with your research.
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I am very interested in my Irish ancestors from ballycastle name coyles and would love to join think group

answered by Jenny Edwards G2G Crew (350 points)
edited by Maria Maxwell
Hi Jenny,  a warm welcome to WikiTree and to the Irish Roots Project.
+5 votes
I would be interested. Many thanks for this initiative! I have not looked at my Irish research for some time and I am very glad to see you say there's an explosion of free Irish records!
answered by C F O'Brien G2G Crew (350 points)
Hi C F and a very warm welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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I am 34% Irish according to Ancestry DNA. But the only Irish I have run into are Scotch Irish
answered by M J G2G6 Mach 1 (13.3k points)
Hi Michael and welcome.  We have a developing sub project in the UK Project specifically on Scots-Irish and Ulster Scots.  This might interest you too.
Thank you, Maria. I think the Ancestry definition of Irish is more like Celtic. Of course, the Scotti were an Irish tribe that immigrated to Scotland and spread.. then were used by the English to settle the "Plantations" in Uster. The only Ancestor I have traced back to Ireland is Michael Marion Woods born in Co Meath ..but he married a Campbell from Edinburgh
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I would love to join the Irish Roots Project.  I'm from Kerry and have been researching my Family from Kerry,  Cork and Limerick  for almost seven years and still searching.
answered by Kate Walsh G2G Crew (400 points)
Hi Kate and a very warm welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
Thanks to Heather for selecting my answer.  

Just a quick comment re the following:

Making great use at the moment of Civil records in and the 1901/1911 Census of Ireland.   Have been able to trace family back to Co. Cork from Bengal, India.   One of my brick walls sorted.

Well worth checking out.
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Would love to join and find my family. They're my brick wall.
answered by Charleen Bertsch G2G2 (2.6k points)
Hi Char -  a warm welcome to the Irish Roots Project.  Sorry for delay !!
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Please add me. I'm in the process of applying for citizenship through descent.
answered by Jessica Manners G2G6 Mach 1 (16.6k points)
Hi and a very warm welcome to the Irish Roots Project.  Sorry for delay !!
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I was born in County Wicklow Ireland but now live in Australia. My research covers Clancy & Reeves families from Dublin and Wicklow. I am very happy if I can help anyone doing Irish research
answered by Patrick Clancy G2G1 (1.3k points)
Hi Patrick and a very warm welcome to the Irish Roots Project.  Sorry for delay !!

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